Best Gifts for 4 Year Old Boys

It is never an easy process when looking to buy gifts for 4 year old boys. By continuing to read this article, we will give you more awareness of the best possible toys to buy that best suit a boy that is 4 years so you do not make a wrong decision.  This list consists of 15 different types of toys with a brief description of their benefits.

What Are The Best Types Of Gifts To Buy a 4 Years old Boy?

When searching for a gift for your young boy, we would recommend that you follow our simple and easy process in order to secure the perfect one before making a purchase. To begin with, it is important to understand that at the age of 4 boys are still automatically learning new things about this world as he develops. Therefore the best types of toys to get them would be the ones that could help with this process in order to give them an advantage for when they begin attending school. Below are some of the key aspects you should look for in toys for boys that are 4 year to best benefit from them.

  • Educational – Is the toy intended to educate them and can it become more advanced for them as they grow up.
  • Attractive – It is good to understand  if the toy is appealing to them so that they would always want to play with it and not give up on it after a little while
  • Beneficial – it is important for the toy to actually develop their other skills such as confidence and keep them active so they do not become lazy

15 Best Gifts for 4 Year Old Boys

Below is the list of the top range of toys that you could think of for your four years old boy. It is important to note that we have not organised them in any particular order so all are as good as each other.

Marvel Black Panther Action Figure


This is an image of a toy figure dressed in a black panther suit

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Your child can be a part of the highly popular mega hit movies The Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War with this awesome 6 inch action figure. Not only can he be put into pretty much any position desired (thanks to his articulated limbs and body) but he also comes with an interchangeable head (so he can go from masked to unmasked) and hands. With his striking resemblance to the Marvel movie character and attention to detail in terms of his costume, this is the perfect gift for a little boy to let his imagination run wild, and with a whole host of other characters available too, this will be a great addition to their collection.


Kids Take Apart Car Toys


this is an image of a toy car with tools

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When looking for a cool gift for boys, then look no further than this racing car that can be taken apart and then rebuilt all over again. Every young boy wants to be just like their dad and this toy will help them feel like they are. This colorful car contains 30 pieces that can be taken apart, modified into a sports car and put back together again with their very own drill that lights up and makes realistic sounds. The car itself also makes cool engine noises and lights up. Not only is this toy fun, but it will also help to build skills such as construction and repairing items. So give the gift that will allow their imagination to run wild and maybe even develop a skill for the future.


Little Tikes Picnic Table and Umbrella


this is an image of a boy and a girl sitting on a small table with umbrella

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Perfect for those long hot summer months, the Little Tikes picnic table and umbrella is the ideal gift idea for 4 year old boys. Even on those rainy days, this versatile product can be used indoors too, although they might not need the umbrella for that. Any child would feel like a big boy or girl eating their food at their very own table. When it’s not being used to eat meals, it could also be used for fun stuff like colouring. It will give parents peace of mind too as the umbrella will protect children from the sun when they’re in the garden. It can be folded up neatly for storage and is made from durable plastic that can easily be cleaned and won’t get damaged if left in the rain.


Razor Junior Folding Scooter


this is an image of a boy playing on a scooter with a helmet

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When it comes to top gifts for 4 year old boys, the scooter is always a good bet. Any child would love whizzing around on this colorful and trendy scooter. It can be folded for easy transportation and storage, making it great for taking on the school run or just to take down to the park. The three-wheeled design makes it sturdy and easier to ride for kids that aren’t as confident yet and the front wheel turns, so it’s better for them to manoeuvre. The foam handles provide comfort when riding and the main part of the scooter is slip resistant, so there’s less chance of them falling over.


Skip Hop Toddler Monkey Backpack


This is an image of a monkey themes backpack

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What cheeky monkey wouldn’t love this adorable backpack? It’s perfect for them to take to school, nursery, on holiday or to a friend’s house and there’s even a label inside for their name, meaning no lost monkeys. The monkey’s mouth is an insulated pocket which is ideal for keeping their lunch either hot or cold and there is a mesh pocket on the side which means they never need to forget their drinks bottle ever again. The inside is durable and can be cleaned up when necessary. The straps can be adjusted to fit little shoulders and are even padded for extra comfort. The attention to detail on this bag is also amazing. Not only does the monkey have great ears that match in with the color scheme of the bag, but the zip is a banana! Backpacks don’t get much cooler than that.


Wooden Abacus By Melissa and Doug


This is an image of a wooden abacus

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When it comes to classic toys, the abacus is one that has withstood the test of time and is considered to be the original calculator. It’s fun, colorful and educational. Coming with 100 beads, it will aid young children who are learning to count and help them with basic maths skills. This also comes with eight additional activities so kids can have fun with their new toy too. Built from high quality wood, it will last a lifetime and can be passed from generation to generation. The bright colors will ensure this toy is always popular and would make a great birthday gift for 4 year old boy.


Matchbox Car Pack


this is an image of toy cars in their box

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When looking for gifts for 4 year old boy who has everything, a set of Matchbox cars will always be welcome. Matchbox is a household name and their products are highly popular with boys the world over. There are many different styles available and each pack contains nine cars in total, which also includes a special exclusive car that can’t be purchased anywhere else. These collections don’t just contain cars, but also other vehicles such as tractors, boats and even forklift trucks. The possibilities are endless, after all, a boy can never have too many cars in his toy box. Even if they are just starting their collection, this gift set will provide a great base to build on.


LeapFrog ABC Writing Board


this is an image of a toy writing tablet with letters

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The LeapFrog ABC Writing Board is the educational toy that simply has everything. It all comes in the form of a handy backpack that makes it very portable and attractive. Any child will be thrilled with what awaits them inside. It comes with 26 removable letters that can be taken out and put back in again, which will aid with learning the alphabet. The other side has a cheerful pencil, board (that can be written on and erased with no mess) and an LCD screen. A letter, the sound of the letter and an animal beginning with that letter will be displayed on the LCD screen and the child can then copy it on the board, which will assist them in developing their handwriting. This fun toy also features a number of games to enhance the learning experience even more.


KidiZoom Blue Smart Watch


this is an image of a blue toy smartwatch

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The VTech Kidizoom Blue Smartwatch is one this year’s great gifts for 4 year old boys. Just like a regular smartwatch, it has lots of features that will entertain and amaze kids. It’s capable of taking pictures and making movies with special added effects. There are eight games already installed on the watch and it’s possible to download more. It has a colour touch screen and the wearer can customize the watch face with over 50 designs to choose from. Not only will this impress children, but it will also help them to learn to tell the time, especially with the special Time Master feature. There’s a lot more to discover on this watch, from the calculator to the alarm clock and it even comes with a rechargeable battery, so can be used as much as they like.


Little Tikes T-Ball Play Toy


this is an image of a boy playing with a toy t ball set

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Kids will love getting outside to learn how to play baseball with this fun and colourful set from Little Tikes. The ball sits on top of the poll, which can be adjusted for different heights, and children will have hours of fun practicing and hitting the ball as fast and far as they can. The set comes with two balls, a bat, the base and the T poll. When it’s time to pack up, everything fits into or attaches on the base and then can easily be hooked onto a wall for easy storage. The sturdy plastic design is weather proof and will ensure it keeps kids entertained for years to come. With so much technology around right now, children need a break away from it and this set will encourage them to go outside and get some exercise.


Jurassic World Walking Dinosaur with Man


this is an image of a toy dinosaur with 2 mini figures of man and vehicle

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The Jurassic Park and Jurassic World franchises have always been highly popular, which makes this Fisher-Price Imaginext toy a great Christmas gift for 4 years little boys. This clever toy has many features that are bound to impress. This Indoraptor dinosaur can walk with two speeds: standard and rushing. It comes with an Owen figure (whose arms move) and his vehicle. Simply get Owen to drive in front of the dinosaur and the Indoraptor will chase him! This ferocious dinosaur can also open his mouth to roar at the push of a button. He’s controlled via his attached power pack, so it’s really easy to use and was one of the top 100 toys of 2018.


Step2 Sport Center and Sliding Set


this is an image of a slide toy with a basketball hoop on the side

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Trips to the park will be a thing of the past once a child has this amazing set in their garden, which is perfect if you’re looking for 4 year old birthday gift ideas. The main part features a climbing ladder to get up to the top and then they can come down again on the slide. As if that wasn’t enough, it also comes with a basketball hoop on the side that has a couple of dials so the score can easily be kept. On the other side is a football goal and there’s even a ball included in this set. When they’re not playing with it, they can also sit underneath it and play hide and seek. Made from durable plastic, it won’t get damaged when left in bad weather and the bright colours will help keep it a firm favourite.


VTech Little Black Apps Tablet


This is an image of a tablet toy with alphabets and piano keys

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Technology is an important part in the world today, so this VTech Little Apps Tablet will help any child learn how to use it early on and in a fun way. There are already several apps installed on it with 12 different learning activities and the letters will help them learn the alphabet, whilst the piano keys will help them practice their counting. The LCD screen changes colour and it will even turn itself off when not in use to save the batteries. Other features include a calendar (again, great for learning) and a fun camera game (don’t worry, it’s a fake camera), plus they can actually play music on the piano. The fun will never stop with this amazing tablet.


Superman and Batman Upholstered Chair


This is an image of a batman and sumerman themes arm chair for kids

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Any DC super fan will love this comfortable chair featuring all of their favourite superheroes. Not only does it include Batman and Superman in action on the main part of the seat, but it also has The Flash and Aquaman on each of the sides. Upholstered in the classic blue and red superhero colors, this chair is well built on a sturdy hardwood frame and has a padded seat, so comfort won’t be an issue. Also, don’t worry about any spills or mishaps, because it can easily be wiped clean and with four feet on the bottom, it’s also easy to move around. It measures 17.25″ H x 22.5″W x 16″ D when fully assembled and will easily fit into most bedrooms or wherever it’s needed.


Molto Batman Motorcycle


This is an image of a motorcycle with the badman symbol on it

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Let any child feel like Batman with this amazing ride on motorcycle. It features sturdy wheels that can handle a wide range of terrain, from gravel to grass and even sand. The handles have a good grip on them and the seat is comfortable, so falling off won’t be an issue. As well as being fun, this motorcycle will also help kids to maintain their balance and this will build up confidence for when they learn to ride a real bike. With the Batman logo on the side and in the Batman colors of black and yellow, any boy is sure to feel ultra cool on this motorcycle.



Best Overall Toy

One this that we have come to understand is that a remote control toy is always one of the best toys that a child immediately gets distracted with once they receive it. This is why we have chosen the Jurassic World Walking Dinosaur toy to be the best overall toy on this list for you to buy. Some of you may not agree with this decision based on the quality of the other types of toys on this list. However, we have tested it out plenty of times and this has always been the most desirable one for them. especially for a kid of the age of 4, they are easily fascinated by attractive, moving toy figures.

This is an image of a dinosaur toy with a mini figureAmazon Link


What Is The Best Christmas Gift For a 4 Year Old Boy?

The best choice that we think you could make for Christmas is to buy a boy the Kidizoom Smartwatch fro VTech. This would be ideal because at the age of 4, little boys are at the point where they want to feel older than they are. Specially if they see their elder siblings receiving other cool smart gadgets as Christmas gifts. It can be hard to explain to them why they did not get similar gifts but it is even harder to watch them frown and be upset about this. Therefore by giving them this toy smart watch as a present, they would would not feel left out and it will ultimately reduce the potential guilty feeling you may have.

This is an image of a blue kids smartwatch

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Which Is The Best Birthday Present?

The present that we feel would be best to buy for your little boy on their birthday is the Superman and Batman Upholstered Chair. Especially if they are big fans of these two fictional characters as they would feel really excited to sit on it. It can be used as the chair where he sits on to open all of his presents and be part of the main location of a party area. The cool images on it would also make it a great background to take pictures next to which we think your child would love to look back through the photos a couple of years down the line.

This is an image of a batman and sumerman themes arm chair for kidsAmazon Link