21 Best Gift Ideas for 13 Years Old Girl

It’s a struggle most parents can relate to as getting gifts for a 13 year old girl is not an easy thing. Not only because there are wide varieties of options, but also the struggle of selecting the right present that your daughter would love.

This post is written with that in mind as we have made a compilation of the best gifts for 13 year old girls available to you. Some of which are suitable as birthday presents and Christmas gift ideas. We engaged 13 year old girls in the selection process of the products reviewed, and they consider these items cool for their age.

Next time you’re thinking of good Christmas present or toys, or when you’re stuck on what you should get a 13 year old girl for her birthday, browse through this review for precise ideas.

Things To Consider When Buying A Present for 13 Year Olds Girls

Need: For a gift to be appreciated to it’s fullest, the receiver must see the need to have the gift item. This is the first thing that you should put into consideration when making a decision on the appropriate gift for your daughter.

Spend some time to carefully think about what they need at the moment. You don’t have to ask when you’re about to get the gift, you should do this homework a few weeks or days before getting them the gift.

The main idea is to key your gift into their needs.

Price: 13 is a special age for girls. They’ve just become a teenager, the hormones are taking over, and they’re beginning to feel like an adult. Getting them something cheap that they can afford is a “Red” flag.

You want them to know that you’re also thinking about them as a teenager and not a kid that can be easily enticed with cheap items. Also, it is important not to go overboard here though.

Trend: If it’s not trendy, it’s not cool. We know it might be a bit difficult for parents to know what’s considered cool these days, and this is exactly why we enlisted the help of teenage girls to come up with the list of products reviewed in this article.

Get them something trendy and watch them become really excited as they use it.

Color: Girls like flashy things. The color should be bright and bold. This is very important when making gift selection. Don’t just settle for anything color, go for something colorful, bright and stunning.

Interest: This is a little bit personal. What interest your 13 year old daughter would be different from that of another girl of the same age. Identifying what interest your daughter should not be a difficult task. If they’re interested in photography, for instance, getting them a camera would make for one of those perfect gifts for a 13 year old girls.

Overall Purpose: Aside from finding a balance between all of the factors listed above, another important factor to consider is the overall purpose of the gift you’re getting your daughter? What’s the aim? Is it meant to help them develop socially? or emotionally? There are several reasons that comes to mind. What are you trying to achieve with the gift? Don’t just get them something for the sake of getting them a present.

21 Top Birthday, Christmas and Cool Gift Ideas For 13 Year Old Girls

1. Stainless Steel Expandable Bangle 

This stainless steel expandable bangle along with a birthday cake can add charm to her birthday.  

A product from Parkin, this bangle is made for a fashionista. Though it is a fashion jeweler, this fine jewelry is quite popular in contemporaries.  

The jewelry is meant to use with extra care; it should not be used for a daily wearing purpose.  

The live laugh love charm jewelry is made from high-quality, polished stainless steel. There are a total of four charms in the bracelet made from eco-friendly zinc alloy. The zinc alloy also contains a good ration of nickel and zinc. The charms are attached to the bangle with stainless steel hoops to that it does not fall off easily.    

One charm reads: “Live, Love, Laugh.” 


  • This fashionable fine jewelry piece is available at a very affordable price. 


  • Do not let your daughter wear it in routine.   Amazon Link


2. You Are a Girl Who Always Rocks! Always Be True To You! 

This is a piece of well-written literature that helps in boosting confidence and self-concept. It helps girls who are going through adolescence and facing ups and downs in their lives. It can be a motivation for girls who are going through bullying and self-esteem issues.  

It teaches girls to stay honest and true to them. The book aims to boost a powerful message of self-confidence. The author has put the words so nicely that it inspires girls to celebrate their uniqueness and to learn from their own mistakes. Let your daughter know how amazing and special she is in her own way.  

The informative book pushes your daughter’s self-esteem in the right direction.  



  • The book advice your daughter about how to deal with real life situations and problems. 


  • Do check that it arrives at your doorstep in a good manner.  


Amazon Link


3. ALEX Spa Hair Chalk Salon 

Let your diva celebrate life and make her hair more vibrant than her personality.  

Hair chalk is a kind of temporary hair color for her hair. Simply glide the chalk on her hair and let them shine with all the beautiful colors of life.  

She can apply this chalk on her dry hair and it can be easily washed off when rinsed with shampoo.  

If your daughter is fond of make-up and you do not want to use her make-up products so early, these hair colors can steal the show. The kit includes 5 washable hair chalk pens, metallic beads that are 24 in count, 24 hair elastic and a hair beading tool.  



  • The chalk can be washed off easily. 
  • Applying the color chalk is easy and fun.  


  • The color easily faints. You need to reapply it many times. 


Amazon Link



 4. 13th Birthday Unicorn Shirt Gift 2005 Dabbing

This awesome since 2005 is a unique celebration of your girl’s 13th birthday. These super t-shirts are perfect for birthday party celebrations. Your daughter will be more than happy to receive this customized shirt for her 13th birthday gift.  

Available in 5 solid colors, the t-shirt is made from 100% cotton. The imported stuff t-shirt can be washed in a washing machine and dried in low heat. This lightweight and classic fit t-shirt has a double-needle sleeve and hemmed from the bottom.  

A unicorn dabbing, this cute and silly t-shirt will make your kid’s day even more special. Your daughter will simply love it.  



  • All the colors are unique and pretty. 


  • Light color heathers are made from 50% polyester and 50% cotton.


Amazon Link



5. Immortalizing Thoughts: Letter To My Future Self!! 

This super creative scrapbook, Immortalized thoughts is an amazing surprise gift for your daughter. With this book, your daughter will become a sensation in her community. This scrapbook is a little grain of happiness that will help you to identify yourself. Any girl who is happy living in her own world will be happy to receive this gift and with its help, she will create beautiful things that will leave you amazed.  

The book is designed in a colorful manner that teens can write their dreams and the things they propose in their life freely. The color of each page will inspire them about new ideas and purposes. 

Your teen can actually write down about her deepest dreams and crazy fantasies. Let her write down her goals of work, goals of her study etc. Her writing will inspire you as well. 

The scrapbook allows her to paste photos, save up her memories, plan her future or write letters to future her only.  

The book is available with money back policy. If your daughter, do not love the book you can return it. The music poster of the book offers a lifetime guarantee. 



  • An awesome product for self motivation.  


  • The book has literally countable pages. 
  • It looks like as if printed on someone’s home printer. 


Amazon Link



6. Ultimate DIY Slime Kit 

A complete kit for maximum fun, ultimate DIY slime kit allows you to make glow-in-the-dark super cool slime, clear goo slime, the slime that can change color and a glittery slime. It includes 10+ recipes and lets you experiment.  

Your darling daughter can work on this amazing colorful booklet by following their step-to-step guide. The images and quantities make way for stress-free fun. The kit will make them learn the science behind silliness and it enables them to learn while they create. 

This 13th birthday gift can be a perfect play date accessory or rainy day fun.   

The kit includes thermochromic powder for color changing effects, glitter, glow powder, glue bottle, straw, wooden scoops, measuring, mixing cups and storage containers. 



  • The kit is safe and non-toxic. 


  • Adult supervision is a must while kids do their experiment. 
  • It can be very dangerous if used in the wrong manner.


Amazon Link



7. I Am 13 And Fabulous!! 

Teenage girls love to keep their journals. Diary writing is an art and it helps girls to organize their feelings. This I am 13 and fabulous diary can be a perfect gift for your 13 year old girl. She can use it as a diary or as a planner or journal for the year ahead. There are a total of 100 pages in the diary. All the pages are half lined and half blank. The blank page can be used for recording thoughts, drawing sketches, preparing notes, writing prayers or planning ideas.  

The cover page of the book is beautiful and your girl will love the emojis/ hippy/ retro/peace symbols on the cover.  



  • The book can be a wonderful bargain as a birthday gift because it is available in less than 10 dollars. 


  • The printing quality of the book is not so great.  


Amazon Link



8. The Teen Girl’s Survival Guide

Every girl feels pressure and stress in many directions. A few good and healthy relationships may help you to deal with this stress. The psychologist and teen expert, Lucie Hemmen has listed and elaborated ten stress buster creative tips to create and maintain the social life of your choice.  

When you will get through this guide, you will realize many facts of your life. Who is your friend, how to appreciate authentic qualities and how to expand the quantity and quality of your social life?  The book will teach you a few small steps that will change your girl into a more happy, contented and confident personality.  

This book is a great way to keep your social life get going.  



  • The book focuses on 10 practical problems every teenager’s face. 


  • There are a lot of conclusions and generalizations.  


Amazon Link

9. ALEX Spa Glow Sketch It Nail Pens

 What if the nail designs glow in the dark? Your grown up princess will go crazy for that. ALEXA spa glow sketch it mail pens are an awesome way to enhance your daughter’s creativity through nail art. The kit provides your daughter with professional quality nail polish to create long lasting designs. The nail polish stick is basically a two-tip pen which has a brush on one end to apply nail polish or filling in shapes or designs. The other end is a sketch tip to draw précised designs.  

In total, the kit includes 5 sketch-it nail colors. Out of these 5, 3 glow in the dark and 2 are black and silver.     


  • The glow in the darkness makes it awesome. 



  • The sketches are a bit tricky to open. 
  • The product is a bit messy to handle.  


Amazon Link


10. Tonnier Watches 

The beautiful, mysterious nebula design watch is more than sufficient to make your girl happy on her 13th birthday. It is designed in such a way as if the desirable vastness of the universe is simply plucked and worn on the wrist.     

The whole design of the wristwatch is allocated in a very cool manner. Either it is the background or minute or second hand, even numbers are put in an interesting and lively manner.  

The color collocation of the wristwatch reflects all the efforts and diligent put in it. It is constructed from an environment-friendly rubber material. The export quality material is assured to wear.

This cute and useful gift is committed to providing you with the best service.  



  • The silicone strap is soft and comfortable to wear. 
  • The beautifully designed watch has a unique concept. 


  • It does not have a light up screen. 


Amazon Link


11. The Adventures Of Princess Lau 

Girls love stories and keep them close to their hearts. This is a story of Chinese Princess who pursues a dangerous quest which is stupid enough. She tries to recover the lost cows of Holoworld. The quest is to support Norris who will be thrown is an endless battle if cows are not recovered until breakfast.  

There is a handsome God, a great white shark and a stunning cameo performer. The animated video entraps you and covers you in green slime.   

This multi layered, unique story, is laughably profound. Nobody can reveal the secret of the final page.   


  • The book is one of the most excellent adventures you will come through. 
  • The heroine of the book is smart and sassy.  


  • The editing of this book is really bad.



Amazon Link


 12. 33 Things Every Girl Should Know

A 13 year girl can feel her transition from girlhood to womanhood and she may feel excited, empowered and hopeful for it. If your girl often talks about subjects like popularity, success, body image, boys or speaks her mind confidently, this book can be a practical inspiration for her. 

This book is a collection of diverse voices of 33 women in the form of stories, poems, comics and essays. Every girl will love to read it, share it with her friends and spread the knowledge of self-acceptance and self-esteem.  

This ultimate collection is first-hand advice of female wit, wisdom, courage and perseverance. It inspires them to follow the pathway of their dreams. 



  • A growing lady can figure out all the emotions and friendship struggles out of it. 


  • A few people feel that it is more appropriate for girls in their 20s.   


Amazon Link 


13. Your Décor Water Bottle

Just imagine the happiness of your teen daughter when she would be able to decorate her water bottle on her own. And she will be able to find out thousands of tricks to color and decorate it in her own unique manner. This is a fun project that brings self satisfaction as well.  

There is an aluminum water bottle that can be decorated with fun words and icons. There is a total of 5 color bottles along with 20 sparkling gemstones.  

This creative kit can be a perfect idea for sleepovers or birthday parties. This way the little girl can customize her bottle and display her own style to the world.  



  • It is really a cute idea which lets you daughter explore her creativity. 


  • The color does not stay for long. 
  • It is impossible to fit a brush inside the bottle to wash it. 


Your Décor

Amazon Link



14. Cook Book

The habit of cooking good food will automatically develop a habit of eating good food in your little daughter.  Center her food choices on fresh fruits, vegetables and good eating. In our opinion, this one gift among 21 best gift ideas for 13 year girl will leave you spellbound.  

The book will help her to stay focused on the technique of healthy cooking. 

Every parent knows how practice makes a man perfect. The book covers all the basic techniques. It also features tutorials to help your girl learn easy and tasty recipes. 

It includes recipes for homemade granolas, mini quiches, minty lamb burgers, rosemary shortbread cookies and so many.      



  • Your girl will learn the art of cooking.  


  • The book features a lack of photos. 
  • The book is too advanced for a little girl.  
  • The recipes are complicated and ingredients are strange. 


Amazon Link



15. SmartLab Toys All-Natural Lip Balm Boutique 

The kit defines the science behind luscious lips. Teenagers are always looking for recipes to make their lips more soft and supple. What can be more exciting if she gets to customize the recipes in multiple ways? This kit will enable your daughter to create luscious lip balms and lip moisturizing lotions. It includes six lip balm pods that are stylish and candy-colored. You can easily fit them in your pocket or backpack.  

There comes a booklet along with the lip balm kit that includes a good number of recipes. All the recipes include natural ingredients like olive oil or chocolate chips to create customized lip balm flavors.  

This kit is an ultimate combination of chemistry and art.  



  • You can create any flavor of your choice. 
  • The size of the pods is perfectly right. 


  • You need to purchase extra items to create the end product. 


Amazon Link



16. Mini Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 

This is a speaker with a lovely mushroom head design that too in pink color. Its design makes it different from others. The great artwork can be a piece of decoration as well. 

This mini speaker is portable and is pretty much convenient to carry it around girls can literally carry it in outdoors for hiking or picnic. The speaker has a sucking disc bracket and can be simply placed on a flat surface. Your little girl can also use it as her phone holder.  



  • The speaker features a high-quality amplified sound and blue tooth V4.0. 
  • It is compatible with Ipad, Iphone, Laptop and Phone. 
  • The pink color makes it ideal for girls.  


  • The sound quality of the speaker is equivalent to that of a phone speaker.  


Amazon Link



17. How To Be a Math Genius 

For the girls who are already daunted by algebra, geometry, algorithms or logic, this clever guide is an ideal gift. With the help of this guide, your daughter will discover that she is better at, it at least better than she thought.  

This guide helps kids in exploring their math brain and demonstrates kids how they use their math brain in their practical lives. The book is packed with compelling stories of math geniuses, math puzzles and activities, facts and stats of math and many more things.     

It will remove the dreadful image and fear of math from your daughter’s mind. 



  • The content of the book is engaging as well as relevant. 
  • It will simply hook away your kids. 


  • No cons. The book is a mastermind.  


Amazon Link



18. Mermaid Tail Blanket

This adorable and beautiful mermaid tail blanket will make you a star. The first looks of the blanket are sufficient to steal the show. It is warm, comfortable and fashionable. Easy both inside and out; the blanket works perfectly well for almost all seasons.  

Your daughter can use it on a couch; can take it along for camping or sleepovers. She can use it in the car as well. 

The blanket is made from eco-friendly material and is skin-friendly as well. It is 100% hung-dry.  

On the whole, the blanket makes a good gift.    



  • The thick and beautiful blanket is made from impressive quality material. 
  • The material is too soft and the colors are quite vibrant.  


  • The size of the blanket is small.  


Amazon Link



19. Crayola Inspiration Art Case –Pink Portable Part Studio 

This is an art and craft gift. It can be an impressive gift for your daughter if she is an art lover. The art case includes 64 crayons, 20 short colored pencils, 40 washable markers, 15 paper sheets and a durable storage case for all the material.  

The kit offers the girl to create limitless items. It all-in-one set is perfectly suited for travel.   

A perfect birthday gift for your daughter includes a large variety of pink hues. The pink graphic details on the pack of the case read out Inspiration art case. The ingredients of the kit can keep your little Casanova busy for hours.  



  • The enables your kid to express, create and connect. 
  • The durable case keeps all the colors and markers organized. 


  • The kit is a little bit overpriced. 


Amazon Link



20. The Girl’s Guide To Loving Yourself 

An inspiring gift for your daughter, this book will empower your girl. The ordeal is a perfect combination of laughter, inspiration, and wisdom. It will help her feel comfortable in her own skin and be confident. Every girl faces her own challenges and joys of growing up including various topics like body images, bullies and boyfriends. The book is straightforward enough to relate with. It helps your girl with additional resources like hotlines, helpful websites and fun, and easy lessons.   

Just because of its valuable content, the book is quite popular among teens. 



  • Reading this book is enjoyable and it delivers a good message. 
  • The content is inspiring and includes a few real-time adolescent stories.  


  • The book is a power pack and has no cons at all. 


Amazon Link



21. Smart LED Light Bulb Bluetooth Speaker  

This multipurpose item will fascinate your girl for lights and music. The LED bulb can produce 7 main colors and 16 million supported colors, plus cool and warm white. It can be controlled through your smartphone. Your girl can connect it with her Bluetooth and play her favorite music. She just needs to download the app and control the function of the app through it.  

The Smart LED bulb is multi-talented. It plays her favorite music with her favorite color of light. She can fix just one color or can keep it changing.  

The Smart LED bulb can be used anywhere for household purpose or in hotels. She can use it in the kitchen, bathroom or in a party.  

The speaker of the bulb produces great and clear sound.   



  • The combination of music and light will make her day. 
  • It is very easy to set up with iPhone or any other smartphone. 
  • The settings of the smart LED bulb are easy to figure out. 


  • It is a good product on the whole. No cons. 


I hope this list will help you to choose the best birthday gift for your girl.  


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