25 Best Gifts for 2 Year Old Girls

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Are you looking to pick an amazing gift for a niece, your daughter or maybe a friends child? To buy a gift for any child is a tough decision to make. You might have a little boy or girl and each type of gift has to be carefully considered, which is why we have created this review guide of what we consider to be some of the best gifts on the market.

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Different Types of 2 year old Girl Gifts 

There are many different types of toys and gifts to choose from these days, whether educational toddler toys to darn right plain and simple fun toys. Both have their place and depending on the nature of the gift and who is the intended recipient, it’s worth pausing to think which route is best to go down when picking a product.

Even though at such a young age, toddler girls and boys may not have many differences yet, it would still better off to buy a girl a present that is made for girls. This way she would not only look like a girl, but grow up to be more like a girl than a boy. We have decided to help you to make a decision on the best item that you could buy a 2 yr old girl as a gift to save you some time and effort. In this article, we have listed 25 different gift ideas. When trying to find good gifts for a 2 year old girl try aim to give you quick and easy to understand information about the product.

5 Tips Buying Birthday Gifts for 2 year old Girls

There are 5 main areas to consider when choosing a gift for your toddler. Here are some different features and things to think about when finally choosing a toy gift.

  1. Design and texture – Does it look girly and feel good for little hands
  2. Safe – Is it safe for a 2 yr old girl
  3. Educational– Can it help them develop their minds
  4. Durable – Can it easily be damaged
  5. Reputation – Is it recommended by other parents

25 Gift Ideas for 2 year old girl

To introduce you to our list, we would like to inform you of what we based our decisions on. There are obviously over 100 different gifts made for toddlers but our list has thoroughly gone through many of them and picked out the ones that were highly rated only. We looked at all the benefits that the gifts bring to the child and how much recommendations they had from parents who have bought and used it before. It is important to us that you understand we did not list them in any particular order. Our list begins below.


1. Wooden Activity Cube


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This activity cube would make the perfect gift for a 2 year old girl because it is very educational and a perfect way to keep their minds distracted. A lot of parents would appreciate this gift being given to their child because it means that they get time to do other things whilst their child plays.

It is made from fine smooth wood with high quality light plastic on the edges to make it even smoother for babies hands. There are also 4 pieces of wood shaped into 4 different shapes made from high quality wood so no sharpness or splinters sticking out. These are very safely made for kids.

Not only is this just a cube, it is also a big bus that can be rolled along with the wheels. The other 5 sides all have activities for the child to play with including counting beads, twisting gears, flipping different animal parts and fitting shapes into their correct holes. All of these games are made entirely just to educate and improve the skills of a child. The main skills it targets are hand-eye coordination, cognitive intelligence and logical mathematics.

Although it may look big, it is in fact really light as it weighs just 3.3 pounds and has the dimensions of 9.6 x 8.4 x 7 in inches. This gives it enough space to have 2 kids to play together and makes it perfect for parents who have more than one toddler.


2. Toddler Fishing Game


this is an image of a dad playing a fishing game with his daughter

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This fishing game is a very interesting and fun game for toddlers and adults to interact with. It is a two player game that brings competition and fun at the same time.

This game comes with 1 cardboard fishing basket, 1 fabric fishing pool, 2 fishing rods and 26 wooden different fish characters. The fishing rods are made from wood and plastic and are designed to retract by winding the winder after catching a fish.

The way that this game is played is by both characters taking a rod and fishing with it. The fishes are caught with a magnet from the end of the rod and on the fish. Each fish has a letter and a number on it. At the end of the game, the one with the fishes that add up to the highest number wins.

The full dimensions of the product are 5.1 by 5.1 and 7.3 inches. Also, it weighs just 1.3 pounds so the pieces will definitely be a good weight for children. However, each individual dimensions are as follows:

  • Rod: 9.25 inches
  • Pool: 13.77 inches
  • Fishes: 2.55 by o.19 inches
  • Basket: 7.28 by 7.08 inches


3. Whisper Ride Buggy


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This is by far one of the best gifts you can buy for a parent with a 2 year old baby girl. We say this because everyone gets tired of holding a baby and some parents may not like pushing pushchairs.

This is a high quality plastic ride buggy that rides real smooth when being pushed. Although it requires just 2 AA batteries for some of its functions, such as the sound of the horn, it does not need batteries to be pushed and pulled by someone. It may seem a bit too big to fit in some places, but not to worry as the handle can be folded underneath the car for more convenient storage.

Along with it being able to steer like a normal car, it has two cup holders built in one size for the child and one for the adult. Also, it has a storage compartment at the front and for extra safety, it has seat belts to protect the child from falling.

You can expect this ride to be quite heavy at 7.82 kilograms and can bare a maximum weight of up to 27.2 grams. although it does go up quite high, it is only as tall as 115.6 cm and 86.4 cm long. Sideways, it is 48.3 cm wide which means that is the perfect size for an average adult to easily push.

Some kids may grow out of pushchairs really early and may be a struggle for parents to try and convince them to get in one. Therefore by giving them this buggy as a present, it could make a child excited to ride it although it does the same job as a pushchair.


4. Leapfrog shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket


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A picnic basket is always going to be a fun toy for girls to play with as it can be used for having tea parties to play picnics. This set is not just a good entertainment toy but it is also a good toy to socialize with.

This toy has all components made from plastic and consists of ordinary picnic items such as a basket, a blanket, plates, cups, forks and food pieces. They all come in different shapes and colors so that they can distinguish between them more clearly.

The basket has its own unique feature as it plays instrumental music and different sound effects when the lid is opened. These songs do not just teach kids to sing along to them, but also develops good manners. Therefore this item requires 3 AA batteries for some of its function.

This item only weighs 526 grams and has dimensions of 19.8 by 34.8 and 21.6 centimeters which are fairly small but the right size for toddlers.


5. Mega Bloks Play N’ Go Fairy Table

this is an image of a caste building block set

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The Mega Blocks Play N’ Go Fairy Table is one of the most exciting toys that a young girl loves to play with. This will eventually make them feel more like a girl and have something really fun to play with their friends or sisters.

This table can be used as a play set to let their imaginations run wild or even just a simple table for them to stack their toys on top of. The legs can also be folded to allow convenience in storage and easier to be transported. However, once the legs have been snapped into position, they will not bend until manually done so the child will never get hurt by it.

It comes with 25 big blocks of different girly colors to build with and also a little princess doll with its pony. The wings on it can be removed to allow the princess to sit on top of it.

Dimensions: 24 x 5.2 x 16 inches

Weight: 6.59 pounds

6. Butterfly Craze Tinkerbell Costume

this is an image of a girl in a fairy costume

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Giving a parent this outfit to dress up their kids with would be a really good thing to do because of how cute any little 2 year old girl would look in it. Not only this but it also allows the kid to imagine they’re Tinkerbell to play and feel good about themselves. This can help this to make a perfect Halloween costume too.

The small size is the size that you would be looking to buy for a 2 year old girl and the medium is designed to fit a girl from 2.5 years and above. What you should expect to get from this package is a tutu, with matching wings headband and a wand. This would make a great gift that any child will appreciate.


7. Green Toys Racing Car (Pink)


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This is a very good and portable toy to grow up playing with that can potentially be addictive. Although you may not think girls are into cars, they would really appreciate this gift and use it so much.

It is made from recycled plastic but is very safe and not toxic for kids as it has no metal features neither does it require batteries. It does not have any safety warning as it only requires either pushing or pulling to play with this toy.

Dimensions: 15.9 8.9 and 5.7 cm

Weight: 109 grams


8. Happy Trails Giraffe Rocking Animal Chair

this is an image of a rocking jirrafe toy

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It is a fact that most girls love giraffes and would love to have one as a pet if they could. So why not give a child their own version of the animal so that they could start to fall in love with early.

It is made from really strong and fine wood covered in soft and plush fur to make it as comfortable as possible for a child. It can last for many years meaning it will be a good toy to pass on from kid to kid even though it is a really difficult one to outgrow.

The seat goes as high as 19 inches off the ground, therefore, the child would need some help and support to get on it until they grow up a little more. However, the Giraffes overall dimensions are 30 inches tall by 30.5 inches wide and 14..25 inches thick. It also weighs 4.7 pounds and can carry a maximum load of up to 80 lbs.

Although this chair has really firm handles and reliable rockers it is still intended to be used with adult supervision and assistance until the child grows up enough to perform activities by themselves.

Just in case you love this chair as a gift but don’t really like the idea of a giraffe, you can also pick from other ranges of animals including Elephants and Ponies.


9. Manhattan Toy Wee Baby Stella Doll

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What is a young girl without a favorite doll? The baby Stella is a perfect size and a comfortable doll for a little girl to grow up loving. This is a very addictive toy that many toddlers do not like to let go of so easily after being attached to it.

This doll is only 30.5 cm tall and made from really cute and soft embroidered facial features. The dummy can be removed as it is only attached on by a magnet when it is necessary. Also, the clothes and diapers can be removed and put back on to allow the baby to roleplay and practice being a mother.

Everybody knows that a baby can have messy hands and therefore cause their baby to be dirty after they play with it. This is why this doll can be cleaned with wipes to make it look cleaner again. It also weighs just 454 grams meaning the child would be able to carry it around everywhere they go.

There are many other features it can be equipped with that are bought separately including a carrier bag to carry the baby in. Also, there are different types of dolls to choose from which have different looks and designed for different purposes. For example, you can also purchase a nighttime doll that is designed with special clothes and aroma to help baby sleep well with at night.


10. Personalized My First Purse Play Set

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What better way to start a girl into role-playing as a woman than to give her a very own ‘First Purse’ play set. Not only do they get the chance to role play and look good, but they can also so much special with their names being put on their purse personally (maximum 10 letters).

This handbag playset comes with a smaller purse for the small change, a soft and squeaky closing mirror and a musical phone that plays songs and dials numbers. They’re all made from really soft and high quality embroidery to make them become really safe and real looking as possible.

The measurements of the playset come up to 8 inches in height, 2 inches in Width and 6 inches in Length which is perfect for the hands of a 2 year old toddler.


11. Fisher-Price Laugh And Learn Tea Set


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The gift of a teapot play is very beneficial for a two year old girl as they can have all sorts of imaginary play with it. When kids play with this toy they will slowly begin to develop their imaginative and social skills as it requires imagination to keep entertained by this.

This playset includes one big plastic teapot with 2 plastic cups one plate and three differently shaped confections. This allows the child to understand shapes as the plates have differently shaped sections to insert each treat in.

This tea set requires just 2 AA batteries as it has a lot of fun sounds and songs to make the roleplay much more entertaining. For instance, the teapot makes fun sounds and special greetings to the player. Also their fun sing-along songs and teaching modes which teach kids how to count and speak more.

This toy can be transported to a friends house very easily so they can play together as it only weighs 1.46 pounds. And in dimensions, it is only 12 by 4.2 and 11 inches. It is a very popular toy as it has many reviews and still rates really highly so this would most likely never fail as a present.


12. VTech First Steps Baby Walker


this is an image of a walk assistant toy for girls

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This is a very fun and exciting gift not only for a 2 year old girl but also for the parents because it does the job that all parents cannot wait for which is to help their child start walking.

This toy has a very easy grip handle so that the baby doesn’t slip off and lose their balance. It is also very durable so that it can support the weight of any toddler that uses is without any complications.

The panel on the front can be removed and used as a toy to sit down and be played with so the child does not have to be standing to play with it. It includes different fun phrases, music and activities for them to interact with. Some of the examples of activities are 5 light up buttons, gears, animal buttons and a play phone.

Altogether this toy only weighs 2.12 kg which is heavy enough to hold up any weight of a 2 year old child and has the following dimensions – 46 cm tall, by 40 wide and 45 cm long. It is also made from 100% plastic and does require batteries to be operated to its full potential.


13. VTech Care For Me Learning Carrier


this is an image of a puppy play set

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This toy is the best god play set there is to get a 2 year old girl into the love of puppies. It is one of the favorites of many kids that they do not outgrow so early, therefore, it has potential on lasting a long time and being useless after a short while.

The carrier its self has differently shaped buttons that light up and speaks different phrases after being pressed. Also by sliding the beads, the child is able to be introduced to different letters and songs. There are over 100 songs and different phrases for her to learn over some time. All of these functions are powered by just 2 AAA that can be easily replaced.

The package also comes with accessories for the pet to enable better role play and a wider imagination. These accessories include a feeding bottle, a bowl, a ball and a comb to use on the dog. All of these can fit inside the carrier so that it becomes easier to transport it around and be able to play wherever and whenever possible. Also to make it much more portable it is as long as 9.9 inches, 5.9 inches wide, 7.9 inches tall and weighs just 1.59 pounds so even the child can carry it around once she starts to develop a little more.


14. Fisher-Price Barbie Tough Bike


this is an image of a toy trike for girls

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This is a very reliable tricycle which looks really simple but has many cool features equipped to it. For instance, it has a very wide base and set of back wheels of up to 18.5 inches wide on purpose to allow more stability and durability when being ridden by children with a higher weight.

It also goes up to just 20 inches so it wouldn’t be too difficult for a toddler to hop onto it, and goes as long as 29 inches. Although this may seem too big for a 2 year old baby at first, it would still make a really cool present because it means that they can grow into it. Also, it weighs just 8.19 pounds but can take up to 25 kg in weight. This means the baby can use this for a couple of years until they become too advanced and heavy for it.

It is equipped with a barbie style so that they look cute and girly when riding it. Also, you can find a secret storage section underneath the seat to allow it to her to take her small dolls and accessories with her wherever she pleases. Both foot pedals have wide enough space to fit her feet with the biggest shoes on and have very firm gripped handlebars.


15.  VTech Doc’s Talk And Trace Clipboard


this is an image of a purple drawing pad

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The VTech Doc Talk and Trace Clipboard is an interesting toy that even adult sometimes love to play with. It uses electronic pliers to allow the pen to draw and a slide eraser to clear up the board ready to draw again.

The fact that it is has letter recognition makes this even more interesting as it gives them a challenge on writing different letters in different styles to try and trick the recognizer. Along with this, you can expect to find 4 learning activities and 15 different melodies for them to sing along to whilst they draw.

This board comes with fun activities to follow and learn from such as having stencils to guide the child to begin writing and remembering numbers and letters. However, it can also have a free draw mode when the stencils are taken off to allow them to draw whatever they want.

One negative aspect of this toy that some parents have complained about previously is that it has no volume buttons and does make a lot of noise when using the eraser for example. Therefore it would be ideal to think about getting them this present to use for more fun and loud day and not a relaxed and calm day. However, it does have an on or off button so this may not seem like too big of a problem to some parents.

It weighs just 454 grams and only requires 2 small AAA batteries to function. We understand that this can be a very useful toy to have in so many places even for grown-ups, therefore you would like to know that it is only 16.8 cm in length, 24.3 cm in width and just 3 cm thick.


16. Personalized My First Dolly


this is an image of a plush doll

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This Personalized My First Dolly allows a child to have not only a good imagination when playing with it, but also creates a best friend for them to do everything with.

The factor that makes this a unique toy is the fact that it is embroidered with any name you choose with up to a maximum of 10 letters. This becomes an even more cool gift as the child and parents will think that you put in a lot of thought in the gift.

It is made from polyester that can just be thrown in the washing machine in order to make it clean again and has the dimensions of 13 by 11 inches. This is the perfect size for a toddler to feel like they have someone with them at all times which can prevent loneliness and promote confidence in the child.

It is very soft and lightweight meaning they would be able to carry it around with themselves everywhere without causing any harm to themselves at all.


17. Fisher-Price Surprise And Sound Home


this is an image of a girl playing with a doll house

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The Fisher Price surprise and sound home is a very interesting and play set that has many different functions to keep a toddler entertained for long periods of time.

It is designed with over 50 different and unique songs and phrases to help the child improve their language quicker. Some of these sounds come from different places in the house such as the alarm clock and the refrigerator. This allows the child to role play and remembers what they want to do at different times during their play.

This house is able to be very convenient and everything can fit neatly inside the house as be closed and carried to wherever they feel like playing. It brings a very fun and imaginative way of interacting with their friends when they’re together.

Dimensions: 24.2 x 5 x 15.8 inches

Weight: 2.68 pounds


18. Girls Crown Play Tent


this is an image of a girls play tent

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This girls crown playset is one gift that is loved by so many children as it offers them the chance to role play to a different level. By this we mean they’re able to pretend they have their own den or house and act like a princess. It encourages a child to have a really big imagination and have hours of fun for many years.

It is made from soft polyester which means that it can be easily cleaned and the windows from a mesh material which allows fresh air to come in and out. This also makes this a more fun place to be inside as you can feel safe being locked in and looking out of the windows for an intruder.

It is nowhere near as complicated as it looks to set up as it does not require any assembly at all. The play set comes already done up and just requires to be unfolded. For the sake of easy transportation and storage, it comes with a pouch to be kept in.

At the weight of just 1.7 kg, it is fairly light compared to its size but still can be a very durable item in the right conditions. That right, this is made to face both outdoor and indoor conditions. Ideally, it would be best to use in the garden during the warm summer times or in the bedroom as part of an extra play area for the child and their friends.

Its maximum capacity is as much as the weight of any 4 children as this is very lightweight and stable so it can hold a lot of weight. The dimensions are at 41 inches diameter, and a huge 53 inches tall. Therefore kids can play and stand up in this tent until they begin to grow up.


19. Fisher Price Custom Potty Training Seat


this is an image of a potty for girls

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This is a very high quality made training seat for toddlers as it has all of the possible features to make it more advanced than others. For instance, beginning with the armrest to feel more securely in place when they sit on it and also a backrest to allow them to lean back and relax if needed to.

In order to make this a more comfy experience and to suit different sized children, it has two different heights that it can be set to. Then once they’re done the bowl can be easily removed and cleaned up as it is made from smooth non-stick plastic. However, It does not have any splash guard, therefore, this model is designed specifically for girls.

This package comes as simple as it looks and has no assembly complications required. It weighs around 5.22 pounds so it can be easily transported but it is advised to be kept in one place and just keep removing the bowl to clean up. Also, it goes up to as high as 14.4 inches and is as wide as 13.6 inches which gives more than enough room for a 2 year old girl to last longer than she needs with it before she moves onto the real toilet.


20. VTech Musical Rhymes Book


this is an image of a toy musical rhyme book

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This is a really clever and fantastic book which does not only improve a childs music skills but also educates their reading and language skills. This is done through the 6 popular nursery rhyme songs that it is designed to help the child sing along to.

The design on the from has a cute teddy bear with its friends all singing and dancing along which makes this look more like a girls book and be good to be given to a little girl. Also, there is an off and on button include on it to allow the parents to control the sounds and not become frustrated with the present after some time.

All of the functions of this book are controlled by the different colored piano keys. The sounds consist of teaching kids different names of the instruments with different colors with a mixture of sliding and pushing buttons to help them become more independent. All of these features are put to work by just 2 small AAA batteries.

It is made from very durable plastic throughout and can easily be cleaned by a simple wipe. Also, the fact that it is made from plastic means it will not be ripped or easily damaged and can last a really long time.

It is fairly small in size as the dimensions are only 5.9 by 25.4 and 24.1 cm all together with a weight of just 621 grams. This allows this product to be very mobile and be taken everywhere.


21. Animal Adventure Pink Bear Children’s Chair


this is an image of a pink plush teddy chair

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This big fluffy chair for toddlers is a very unique gift to give as it makes a great addition to the little furniture in a toddlers room. Not only does it give them a place to comfortably kick back it also gives them a secure place to call their throne. It is made from rich fabric and embroidered to give it maximum comfort and unique design.

It is made from soft and plush foam to have no sharp corners or hard edges so that it can be completely safe for a child to even walk into. There are not many other features to complicate this product as it is as simple as it looks. However, it can be quite tricky to wash the covers but it comes with a very detailed explanation on how it should be done so this shouldn’t cause any problems.

Just in case you feel like an elephant isn’t the preferred animal chair that you want to give to a 2 year old girl, then you can always choose between a selection of other animals. This includes a brown dog, a pink owl, a blue bear etc.

There are not many differences between them except the type of animal design it is. This means that they’re ideal to support the weight of a child from 18 months and above. Also, they all have similar dimensions of 14 inches long, 19 inches wide and 20 inches high. Of course, they’re designed to look big, but they all weigh as little as 2 pounds.


22. Little Tikes First Slide


This is an image of a toy indoor slide

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Why not get a child into the fun of playing at a playground as early as possible by buying a girl this slide set that can be suitable for a girl for many years. We understand that it can be a big toy to give a child but it is also very convenient to move and store away as it can be folded without any tools.

This slide is made for many different conditions as it can be used inside and outside but should only be placed on a flat plain surface in order to guarantee good balance. It can hold only one child at a time with a maximum weight of 60 lbs and requires just little assembly that does not even need any tools before they start to jump on it.

One thing to consider is that even though it is quite durable and stable, it is best to always have some sort of supervision when kids play with this as kids can sometimes play too rough. Also, it is not advised to have anyone underneath it whilst someone is on top of it. This is because it must be fitted in with a click sound and if someone did not fit it correctly then it can potentially collapse on the person underneath it.

The size of this tool is 23 inches long, 18 inches wide and 39 inches high. Although the length on the slide is 38 inches long. most parents love to put their child on this as the facial expressions they make when sliding down it are priceless!


23. Pink and White Polka Dots Stroller


this is an image of a pink toy stroller

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This is a very good gift to give a child as some of them love to imitate what their mothers do to feel like a woman. It resembles a real stroller as it has all the features that a real one does. For instance, it is made from high quality strong metal and fabric that can easily fold to make it more convenient to store and not take up too much room in the house.

As well as it is made from the same materials as a real stroller, it also has a seat belt which teaches the kids about safety from early and a storage basket at the bottom to store all of their mini doll accessories. Also, the hood is able to fold and unfold just in case they want to make their doll enjoy a bit of sunshine whilst taking them for a stroll.

This stroller is so light that it can be pushed by the most underdeveloped 2 year old girl you can find at 499 grams. It goes up to 45.5 cm high, 8.9 cm wide and 25.4 cm long. This is long enough to hold a doll of up to 18 inches in size and can take up a really heavy load as it has double wheels on each leg to give it extra stability and make it really durable. However, some parents say that it requires kids who are a little bit older and taller to be able to use it correctly.


24. VTech Touch And Tech Word Book


This is an image of a pink work musical book

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This is a very educational and fun book to give to a toddler as a present because not only does it teach, it also keeps then really entertained. It has the ability to teach a child over 100 different words, 90 different sounds and 15 different songs.

All of these are set in 6 different categories and only 12 different color coded and detailed pages. This is a cool way to start getting a child to become more interested in reading as we all know how important it is to read. Also, to give them a bit of a challenge, it is equipped with a find it quiz where they have to find a word that the book tells them to.

it is only as big as 8.9 inches and as wide as 8.7 inches but only 1.6 inches thick. Also, it only weighs just 1.85 pounds so it is fairly light considering all of the pages it has. It only requires just 2 AA batteries to start to provide the baby with all of these functions which is ideal and convenient for the parents.


25. Toy Toddler Ride on


this is an image of a pink toy ride on car

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We left the best till last because this is probably the coolest gift that any child would ever wish to get be it a boy or girl. Although a 2 year old girl may not be able to understand how to operate it yet, it is still very fun to ride.

This ride does not only require the driver to operate it as it comes with a remote control for parents to be able to control for them until they have developed the ability to drive it themselves.

To keep it to maximum safety as possible, it can only be driven up to a maximum of 2 miles per hour but with a 12V 7Ah battery it can take up to 2 hours before it runs out of charge. However, it does require at least an 8 to 10 hour period in order to recharge to its full capacity again.

Not to worry if you feel that this may be a little too complicated for you to operate even as the parent, because it comes with a very detailed and specific manual. The manual covers all topics from how to assemble it to how it can be driven. This specific type is made from durable plastic in the color of pink, although there are many different types that can be bought with slightly different designs.

The only aspect that you need to worry about is being careful with the battery on it as it can be toxic and corrosive meaning it is very advisable to wash your hands after dealing with it.

Dimensions: 47 inches Long, 25 inches Wide, 14 inches Tall

Weight: 43 lbs

Maximum Load: 66 lbs



Gifts for 2 Year Old Girls Who Have Everything?

The gift that we think would be the best to get for a child who has everything is the Tinkerbell costume. We have decided this purely on the fact that it is the only costume on the list and there are always many different costumes designed every year. This means that there will always be a new costume designed that a child does not have yet. By giving them different designs of their favorite costumes they will always feel different excitement as they would be able to have more options of princesses to dress up like.
This is an image of a girl in a fairy costume

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Good Gifts 2 yr olds On Their Birthdays?

The best gift that you could potentially give to a two year old on their birthdays is the Vtech Doc’s Talk & Trace Clipboard (number 15). This is a good gift for 2 year old girls because it does not require much thinking. As the child would have just been turning 2, they still wouldn’t be too developed to figure out how more complicated toys work. This toy does not require too much thinking as all you do is switch it on, draw and erase. Therefore it would be the best gift to see a newly 2 year old girl use.

This is an image of a girl playing with a drawing tablet toy

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Best Christmas Gifts for 2 Year Old Girls

We think that the ride on car would be the best gift to buy a 2 year old girl for Christmas because it shows it the gift that brings the most joy to most children. This is purely because of the ride on factor and how it can make people actually feel the fun, unlike other toys. Also, children expect to be given the cooler presents at Christmas time more than any other time of the year. What’s cooler than having your own personal car as a child?.

However, although it may be the best gift to give a 2 year old for Christmas, it still can be a bad thing because it may be harder to get a better gift than it for the next Christmas. Although it still has the potential to last for many years which means it can be a very good present to buy for a child at a young age.

Some parents may argue that they will not be able to ride it by themselves for a while. But it still can be driven by the parent’s remote control which can still feel as cool as driving alone because it is their personal car at the end of the day.

This is an image of a girl playing on a pink ride on toy car

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