50 Best Gifts for 1 Year Old Boys 2018

Boys turning one years old is a milestone for parents and finding the right toys and gifts for baby boys is a must-have. Parents know a child’s development because this is when the transition between being an infant to toddler occurs. This transitioning is accompanied with more self-awareness as well as subtle gender trait; most especially in boys. All these self-awareness, physical changes, and gender trait exhibition makes it challenging to decide on the best gift for 1 year old boys.

The primary objective is to get them an item they would appreciate and love to use all the time. While there are wide varieties of options to choose from, making this perfect selection requires a lot of research, and this is precisely what we have done in this post. We combed through hundreds of gift suitable for one year old boys, resulting in a comprehensive review of some of the best gift available for boys of this age.

Some of the items reviewed are focused on early educational development; some are mainly designed to keep the kids occupied while the parent focuses on essential tasks without distraction, while others are made to stimulate toddlers reasoning and critical thinking ability.

While 50 gifts is a lot of options to choose from, they’ve all been carefully selected to ensure that whatever your choice is, it would contribute to your boy’s growth positively.

Considerations picking a present for a one year old boy

When picking a gift for babies, the first thing that comes to mind is safety. Always ensure that the item is made of materials that are considered safe for kids. Plastic toy items should be made of BPA free materials. Kids are notorious for putting things in their mouth, BPA and phthalates are considered harmful for kids, giving them toys with such material is basically exposing them to harm.

Aside from the toy material, you should factor in small parts that can be easily swallowed. Steer clear from gift items with numerous small parts that can be swallowed by kids. Electronic toys should also be carefully used, and proper monitoring is encouraged when being used because batteries are harmful when not properly handled.

It is advisable to give priority to toys and gift items made of clothes when dealing with one year olds.

Best Types Of 1 Year Old Birthday Presents

The term “best” is subjective because our taste differs, but over time, kids have shown an affinity for certain types of present over others. Selecting the right gift for your baby‘s one year old birthday involves giving consideration to what they like, what you would want them to improve on, and most importantly getting them an item they would appreciate.

Some of the best gift items fall into the following categories

Ride On Toys: This is a good way to teach kids about balance. At age one, they’re just getting started with walking and exploring the amazing opportunity of being able to transport oneself from one point to the other. A ride on toy will further reinforce their confidence, and also keep them active.

Teething Toys: It’s itchy when babies are trying to grow new teeth. Getting them a teether is making the process comfortable for them as much as possible.

Outdoor Toys: Getting engaged in outdoor activities is a good way to improve toddlers social skills, usually they get to interact with people and make friends. One of the ways to achieve this is by getting them an outdoor toy to play with.

Learning Toys: Education begins right from birth, and there are many things that can be taught using an educational toy. You can develop a child’s senses by making a careful selection of their toys.

Clothes or Apparels: There is nothing wrong in adorning your little one with the best of clothes. Get them something nice as a gift, take pictures for future sake, they would love it, either now or later.


50 Top Gifts for 1 Year Old Boys

#1. Baby Balance Bikes Bicycle Children Walker

Most kids would show a sign of walking beginning around nine months. Getting them a balance bike at the age one is an excellent way to teach them about body balancing and build their self-confidence.

The baby walker would introduce your boy to the world of riding and would be their first bike ever. They would grow with the bike as they learn to maneuvers it. It can be assembled in less than three minutes, and the saddle is very comfortable for kids. The frame is sturdy to support up to 100lbs, considering that most boys within this age are less than 30lbs, it is a very sturdy bike, safe for your child to play on.

Baby boy sitting on a ride on

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#2. Musical Rhymes Book

Aside from the educational features, the color of this rhymes book is something that makes it very attractive to kids.

The rhymes book comes with five buttons of different colors, each of which produces different sounds, it introduces your child to color, and the illustration on the button can be easily associated with the music, thus introducing them to different musical instruments and sounds produced by them.

The toy pre-loaded with dozens of songs and phrases, aiding their language development and sensory skills. Children fine motor skills are also aided as they flip through the pages of the book and press the piano buttons to make sounds that appeal to them.

colorful musical rhymes book for babies

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#3. Spin & Learn Color Flashlight.

One of the first things your child will learn in school is primary colors. This toy has three main features, light, color and sound.

The color of the light changes based on the animal on the flashlight ring settings, there are three main buttons on the side of the toy, each button is dedicated for three different modes; melody, alphabets as well as games.

When the ring is turned clockwise, and the light is on the color changes to one of the six installed colors. This is an excellent way to teach kids about color, and they get to associate the color with different animals, further reinforcing their memory.

Vtech baby flashlight with three control buttons

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#4. Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

At age one, babies can barely understand words without gesticulating. But they associate with sound at this very age. Getting them a musical toy is an excellent way to introduce them to music.

Aside from the melodies that come from the toy which may help pacify them when they cry, the toy has several buttons for switching from one tune to the other, as they play with it, then learn how to change from one song to another, aiding their reasoning skill as well as their fine motor skills.

It’s portable, making it easy to carry around and colorful, getting the kids attraction and making them play with it the more.

baby tunes musical toy with colored beads handle

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#5. Skwish Classic Rattle and Teether

The toy is designed to achieve two primary objectives, improve toddler’s motor skills as they move the colorful bead around, making a gentle sound that does not disturb the parent or caregiver. At the same time, they learn about cause and effect as they play with the toy to make a gentle sound.

The second objective is to serve as a teether for kids. Toddlers are known to put things in their mouth; the skwish rattle is made from non-toxic wooden materials and water-based finishing that pose no risk when bitten or chewed by the baby. It comes on a burst of colors, making it visually appealing to kids.


soft skwish teethers with moveable colorful beads for babies, wit

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#6. Cloth Book Baby Soft Books for Newborn Babies

Interactive books usually add an extra touch of fun to toddlers reading activities. When the book is handmade, then it increases the notch a little bit because special attention is given to the content of the pages.

This soft book is made of colorful, non-toxic fabric materials that are washable. Each page of the book is filled with varieties of fun text and animal illustration in bright colors. It’s an educational toy developed to engage toddlers in an early reading experience.

Reading the interactive book to your baby gives room for additional bonding time between parents and the baby.

baby soft book with interactive pages and puppy cover

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#7. Drop and Go Dump Truck

In our careful selection so far, we’ve focused on colorful, interactive and educational toys. This truck isn’t an exception, as these factors are correctly incorporated in its design.

It’s a pull along toy, with educational melody electronic features. The package comes with the truck itself and plastic rock. When kids dump the rock into the top of the car, it counts the number of stones in the car out loud, thus teaching them about numbers. It has three buttons, which gives tools sound when pushed.

The bucket is attached to the truck body with a hinge system, making it easy to offload the rock when the level is pulled. This further contributes to motor skills development.

pull along dump truck with three colorful rocks

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#8. Step2 Whisper Ride II Ride-On Push Car

Kids love cars. Sometimes they play with the steering or gear when being driven in a regular car. Getting them their toy car is a cool idea.

The car has a top-notch plastic finish, and it is strong enough to accommodate 50lbs, making it appropriate for one year olds. Safety is of great importance, and it has been factored in the design of this push car as it has a pre-installed seat belt.

It also comes with a car horn, perfectly placed on the steering. A unique feature is a quiet ride design, resulting in a noiseless movement while the kid gets pushed along.

With a little storage cabin in the front for snacks or valuables and cup holders for the toddler and the pusher, the evening is bound to be fun-filled.

blue baby push car with black handle

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#9. Hot Inflatable Duck Tub

At some point, you would have to transition to bathing your baby in the tub, this duck bathtub makes it fun and less intimidating for the kid, and super convenient for parents as well.

The tub is designed to mimic a duck and has four distinct colors; two notable features are; the drain which allows you to empty the tub after use without stress, and the water temperature indicator, which fundamentally changes color when the water is of the average temperature for baby’s body.

The inner part of the tub is made of non-slip materials making it easy to use without dealing with slips during the bath.

It’s very portable and can be quickly deflated and packed in travel luggage

yellow duck inflatable bathtub for babies

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#10. Halilit HL200 Mini Rainmaker

The first thing that comes to your attention the moment you see this is the intricacy of details that went into it’s making. It’s a simple, yet powerful toy for kids. The mechanism behinds its function is not complicated, making it easy to use for kids.

This toy is designed to make rain sounds, with the aim of developing motor skills as kids try to turn the toy over for sound repetition. Hand and eye coordination, as well as visual sense,  are also improved, as they focus on the little colorful bead strategically placed inside the toy.

The sound made is capable of stimulating kids auditory sense.

As a side note, parents with autistic kids have testified to the effectiveness of this toy in keeping their child entertained.


rain maker toys with small colorful beads inside a transparent container

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#11. Tiny Captain Toddler Boy Non-Slip Socks

Have you seen those stylish Instagram baby boy model dressed up in bespoke clothes, with some cute socks matching the outfit? It’s a current fashion trend at the moment, and getting one of those summer socks for your child would make a cool birthday gift.

The Tiny toddler boy socks are made of quality non-slip fabric materials, that are of different stripe designs. The colors are not flashy making it perfect for most occasions.

They can be worn both indoor without shoes and outdoor with shoes. It’s the perfect gift to keep your boy’s feet clean and neat all day long.

stripe non slip cotton socks for babies

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#12. Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Fun Toys

Bath toys are an excellent way to bath bathing easy and most importantly fun for babies. Because children love playing with toys, the idea of having a toy in the tub when they bath makes them look forward to bathing every day.

When they look forward to bathing, it becomes easier for the parent to get the job done because they don’t mind getting wet and all soapy, as long as they have their toy in the tub as well.

This octopus comes in a very bright color, with three colorful rings that can be placed on octopus tentacles. It helps develop kids hand-eye coordination as they try to set the ring on the octopus.

It is also made of non-toxic BPA free materials, which are safe for kids.

purple octopus toy with rings of different colors

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#13. Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball

Toddlers are naturally curious; they love taking a keen look at an object in an attempt to make sense of the object. The sassy bumpy ball is designed to be mysterious to kids.

It has several bumps with different attractive bright colors, some of which are patterned while others are solid colors. This bumpy ball helps develop kids sense of curiosity and motor skills as they rotate the ball from one end to the other.

One side of the ball has a transparent dome with colorful small balls inside. These balls make rattle sound as the bumpy ball gets turned around.

colourful soft baby toy

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#14. One Two Squeeze Baby Blocks

The squeeze block comes in 10 pieces of varying bright, attractive colors. When squeezed, the block makes a gentle sound, loud enough to give rise to a cause and effect reasoning for kids. The squeezing can help develop motor skill as they try to produce the sound that comes from squeezing the blocks.

On the bright colored blocks, each side contains different sculptured patterns; including numbers, animals and familiar shape.

They’re made of chewable safe, non-toxic materials because toddlers are known for putting toys in their mouth. It’s an utterly classic toy that does not require a battery.

For storage purpose, a clear bag accompanies the package, which can be used for storing the blocks when they’re not in use.

baby soft toy basket with yellow handle

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#15. Colorful Floating Fishing Games

This toy is essential a bathing toy, but can also be used for outdoor fishing games for kids, if you have an inflatable bathtub that can be used as the fishing pond.

It introduces your boy to the fishing hobby. In the game pack, there are colorful fish-shaped pieces and a fishing rod with a plastic hook.

The fish have a handle that makes it easy to pick them up with the hook on the rod. The bathtub is bound to be colorful when you have all the fishes swimming as your baby try to retrieve them with the fishing rod.

It is made of a safe plastic material, thereby protecting your child against any hazard associated with plastics.


3 toy fish and reel for babies play

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#16. VTech Turn and Learn Driver

Let your boy take charge and drive their imaginative car using the turn and learn driver toy. The toy has over 60 pre-installed melodies on it, and every single button on the toy has a function of its own.

The steering wheel controls a little dog on the dashboard. When the steering is turned right, the dog character goes right as well. This is an excellent way to introduce kids to cause and effect.

There are five buttons on the dashboard as well, depending on the mode to which the toy is set, when the buttons are pushed, it comes up with a different sound of melodies and cars.

vtech toy car dashboard with steering and gear

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#17. Munchkin Wind Up Swimming Penguin

Penguins are beautiful animals. Watch your kid smile as they set their little penguin in motion through the bath tube.

This bath toy is designed to mimic actual penguins; they can swim as well. Once correctly set, they’re good to go swimming. It comes in a bright blue color, and entirely mechanical, all you have to do is wind the arm in clockwise motion to tighten the coil, once you release the arm, they begin to swim instantly.

It can help develop general motor skill in kids, as they set the toy in motion. Made of safe plastic material and quality finish, having two or more of this toy is an excellent way to keep kids entertained during bath time.


bright blue penguin toy

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#18. Green Toys Dump Truck

One of the undervalued benefits of toys is its ability to stimulate kids imagination. Watch as your child come up with amazing pretend play ideas with their friends as they play with this dump truck.

It helps develop their motor skill as they manually load and unload items from the truck by pushing the container in the opposite direction.

It can be used for both indoor and outdoor play activities. Aside from using the truck toy for dumping, your kids can also get creative with it by associating its use with other toys in their collection.

red and yellow dump truck with big tires

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#19. VTech Baby’s Learning Laptop Toy

Three things attract kid to toys; sound, movement, and colors. If it’s colorful, they would want to touch and move it around. If it makes a sound after touching it, they get glued to it.

This learning laptop is colorful and makes beautiful sounds. Not just that, it has a backlit screen that displays bright colors and object. To completely mimic a real life laptop, it has a moveable mouse, small enough for one year olds.

The keyboard has six letters, each of which is associated with different sound and phrases. It is the perfect gift to introduce your child to the world of computing.

baby learning laptop with keyboard and mouse

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#20. Waterproof Car Playhouse.

It’s one thing to have a miniature toy car; it’s another level of fun entirely to have a playhouse designed like a car with beautiful bright colors. This playhouse takes the game to a whole new level for kids, as they bring their favorite toys and friends on board for a fun filled session.

The playhouse is designed to be used both indoors and outdoors. It creates a little world for the kids to play in, engaging their imagination while giving them the privacy needed to have as much fun as possible.

It has enough room for ventilation and can be easily stored when not in use.

colorful car playhouse

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#21. Mag-Genius Building Magnet Tiles Blocks

Bring your child’s creativity to live by getting them a toy that stimulates the creative side of their brain. This is precisely what building magnet tile does. It gets your kids into building creative mood as they try to make a gigantic structure from the tiles.

They think about color blending, shape as well as overall architecture. This toy is highly intellectual involving and does so flawlessly with fun being a core part of its design.

The block is made to withstand kids careless handling, so you don’t have to worry about the block breaking. Bricks are made of magnets, making it easy for the kid to assemble a rigid structure.


colorful magnetic building tiles

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#22. 3 Bees & Me Bath Toys for Boys

Let your baby captain take charge of the boat fleet as the sail upon his bathtub ocean. Color, shapes, numbers, imagination and fine motor skills are what this bath toy is designed to help develop in kids.

Because the boat comes in different attractive colors, your child is introduced to color dynamism at a very young age. Numbers are also imprinted on the side of the boat. While they may be too young to master the numbers, it is a perfect way to reinforce associative memory in toddlers.

The boat also comes in different shapes, and motor skill is required to move them back and forth as the sail in the bathtub.

They’re made of materials that pass US and UK safety standard and are therefore considered nontoxic to your child.

4 floating toy ship

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#23. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Laptop

This is very similar in concept to the previously reviewed VTech baby laptop, but this product is more portable with less sophistication as compared to the former.

You can easily switch between three levels depending on your child’s age, the first level is loaded with simple words, with the aim of stimulating curiosity in kids, the second level stage is more advanced as it asks basic toddler questions they can quickly respond to, the third level incorporates role plays for kids. Even though it’s an ideal gift for one year old boys, they can use it beyond the age of one, as the toy grow together with them

It has over 30 familiar songs already loaded on it. The keyboard is very similar to an actual keyboard as the buttons are jointly packed together. It’s an excellent way to introduce kids to number, color, and technology adaptation and complexity.

blue portable baby learning laptop

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#24. Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Rock-a-Stack

The rock-a-stack toy is a beautiful, simple color toy with excellent learning concept. It has five rings of different colors and sizes. The idea behind the toy is for kids to arrange the ring one after the other in increasing or decreasing size order.

The top ring is transparent halfway with beads in between to create rattling sounds which stimulate their curiosity.

The learning experience gained from playing with this toy includes; color learning, as well as the basis of relative sizing. Kids also get to develop their fine motor skills as they stack the ring on one another. It also tends improving coordination in toddlers.

colorful 5 stack rings play toy

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#25. HOMOFY Baby Toys Super Fun Musical

Interactive toys are suitable for building toddlers emotional intelligence because they tend to interact with it like a living object. The penguin toy is a learning toy for one year old boys.

The penguin is capable of walking, giving human voice response as well as playing popular melodies while blinking LED light on the belly. It has four buttons dedicated to various functions.

The volume button is perfect for controlling the sound just in case you don’t want to be distracted when kids play, the story button would read some interesting stories to your kid, while the music button will get them singing along as the penguin wanders.

penguin play toy with red helmet

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#26. Mega Bloks 80-Piece Big Building Bag

Encourage your child’s creativity by getting them this building piece. The possibility of what can be built with the part is almost endless. From cars to buses, and train.

The piece comes in different bright colors, that get keeps kids busy for hours as they play and make various objects from the bag. This toy will help build toddlers creative mind, improve fine motor skills as well as their overall intelligence. As they grow up, kids learn to develop a more sophisticated object.

The plastic materials from which the block is made is entirely safe, and you don’t have to worry about missing piece because the bag serves as good storage for the building piece when they’re not in use.

play toy building blocks in a bag

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#27. Buddy4Baby Baby Teething Mitten

Kids love putting stuff in their mouth, both the clean and unclean, safe and the not-so-safe things. You can prevent this to some extent by getting them something safe to bite on. This is partly why teethers were invented.

The Buddy4Baby Teether is made of safe silicone material, that is safe for kids to put in their mouth and chew. The fun twist to this teether is that it is designed to mimic a mitten.

Designed like a glove with an adjustable velcro wrist, thus keeping it secure on the hand. It also comes in attractive colors that would get your child’s attention all the time.

baby glove with silicone covering with kitten eyes

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#28. Lamaze Peek-A-Boo Forest

Reading to toddlers does not have to be a boring activity, it can be fun and colorful. The soft book is made of six colorful pages with hidden answers to questions on each page. Fun story time just got funnier with the interactive storybook as your kids get excited to reveal the answer on each page.

The book is made of durable cloth materials that can be washed without the color fading away. Hand-eye coordination is also enhanced in kids as they flip through the pages of the book. The color is also lovely, and would significantly stimulate kids visual sense.

peek-a-boo themed soft book for babies

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#29. Lamaze Freddie The Firefly.

This firefly is so colorful; it has a trace of all the standard colors you can think of. Not just that, it looks like a regular fly with wings, attached to the rear end of the fly are two clacking rings that can stimulate the auditory sense as your child move the toy about.

Underneath one of the wings of the fly is a small mirror, this mirror can help improve the child’s focus, as well as curiosity. The other arm has a squeaker in between it. It serves a useful purpose as a stand-alone play item, but can also be attached to kids favorite toy, thereby increasing the fun. There is a teether placed in between the flap as well. So much to explore for your little one.

firefly cloth toy with mirror wings

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#30. D-Mcark Push and Go Friction Powered Car Toys

This set of car toys will make an excellent addition to your child’s car toy collection. Especially if they like big truck and construction vehicles, then this is the right gift to get them.

The set contains four pieces of colorful trucks with a miniature figure in the front, holding the steering wheel. This toy can stimulate your child’s imagination as they engage in pretend play.

The toy is not powered by a battery, but rather by friction push; the child must push the car forward a little bit for it to keep moving, this is a good way to develop their motor skill.

4 construction car toys

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#31. Little Tikes Go and Grow Lil’ Rollin’ Giraffe Ride-on

There are two types of ride-on, the standard ride on, and the cool ride on. This particular product falls in the latter category. It’s different from the regular boring ride-on without style. It is brightly colored and designed to mimic a giraffe, up to the spottings on the side of the ride-on.

Perfect for both indoors and outdoors, it helps build motor skills as well as body balance and coordination. As kids master balance on ride-on, they transition to bikes; the is a good way to get them started on that journey. It is sturdy enough to support up to 50lbs of body weight, and it does not take much effort to assemble it.

giraffe styled ride on for babies

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#32. Baby Einstein Octoplush Plush Toy

This octopus sings. The first octopus toy reviewed in this post is made of plastic, and it does not make sounds in different languages as this one does.

This plush toy is made of huggable cotton, and can be used just about anywhere; indoors and outdoors. Each arm has a special tune button, and the overall volume can be controlled to avoid disturbance.

The unique feature is that, it read out different colors to kids in three different languages; English, Spanish and French. This is a great developmental toy that grows with the child, as they get attached to it over time.

blue plush octopus toy

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#33. VTech Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train

Arguably the most completed educational toy on the list, it encompasses a wide range of educational activities for kids, ranging from teaching alphabets to numbers and colors.

The toy has three play mode; it can be configured to be a sit-down toy, a walker toy or a ride-on toy. Playing with the toy can help babies develop their fine motor skills as they move the letter from one part to the other, and try to get the toy to play their favorite song.

Multiple colors are used in its design, to make it attractive to kids. Once they get a hold of it, it automatically becomes their favorite toy to play with. It also makes an excellent mobile toy because it can be easily detached and placed in a carry on bag.

ride along colorful play toy

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#34. Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center

Very basic but detailed in its design and what it does for kids. The part is made of plastic of different colors, which is good for getting kids attention and teaching them about colors.

The base of the activity center has a suction base design, to ensure the toy is firmly placed on the floor without moving about, making it easy for kids to play with the toy.

The center has a big spinning wheel that moves in a circular motion when touched, in the middle of the spinning wheel are small parts that move about on their own. Spinning the wheel can help develop a child’s motor skill, and their hand-eye coordination is also enhanced as they follow the movement of the wheel with their eyes.


wheel activity center with suction cup base

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#35. VTech Lil’ Critters Roll and Discover Ball

VTech toys are always top notch because careful attention is given to the developmental benefits attached to them.

This toy is designed to be attractive, thus stimulating the kids’ visual sense. It has over 50 melodies preloaded on it; it plays a different sound when pushed or roll, this will teach babies about cause and effect when they notice their touch is responsible for the melody.

The motor skill is also greatly developed as they push the ball around in a bid to make it play some songs. Educationally it teaches kids about numbers and English alphabets.

soft critter ball toy for baby

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#36. KLEEGER Plush Talking Jungle Animals Toy Set

There are reasons why kids would take a plush toy over plastic toys; one of which includes the comfort that comes from hugging their plush toy, it’s easy to have them on their bed or elsewhere without any discomfort.

This plush toy set has five small animal models, an elephant, a monkey, a tiger, and a lion. It also comes with a carrier made of high-grade cotton. The plush animal models are small enough to fit into a small bag and carry around. The developmental benefit of this toy includes; imaginative plays as well as sensory stimulation.

Each of the plush animals makes a unique sound that can be associated with the animal, thus teaching kids about wild animals.

jungle animal toys and a tree-like container

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#37. VTech Pull and Sing Puppy

Education and fun together make the perfect learning toy for kids. The pull and sing puppy toy has both features embedded in it. It has three buttons of different colors, pressing this button can help develop the child’s fine motor skills, aside from that, it makes a sound depending on the mode, it would either pronounce the color or the number of the button pressed.

Pulling the toy can also develop the general motor skill. The overall finish of the toy makes it very attractive to kids, as they end up playing with it all the time. An additional feature is a flashlight embedded in the nostril, which blinks when the puppy us pulled.

white pull along singing puppy with black spots

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#38. Walk-A-Long Puppy Wooden Pull Toy

Most parents are worried about the material from which their child’s toy is made because kids like putting things in their mouth. Some plastics are known to contain BPA which are considered unsafe for kids. If you’re worried about all of these, then a wooden toy with the nontoxic finish is a good way to go.

Hape has a large wooden toy collection, and this is one of them. The toy is designed to get your kids moving, thereby improving their motor skills. It gives them the opportunity to walk their puppy just like adults do; teaching them empathy along the line.

Red pull along wooden puppy toy

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#39. The First Years Stack Up Cups

Taking a break from electronic toy and other wooden gift items, this is a different type of gift for your toddler.

The stack up cup is good for teaching toddlers about colors, as well as developing their motor skill. Kids are fond of smacking the cup against one another to make a sound, as they’re made of strong plastic, they can withstand the abuse.

The stack them together to make a colorful fun tower, made of BPA free material with no battery, you can leave the baby to play with it without getting worried about them being exposed to any form of danger.

8 plastic stack up cups of different colors

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#40. Munchkin Float and Play Bubbles Bath Toy

Most parent understands how crucial it is to make bath time as fun as possible, and the munchkin bath toy is a bath toy that can make the time fun for babies.

It comes in four pieces that float in the tub; different characters are encased in a transparent spherical plastic. The encased character is of bright, attractive colors that would stimulate baby’s visual sense.

The transparent spherical casing rotates around a silicon ring, which can further stimulate kids curiosity as well as their motor skill. The design does not allow mold build up, and it is also comfortable to hold for kids.

4 float baby bath toys with small colorful animals

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#41. VTech Smart Shots Sports Center

There are several ways to introduce toddlers to the world of sport, getting them a sport-themed toy is one of the ways to get them started with sports.

Aside from getting them active, it greatly develops their general motor skill as well as their interest in sports.

The smart shots toy is designed as a 2-in-1 toy for toddlers; they can use it like a basketball hoop as well as a soccer goal post. Attached to the toy is a scoreboard that records the number of shots that has been made from one to ten.

The sports center is very colorful with different shapes and illustration on it, making it perfect to get kids started with basic shapes as well as colors. In addition to all of these, it plays encouraging phrases when shots are made into the net.

Basket ball hoop and soccer goal post with electronic score board

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#42. First 100 Words

When properly trained, toddlers can learn a lot much more than you can imagine. There are several kinds of research on kids learning quicker and easier than adults. This is why the gift of a book introducing them to their first 100 words is not a bad idea.

At the age of one, babies can associate picture and text, and getting them started at this age will give them an edge over their peers when they begin formal education.

This book is composed of simple words with colored photographs representing each word. The book is made to last as the material is of a strong board, knowing that toddlers might be careless with it.

book cover with first 100 words title bold written on it alongside different illustrations

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#43. VTech Baby Rattle & Sing Puppy

Children by nature are curious; this explains why they would take an interactive toy over other types of toys. The baby rattle toy is designed to be as interactive as possible.

The shaken in the middle, it automatically plays songs preloaded on it, there are about twenty melodies on the toy, all of which can easily teach toddlers about cause and effect. It also has a great mix of color, to attract kids, and also stimulate their visual sense.

The lower part of the rattle has some free moving beads encased in transparent plastic. These beads are perfect for getting the kids attention to shake the rattle, resulting in melody play. The eyes of the rattle toy have led light that comes on when the music is playing.

colorful baby singing rattle

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#44. VTech Baby Lil’ Critters Spin

Aside from making good learning toys, VTech has a thing for colorful toys; their toys are always of bright colors, which makes it appealing to toddlers.

The critters spin teachers numbers, animals, colors, and also significantly improve their fine motor skills. With over 40 installed songs and melodies, it is bound to educate and keep your baby entertained.

There are about three red stars located some distance away from each other on the wheel, this star-shaped light flashes when the toy is active to attract kids attention. Parents can also mute the sound when there is a need to avoid distraction.

singing spinning wheel with a suction cup base

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#45. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

Most baby walkers are boring; this is an exception. It is designed to educate, entertained and help with walking at the same time. The good part is, you can also use it as a sit toy if your child is not a fan of the walker function just yet.

The toy is designed to teach kids about shape, colors, numbers as well as animals. One of the prominent features is the plastic telephone receiver, which is a useful add-on for encouraging imaginative play.

The mini piano also makes sounds based on the mode; it can either make an animal sound or read out numbers from one to five. A color spinning roll is located on the lower part of the ball, spinning this roll can help develop a child’s motor skills.

Also on the board is a shape sorter, with a flashlight built in the middle, the light is basically for catching the kids attention.

This toy has so many features that would keep your baby occupied for the whole day.

convertible vtech baby walker toy

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#46. The First Years Disney Baby Bath Squirt Toys

Introduce your child to the amazing Disney characters; Nemo, Dory, and Turtle by getting them this squirt toy for their bath time.

Colorful enough to get their attention, and the squirt gives rise to curiosity as well as cause and effect as they squeeze to make the water come out of the toy.

They’re small enough to fit around kids hands without a struggle, squeezing them also help build fine motor skill. It’s the perfect gift item to add to your baby’s bath toy collection.

3 disney toy characters

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#47. GUND Baby Winky Lamb Stuffed Animal Plush Rattle

Stuffed animals are good companions for babies. They hug them and treat them as their best friend; they take care of them like they’re living things. It’s a good way to teach kids about empathy in the early stage of life.

This lamb stuffed plush toy is cute and would make a good addition to your baby sleeping space. It’s super neat, which would make them go the extra mile to keep it that way. It is also washable in the machine, making it easy for parents to keep it clean.

white plush puppy toy

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#48. TEYTOY Soft Baby Toy

Color variation is good for stimulating baby’s visual sense, while texture variation is also good for improving their sense of touch. This soft baby toy is designed with consideration for both tactile and visual stimulation.

Made completely from cloth, you don’t have to worry about BPA or not. Images of different animals are carefully hidden under the cloth flap making it more interactive for babies.

It takes the theme of an owl, which is a good way to familiarize toddlers with the animal.

colorful cloth owl toy

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#49. Fat Brain Toys Dimpl

Very simple but engaging toys for babies. It is made of five colorful silicone bubbles, the silicone is food grade, and the toy is BPA free, making it safe for kids.

The idea is straightforward; kids try to push the bubble from one side to the other, it gets their attention, stimulates their curiosity and also develops their fine motor skills.

silicon dimple on a white frame

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#50. Fisher-Price Baby’s First Blocks

Teach your baby about color and shape using the baby’s first block toy. It is made of durable plastic containers, with the cover perforated in five places, taking different shapes.

The task is for the baby to find the appropriate block that fits into the perforated space and get it covered. It’s an intelligent building toy, as it engages kids intellectually.

It’s also good for developing fine motor skill, hand-eye coordination and focus. Getting the block to fit into the perforated space involves identifying the right space, getting the right block and fitting it in. All of these requires physical and mental coordination, making it a good toy for a child’s early development.

cooler with various shapes to fit in the cover

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Tips For Picking A Special Gift For 1 Year Old

While the best items for one year olds have been reviewed in this article, it is practically impossible to get every single item on the list for your baby. There is a need to select a special gift that your boy would love. Here are sometimes on selecting a special gift for one year old.

The idea is to ask three main questions:

What is their favorite thing to do?

Answering this question will guide your choice of gift significantly. Some kids are quiet, while some are very playful. Getting a quite kid a basketball hoop might not be a really good idea, because more often than not, quiet people would like to be on their own and not run around throwing balls.

What should they learn? 

Gifts are good ways to introduce kids to a new learning experience. Some toys are developed to improve kids motor skills, while others are meant to stimulate their senses. The list goes on and on. It is important to ask yourself what you would want them to learn at this stage of their life; first 100 words? body balancing? cause and effect? etc…

Is it attractive and unique?

If it’s attractive they would love to play with it all the time. If it’s unique it would stand out amidst their collection and they would love you for getting them something different from what they’re used to.

Overall, the most important thing is to entertain them and help them learn along the way.


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