25 Best Gifts For 2 Year Old Boys

Picking toys or buying gifts for toddlers is loads of fun and with so many toys to consider it’s never been easier. In this review of over 25 different and unique gifts for 2 year old boys you are sure to find the perfect present for a birthday or special occasion.

At the age of 2, most people would like to think that their child is developed enough to get them involved in more advanced situations such as toys that they can learn from. This is why when buying a gift for a two year old boy, it can be complicated to know what to buy if you do not understand that child in particular. Trust our list of 25 different ideas of gifts to make it much easier for you to choose from when you have completely ran out of ideas.

Not only will we be showing you a list of what to buy, we will fist inform you of what you should consider before you make the purchase. Then we will give you a very detailed description of the item and tell you why it would be best suited for 2 year old boys. The list will not be in any particular order but will show you products that have had many different reviews and recommendations from other parents.

What To Consider When Buying Gifts for 2 year old Boys

  1. Safety – are these toys proven to be safe for a toddler?
  2. Design – are these gifts made for boy, girls or both?
  3. Texture – Do the toys and games fit in the hands of a 2 year old boys
  4. Educational– are they educational toys and gifts, does it make their minds develop?
  5. Durable – Is the material strong and long lasting?
  6. Reputation – Is it well known toys brands and recommended by other parents?
  7. Easy – Can the toys be used by them or do they require help with it?


25 Best Toys & Gift Ideas for 2 Year Old Boys

Before we begin to list the different items that we picked out for you we would like to make you understand that our list was chosen mostly based on what other parents have tried. Therefore you should only expect to find the top rated products and not just any random ones. The list is not put in any particular order and begins with the following.

1. 2 in 1 Sports Centre

this is an image of a toy sports centreAmazon Link


Boys are always seen as the type to be more into sports than girls so why not start off the list with a sports gift. Most dads would agree that they would love for their sons to grow up to be a professional sports player and would want to start them off early. This is why a lot of parents would love to have this as a gift because it would help to grow their little baby boys to be interested in sports.

The toy is a combination of football and basketball, which are 2 of the most famous sports in the world. To play football they just kick the ball into the net and the game will start to keep score and make fun celebration sounds. To play basketball they just try to throw the ball into the hoop and record the score on the board. With this educational game the child will also learn about numbers and shapes by pushing buttons and spinning gears. There are over 50 different sounds including nursery songs for your child to learn and sing along to which will also make a great memory game.

This game must be assembled before the child can be used but it is made from high quality strong plastic that will be really safe to play with once put together with the screws. It only requires three double A batteries to function and weight just 2.64 kg. The Dimensions of it is 13 x 58.8 x 41.2 centimeters so it should be easy to find a space for it in a house and easily portable.


2. Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles


this is an image of a wooden puzzle toy

Amazon Link


Every toddler is attracted by puzzles is something that most parents would agree on. Therefore this wooden jigsaw puzzle would never fail to impress someone as a gift for  2 year old boys. Not only will it be attractive, but it will also educate them a lot when it comes to different shapes, colors and vehicles.

Each puzzle contains a different part of the vehicle, therefore, the child will be able to learn how to coordinate different pieces together. This will eventually improve their recognition of different parts to a vehicle.

It is made from really high quality wood with non-toxic water paint so it will not harm any child. They have really smooth edges so you shouldn’t worry about any splinters and are very light as they weight about 1.1 pounds.  This will allow better portability when it comes to different places to play with them. They are all only 5.8 x 5.8 x 0.6 inches in dimensions, therefore, fit into the hands of a toddler very easy.


3. Harley Davidson Toddler Trike


this is an image of a play trike for kids

Amazon Link


This is a perfect gift for boys as they develop to help them begin to understand the thrill of rides. It is designed to look like a Harley Davidson bike which will always make a boy look cool, especially if their parents are a big fan of motorbikes.

It has big and wide enough pedals for a boy to place their foot on it with or without shoes. They are very smooth and correctly placed to suit a 2 year olds feet length. however, a child is always able to grow into it.

To ensure extra safety, the handlebars are made with an easy grip finish and the tyres are made very strong and stable. This will also allow a child to take their time on learning how to ride a bike and therefore will make a great present for a 2 year old.

It weight about 4 pounds and has dimensions of 29.5 x 22.5 x 22 inches. This makes it really light and portable with a wide plastic orange seat to make sure their whole diaper bottom can fit on it easily.


4. VTech Color Flashlight


this is an image of a boy holding a toy flashlight

Amazon Link


This VTech color changing flashlight is brilliantly made to help young toddlers be able to understand the different colors. Not only this but it also has a way of teaching them how to count to 3 and has over 50 different sounds and songs for a child to learn and sing along to.

It has an on and off switch just like an ordinary flashlight which can teach a baby how to start using one. And also has a volume control switch which changes between 2 different sound settings to avoid making too much noise during quiet times. All this is powered by only 2 AA batteries.

This toy light is really safe and easy to use as it is made from high quality plastic and only weighs 7.5 ounces. The child has to watch the colors rotate and change and listens out to the names of each one to learn. It comes in 3 different colors and is a perfect fit for the little hands due it only being 6.1 inches long. It is also only 3.3 inches sideways and in thickness.


5. Shape and Color Recognition toys


this is an image of two babies playing with a puzzle game

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This toy is one of the simplest and straight forward ways to teach a toddler the different colors, shapes and angles. It would make a really perfect gift for a 2 year old boy because it requires some thought which can allow a parent to track improvement.

The game consists of 16 pieces of wooden blocks all made in 4 different shapes, a square, a circle, a triangle and a rectangle. The numbers of the shapes are split equally with each shape having 4 different colors too in order to confuse the player and help them learn. They are all made from high quality smooth wood which does not fade in color.

To play this game, the child must figure out which shape goes where by looking at how many corners each one has. Then they must place it in the correct pile with the rest of the shapes depending on where it fits. This can be a highly creative and entertaining game which a lot of parents will appreciate as a gift for their 2 year old child.


6. Liberty Import Remote Control Car


this is an image of a toy remote control car

Amazon Link


Who wouldn’t love a remote control can as a gift?. These toys are ideally designed to thrill boys as they’re seen to grow up to become more into cars and how they work. Therefore this would be a perfect gift to help a 2 year old develop their knowledge and interest in cars.

This remote control car toy is made with high quality ABS plastic and designed with fine soft curvy edges to prevent injury to a child. The remote control is in a steering wheel shape with only 2 buttons on it to make the car move forward and backward. This allows simplicity in learning how to use the toy and how cars work.

The toy comes with 3 different driving figures which can be removed and replaced at any time to give the child a different imagination. Not only does this car drive forward and backward, it also has the ability to play sounds, music and flash headlights. All of these are controlled by one honking button the remote control.

Its dimensions and 5 inches, by 5 inches by 0.7 inches and only weighs around 10.4 ounces. Also, this whole toy is powered by just 1 lithium ion battery so it would not be expensive to maintain.


7. LNGRY Light Up Shoes


this is an image of a light up shoe

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Sneakers are a most boys favorite part of their outfits in this day and age so why not begin their love of them early on. This would make a really good addition to a lot of outfits that a baby would already have as most of them are made with bright colors. Therefore if you bought these as a gift they would really please a parent as they would most likely be able to find an outfit to match with them.

This is not a toy, buy one of the unique items we have on our list as it still makes a really great gift. The most important feature about these toys is the different colored light in the soles as some parent has said that they really fascinate kids.

They are made from high quality mesh and rubber to give a child the casual style and prevent them from any harm to their feet. They have a very good grip underneath to manage slippery surfaces really well and are able to come with a different letter on them to make them more personalized.

Of course, they weigh differently as they come in many different sizes but they will definitely come in a 2 year old kids size. There aren’t many trainers with laces on the market for two year olds as most designs usually come in velcro for easier tie up. However, these are very stretchy and comfortable which allows a toddlers foot to slip in very easily with no complications.

Finally, we would always recommend you buy a higher size up with shoes so that they would fit a child for longer as kids grow up really fast.


8. Wooden Ramp Race Car Track


this is an image of a car ramp set

Amazon Link


This is a high quality wooden and plastic piece of a toy that enlightens many different children. This is because they move, and anything that moves bring real amazement in children’s eyes.

The way that a child would play with this toy is by placing a mini toy car at the top of the rand and watching it roll all the way to the bottom. Each ramp is in a different color to teach kids how to differentiate them. The toy cars are built with no specific front or back so that they are able to drive forward and backward when they fall onto the next ramp.

Each car has a different color and number on it so that they can be distinguished and are all made from smooth rectangular wood. They are designed perfectly to drop onto the next ramp and not go off course.

The Whole unit dimensions are 12, 2.8, 15.7 inches and weigh just 2.86 pounds. The mini cars are small enough to securely fit into toddlers hands. Therefore what you may have to worry about is that some parents may not feel safe with their kids being able too to put the mini cars in their mouths.


9. Educational Locomotive Train Toy


this is an image of a toy train and a baby

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This is one of the most fun toys for toddlers on the internet that you cannot go wrong when buying as a present. We say this because not only does it move along and make a toddler follow its tracks, it also makes a lot of fun train noises for the child to learn.

The balls that it comes with enables this toy to have a basketball type of game equipped to it. Children are able to trow and try to put the balls into the top of the train just like you would in a basketball game. The balls get put in from the top and come out from the bottom leaving a trail for the child to follow and pick up.

It is made from environmental ABS plastic that is of high quality with parts that are too big to fit into a toddlers mouth. The train in 7.5 inches long, 2.8 inches wide, 3.5 inches tall and weighs 1.08 pounds. To power the toy it needs to have just 4 AA batteries that can make it last a long time.

Although this can make a good gift for kids, some parents could say that it may be a little difficult to understand. However, it does come with a very details instructions manual so it shouldn’t cause too much confusion.


10. Pet Dog Interactive Toy


this is an image of a puppy toy

Amazon Link


How cute are pets to have in the house?. This toy does not only become a personal pet for a child but also has the ability to help them develop. For instance, it can help a child to move whether by crawling or walking as it encourages kids to follow it along.

What better way to introduce the love of a puppy to a baby than to get a toy that imitates. This toy pet dog does not just walk, but cannot be stopped even after hitting a bump. Also, it has the ability to make all the dog sounds that you can think of just by a simple touch. For instance, it asks you who’s touching its nose when you touch it by the nose, or runs away when its tail is pulled.

This dog is only 7 inches long and 6 inches nearly 6 inches tall which is a perfect size for a little kids toy. It can last a really long time as it is fairly cheap to replace the 3AA batteries that it requires in order to function.

One thing that you may wish to think about when buying this toy is the fact that some parents can find it quite sometimes because they accidentally step on it or hit it and it starts playing. However, even though there is no volume control on it, there is still an on and off button so this annoyance can be prevented.


11. VTec Kidibeats Drum Set


this is an image of a toy drum set

Amazon Link


One thing that everybody can never escape in this world is music. Some kids grow up to be really big fans and some even artists. This drum set allows a child to be able to start to understand and practice how to play in order to unlock his potential music talent. Many parents love this to be given to their childs as a gift as they say it gives them a thrill.

This drum set is equipped with 3 sets of different sounding drums and a cymbal too. Also, it has 2 mini drumsticks that are made perfectly for the palm of a 2 year old baby. on the other hand, some parents may not like the fact that their children they can easily put these in their mouths which means it would be ideal to supervise them when they are playing with this toy.

The way these drums are played to help a childs development includes memory games and different music creativity.

Not only does this drum teaches kids how to play music, but also teaches them different letters and numbers too. This is done by the sound effects that come of from the speakers along with songs that they can follow. One other amazing feature is the different colored LED lights that light up every time a drum is hit.

Finally, this drum set is powered by only 3 double A batteries which are convenient to replace so a parent wouldn’t find this stressful. Also, it only goes as high as 11.5 inches but 12.1 inches wide and 3.9 inches long. although it may not seem too small, it can still be moved around quite easily as it only weighs 1.51 pounds.

Caution: There is a potential that some kids may get addicted to this and never stop playing it which might cause disturbance to parents. However, This will still make an amazing gift.


12. Vatos Toddler Car Toys


this is an image if a kids playing with push cars

Amazon Link


Cars and boys are always a good combination when it comes to gifts at all ages. These specific cars are freewheeled and not powered by any batteries which means they can last a lifetime if they are maintained properly. Not only does this reduce the potential toxic hazard, but it also makes it much safer for kids to play with.

The only way that a baby plays with these cars is by manually pushing them along. This type of pay is designed to improve hand eye coordination and also teaches a child how to distinguish between different types of vehicles. Not only this, but it also increases their exercise time.

All of these different types of cars come in different colors to help a child organize better and learn the different colors. There are 2 packages including 4 and 6 different vehicles for you to choose from which of course effects the price of it.

Each car has a different dimension but all of them are between 2 to 4  inches and no more. However, the packaging comes 8.5 inches long, 8.1 inches wide, 3.2 inches thick and only weighs 1.21 pounds. This means that it is a fairly light present to wrap up and give.


13. Push and Go Car Toys


this is an image of a baby playing with push cars

Amazon Link


This friction-powered baby car toy is a simple yet really interesting toy to give to a 2 year old baby. This is because it has no real secret to it, a 2 year old baby should instantly understand how to use it once given to them.

Kids are required to simply ‘push and go’ in order to operate these toys. This does not only encourage the child to be more active but also improves walking and crawling capability. Every parent’s real concern is how safe it will be in the hands of their child, well not to worry as all of them are smoothly made to not injure the most sensitive skin. Also, they do not require batteries, unlike many other toys which makes it much less of a toxic toy.

It is made from non-toxic ABS plastic which means the baby can have it in its mouth for as long as he wants to. Although one of them may look big, they are all actually fairly light in weight as each one weight just 0.3lbs each. Although the whole package including 4 toys weight just 1.01 pounds. Each one is made to be the exact same if length and width at 3.9 by 2.4 inches but all have different heights starting at 2.4 for the smallest and 3.7 at the tallest. The whole package comes at 2.5 by 3.7 by 4 inches in dimension.


14. OFUN Dinosaur Backpack


this is an image of a dinosaur backpack

Amazon Link


This is a very cute and cool small backpack that would make a great gift for a 2 year old boy to grow in to. Many parents would appreciate this being given to their child as a parent because it can be a long term gift which saves them money on buying another one for their child when they start school.

This bag does not only look cool, but it also has very cool disguised zipped pockets for everyday items. Not only this but they have a lot of room on the inside to keep many things in, from diapers to other toys.

it is made from high quality mesh and a lot of padding to provide the most comfort and convenience when carried on the back. To make it even more comfortable, there are adjustable straps to suit the growth of your child. Of course, it can be washed and look good as new as all babies are known for having messy hands. Not only can it be washed, but it can last a long time in the wettest conditions without it being damaged meaning it can be taken to many different locations.

One drawback is that it weighs 9.6 ounces which may be a little too heavy at first for your child but this allows them to keep the gift for longer when they grow into it. However, it can be a very handy bag to keep all the important items that a 2 year old requires so that you wouldn’t have to look for different items at different places when you need to use them. Also, it is as big as 12.9 inches tall, 11.8 inches wide and 3.8 inches thick. This means there is more than enough room to carry many important items.


15. Starden Star Light Projector

this is an image of a kids night light

Amazon Link


This wonderful starlight projector makes a perfect gift to put in a babies room that most parents become really happy with. This is mainly because of the stress it reduces for them to put their child to sleep. This toy is able to keep a baby really amazed by gazing at the stars until they end up falling asleep.

This only job this light does it to shine stars onto the ceiling for either a set time or until it is manually turned off. After the child falls asleep it will save energy by turning itself off to save the parent that trouble. This gift does not only have to be used by babies as some parents also say it sets a perfect relaxing mood for couples too.

It doesn’t stop just there as this light has 4 amazing features to it. The first is to set the switch off timer. The second one is to keep it strictly shining white stars. The third one changes the colors and adds blue, green and red to the white. and The fourth one is to set it to stay on all night long.

It is egg-shaped and can be used in a  lamp fashion or a light fashion by a reliable hanging strap that it comes with. This can be an additional safety feature as you never have to worry about the child getting their hands on it.

Although it may look big in the pictures, it is in fact just 7 by 5.7, 5.6 inches in dimensions and weighs just 1.04 pounds which is lighter than it looks right?. Also, it can be powered by either 4 AAA batteries or a USB cable which means it can be very convenient to manage.

A lot of parents have given many positive reviews for this item as it is delivered really quick and it is straight forward to understand how to use it. Another reason is that it can also come in many other different styles as you can check out from the link.


16. Mega Building Bloks


this is an image of a boy playing with building blocks

Amazon Link


To make it simple and easy to understand, Mega Bloks is just a safe and easier way for babies to play with Lego toys. This toy has basically the same functions as Lego as all you have to do is build them together on the ones that fit.

This specific product comes with 80 blocks but can last way over 80 minutes of play. But just because there are only 80 on them in one bag, it does not mean that they would not fit together with another set of 80 from another bag to create a much bigger masterpiece.

Not only are they able to learn how to build different shapes with these blocks, but they also get to learn the colors as they build along. This improves their hands-on experience with items and encourages them to grow a good imagination.

The bag is big enough to always be able to fit all of the pieces no matter how you put them in as long as they’re not joint together. They are made from smooth plastic with no rough edges to ensure the safety of a childs sensitive skin.

The whole bag is only 12 by 6 and 14 inches. This may seem really big but the toys are really light as it only weighs 1 pound. This means they can also be very portable just in case you wish to bring them over to a friends house and play with them.

One disadvantage to this product is that it can get really messy when the toys are all scattered across the floor. Therefore it would be ideal to supervise the child as they play with this toy. Also, this can be quite painful if stepped on by an adult so it is really important to make sure they’re packed away after being used.


17. TopToy Pull Back Cars


this is an image of small toy vehicles

Amazon Link


Cars are always an awesome gift to give to a boy, this is because of their function and their different cool styles. We believe that you cannot go wrong with this set of toy cars as a gift because it has many advantages to a child.

We included this set of cars as they have a different type of function than other cars. The clue is in the name, ‘pull back cars’. This means that in order to make them go, you must pull them back first then let them go. Although they can move pretty quick, they can still easily be caught in the hand of a 2 year old kid even at the fasted speed without causing any harm.

Each car is made with real color and imagination as they all have different styles to them. This helps kids to differentiate the different types of vehicles there are in the world and be able to ultimately pick a favorite. Also, the plastic it is made from is heavier than it looks which brings real quality to their design.

Caution: These toys are between 2 to 2.5 inches in dimension.

Although it can be really fun to watch these cool small cars whiz past rapidly together, it can also be dangerous to leave them laying around next to kids unsupervised. This is because they will most likely put them in their mouths and could potentially cause real danger as many parents have stated.

Note: These super fast cars have a built-in winder which does not run on battery to make it less toxic and more convenient.


18. Fajiabao Bath Fishing Game


this is an image of a fishing toy set

Amazon Link


Bath time is always fun for little kids as they love to play and splash water around. Why not make this even more fun by giving them this fascinating toy to play with.

The fishes come in different colors but have the same smiley face expression on them. They are made from really soft but durable rubber that recovered back to its original form after being pressed. They are really lightweight and are all perfectly sealed so that no water goes inside them and makes them sink.

The game is played like a real fishing activity. The rod is wound up and down in order to catch and bring in the fish. The fact that the fishes will be floating on water means they will not be balanced properly and makes this game become a little challenging for the player. However, the holes on the fishes are made big enough for the hook to go through really easily.

As the child grows up and becomes more advanced, they can try to catch all the fishes at the same time to make it much harder for them. Also, this is a very good educational toy too as the different colors are able to create other games such as catching the fish in color order.

You can expect the package to be as big as 7.9 inches, by 10.2 inches and 0.8 inches. Also, it is 4.8 ounces in weight which is fairly light considering there’s more than one item in the package. However, the individual dimensions of the fishes are 2.36 by 2.17 inches and the fishing rod its self is as long as 7.68 inches. This is perfect for the safety of the child as none of these can fit in their mouths but can fit perfectly in their little hands.

This is a perfect gift to give kids that they can use in their little kid’s tub as they grow into it. Some parents say that kids love playing with this toy for many years which means that it can last a long time.


19. Melissa and Doug K’s Bowling Play Set


this is an image of animal style bowling set

Amazon Link


Everyone enjoys a good game of bowling. This bowling set would make a really good gift to give to 2 year old boy because it can be a very educational toy. For instance, each pin has a face of a different animal in a different color which would teach them how to differentiate between them. The animals also have different features on them such as stripes and spots to make the child aware of the different beautiful patterns that animals can come in.

This set comes with 6 animal pins and one 4 inch ball with the indented holes. All of these items are made from really soft plastic so parents shouldn’t worry about them being as hard as actual bowling pins and balls. Everybody knows that a game of bowling can get quite messy which is why this set also comes with a unique storage case to be able to neatly stack every piece.

They are designed to help early development is 3 different skills including cognitive, physical and social. As well as educate them on different constructing and counting different pins. Another cool aspect of this set is that the animals can be used as imaginary storytelling characters as well as bowling.

We all know that a game of bowling is fun as a multiplayer game so this would be a perfect gift for parents with twins. It can help to make them bond and develop communication and social skills.

The pins are soft and squishy but made from plastic of really high quality so you can rely on them being durable. This enables it to be played both in and outdoors. Also, this makes this a really safe playset to have as it is perfectly designed to take on any hazard that a 2 year old boy can face whilst playing with it.

Finally, the whole set it only 14 inches tall, 9 inches wide and 6 inches thick. Also, as you can imagine they’re not made to be anywhere near as heavy as the real ones with the whole set weighing just 2.09 pounds. This should give you an idea of the places where it can be easily portable for.


20. Palm-Grip Crayon Set


this is an image of finger crayons for kids

Amazon Link


For our number 20, we have a set of crayons. These are not just any crayons, but ones that are used by placing a finger inside them and not necessarily holding them. We thought that this would be a really good gift to give to a baby because they may not able to know how to hold a crayon properly yet.

These crayons come in 12 different bright colors which color very smoothly and are very easy to clean. This would allow the baby to paint easier with them and not get too messy. Also, they can go wild with the painting and still be very easy to clean up. They’re made from edible wax so biting on them will not bring any hard to a baby. They only weigh 0.4 pounds and are 4 inches by 0.75 inches in dimensions.

They are designed like small cones to put a finger inside and allow a better grip for toddlers. They are very safe and non-toxic so you wouldn’t have to worry about a baby being poisoned by them if they put them in their mouths. They wouldn’t break if they were to be dropped from a 2 year old boys height which means that they can take maximum painting pressure of a 2 year old boy. our next on the list is an extension to this gift.


21. Toddler Coloring Book


this is an image of a baby coloring book

Amazon Link


What are coloring crayons without a coloring book? Also, we chose a coloring book because we believe what better way is there for your kids to understand different colors than to actually start painting them on themselves. This would not only make them start to distinguish between different colors, but may also be the beginning to them figuring out their favorite colors.

This book contains 11 by 8.5 inches paper which only has images on one side of each one to prevent kids from coloring through the paper and messing up the back. The images on the pages that they would have to color in contain 10 different shapes and numbers. All of these shapes and number have friendly smiley faces on them to keep kids in a positive mindset throughout. Also, there are guided counting from with each shape to educate them as they go along.

This is believed to be a very good way to educate kids so it would make a really good and simple present. Although it doesn’t come with crayons so it would be a much better present if it was given along with a set of crayons like our number 20.


22. Finn and Emma Cotton Knit Rattle Buddy


this is an image of a baby with a knitted toy

Amazon Link


Who is a toddler without their special best cuddly toy?. At this crucial age, babies start to recognize and get attached to their favorite toys. Therefore having one that is best suited for everywhere he goes is one of the best gifts you can give to a baby boy. most kids usually go for stuffed toys but we believe that the stitched one has more benefits than stuffed. For instance, toddlers love to put things in their mouths, so this stitched one would last a long biting lifespan whereas a stuffed one may start to lose its stuffing.

This toy is not only able to go anywhere with the baby, but it can also even take a high amount of liquid being poured onto it, such as saliva or water spills. All the materials are nontoxic so it is very safe to be in a child’s mouth.

This toy is thoughtfully made for kids as it is made from 100% organic cotton and stuffed with sheep wool. It is 8 inches tall, 3.5 inches wide, 3 inches thick and weighs just 1.6 ounces. This means that it is a perfect fit for the kid’s hands and light enough for them to carry everywhere all day long.

You never know which toy a kid may take a long time to outgrow and we believe that one that they would go everywhere with has more potential to be the one. Therefore, this can be a really good gift to give to a 2 year old child because it may bring you a lot of satisfaction to see that your friends baby is still using the gift that you bought for them last year.


23. Sweet Seats Grey Elephant Chair


this is an image of a plush elephant chair

Amazon Link


How cute does it look to have a baby in the arms of a stuffed toy? well, this can be just a cute as it can end up becoming the one place that a 2 year old boy views as a safe place.

There are many other different animals designed made just in case you prefer them to grow up loving a different animal, for example, there is a brown dog, a blue bear, a dragon and many more. This baby chair, in particular, is very cool because of the soft trunk that a baby can pull on to help them climb onto the chair when crawling.

It is 20 inches high, 19 inches wide and 14 inches long and can be and is made from really soft premium fabrics. It only weighs 2 pounds but has been made extremely safe by having no sharp or hard edges for the child to hurt themselves on. It is very soft yet very strong at the same time designed to hold children from 18 months onward.

This can be an ideal birthday present as it would make a really good place to take pictures from after they open the present. You shouldn’t have to worry about it becoming messy as it was fairly easy to understand washing instructions for the parents to follow.


24. Komorebi Wooden Animal Beads Maze Games


this is an image of a wooden toy maze

Amazon Link


We all know that a key skill that you need to beat a maze is concentration. Even us adults can get really confused by a maze, so this toy is the perfect way to tangle up your child’s thoughts in order to build concentration. It is made from very light but durable wood and plastic so that it can have a longer lifespan and can be easily portable. The smoothness of these materials also makes this a very safe toy for your kids to have their hands on or to be around.

The design is very good and thoughtful as it has zigzags, twirls and straight lines but made it a different color. This would not only teach your child how to differentiate colors but also how to get out of tricky situations. Not only this, but they are also able to count beads and slide animals to teach them counting and recognizing different animals.

Boys are seen as kids that potentially get in more trouble than girls in life which is why this would be a great way to start teaching them how to get out of it. Therefore this would definitely make a very good educational toy that a lot of parents would appreciate if it was given as a present for their 2 year old boy.


25. In Character Baby Bat Costume


this is an image of a baby dressed in a bat costume

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Halloween is one occasion that a lot of people look forward to purely because they get to put on fancy dresses. What better outfit is there to celebrate Halloween with if it isn’t something to do with bats or vampires?. Here we have for you an adorable bat costume for you to dress up your two year old boy in.

The costume is made from 100% polyester which is really light yet extremely cozy to be inside of so you wouldn’t have to worry about your little one getting cold. It is a simple one piece jumpsuit that is zipped for up for an easy way to put the baby in with a velcro bat eared hoodie. Although the zipper is located at the back, you wouldn’t have to take it off completely to change your babies diaper as there are snaps placed on the boom of it.

The only part of the baby which will be visible in the hands and the shoes have grips underneath to prevent them from skidding. It also has a detachable wing feature to give you the option of having the complete bat look. Unfortunately, it only comes in three sizes as listed below, however, there are many other very similar costumes which come in more sizes.


  • 6 – 12 months: Height 24.5 to 29 inches, Waist 18 to 19 inches, Weight 12.5 to 19.5 lbs.
  • 12 – 18 months: Height 29 to 30.75 inches, Waist 19 to 19.5 inches, Weight 19.5 to 22 lbs
  • 18 months – 2 years: Height 30.75 to 32.5 inches, Waist 19.5 to 20, Weight 22 to 24.5 lbs


Gifts for 2 Year Old Boy WhoHas everything?

This is one of the biggest struggles that a lot of parents face. Although there may not be many more options to choose from, you can always consider gifts that money can’t buy. For example, just spending some quality time with them and or taking them to a place that they enjoy being would make them feel really good. Also, other examples of gifts that some people may not think of are confection and sweets because although these may not last a  long time, they would surely make a child feel good when they consume them.

Things To Consider Gifts for 2 Yr Old Boys Christmas?

Although we may not have had many gifts specifically for Christmas time, it is still important to consider the best features to think about when buying Christmas presents. This is why we have given you a list of some features and why they would be important.

  • Attractiveness – This is really important because the first impression the baby makes after opening his gift on Christmas will determine whether or not love it and will enjoy it. The appearance plays a big part in making them have a good reaction towards it
  • Packaging – How well and easily it can be packaged is really important too because although they say ‘best gifts come in small packages’, younger children end to be excited in bigger gifts as it shows more thought has been put into it.
  • Price – Making sure that the price is reasonable is also a key factor as the more expensive the product is, the more beneficial and long lasting it usually it. If you were to give a reasonably priced product to another parents baby, they would be really appreciative and try to maintain it for longer.
  • Safe – The last but surely the most important thing is how safe will the gift be because kids tend to want to jump straight onto their gift once they open it on Christmas due to their excitement. This can result in them not taking time to think of the safety precautions of the toy, therefore, the safer the toy is, the better it will seem for the child to have in their parent’s eyes.

What Toys To Two Year Old Boys love?

We understand that a two year old boy cannot be developed enough to understand the differences between some toys. However, the best type of toys that two year olds tend to love the most is the one that they can get their hands on and be chew-able at the same time. We have established that most of them do not like to think too much about how they have to use the toy as they will always feel like doing other things with it too. For example, the Mega Bloks (number 16) would not be such a good gift as they may not be able to stack them yet whereas the Push and Go cars (number 13) would be the best type of toy as all they do is push it around all day.


this is an image of a boy playing with building blocks

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