20 Best Gifts for 1 Year Old Girls 2018

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Getting the best gift for one year old girls will take as much mental effort as getting any other thoughtful gift for special occasion, if not more. From my experience as a mom, I realized that girls are unique, in that it takes a lot of effort to get present for little girls.

I have reviewed the top 20 gifts that tick a lot of boxes when it comes to getting appropriate gifts for girls aged 1. Usually, they want something very colorful, and fragile. They want a princess they can own, a friend, and something that would keep them fully engaged all the time. While this is not a one size fit all for one year old girls, a more significant percentage will appreciate gifts that fall into any of the categories above and for more ideas check out Pleygo.com.

No matter your child’s taste; either for luxury or simplicity, you would find an item appropriate for her age and gender in this review. From Christmas toys for little girls, cute plush toy gift,  to educational gift ideas, or any other thoughtful gifts for one year olds, I’ve got you covered in this article.

Considerations Picking a Gift For One Year Old Girl

Human character is essential, and it’s never too early to introduce character building items in their collection, I am always very particulate about the character building aspect of whatever I am getting my baby girl. If it will help them become a better person, then the item has ticked one of the boxes already.

Another important thing that I put into consideration is the material from which the items are made. First of all, it must be made of BPA free plastics, because those are considered nontoxic for kids. I would always give priority to items made of safe plastic; I usually prefer it when the manufacturer states this explicitly on their website. The part should also not be too small for kids, if the pieces are too small, there are tendencies of kids swallowing it accidentally, when they’re not being monitored.

Once an item ticks all those boxes, then the focus is on the price. I want the best, not the most expensive. Kids are known for breaking stuff. Usually, I have this in mind when selecting gift items for my kids. I don’t want to get angry or feel bad when they break it accidentally, so I’m always looking out for things that are cute, valuable and not super expensive.

Different Types of Gifts For 1 Year Old Girls

Girls have a thing for colors, no matter the age, the color of their gift is vital, it would go a long way in influencing whether they would like the toy or not. Beyond the technicalities of the toy and what it can do; the color is significant. You should opt for something very bright.

Toy presents for girls, help build social interaction skills or empathy. A girl would prefer a plush animal toy, over a construction truck. While this might seem obvious enough, often are times when these factors are not considered when deciding on the appropriate birthdays presents to get your girl for her first birthday or any other memorable event.

20 Best Gifts For One Year Old Girls

#1. BEST LEARNING Learning Cube

The good thing about the brand is that they’re always trying to live up to expectation thus out doing themselves all the time, to ensure customer’s satisfaction. Best learning toys is not an exemption of this. The learning cube is a stylish educational toy with the perfect features for baby girls.

It has three major learning features; number learning, alphabet learning as well as animal sound. Each side of the cube has a button with a dedicated function.

The button is illuminated, such that when the cube is on, light flashes through the button, thus getting kids attention, and prolonging play time. Additionally, it is a single item, with no small parts, and does not pose any hazard risk to children.

white learning cube with large colorful side buttons

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#2. LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Set

Pretense play is good for engaging kids imagination. This is the idea behind this gift item. It’s a set of tea serving utensils. The set comes in 10 Pieces; two cups, a kettle and six slices of cake.

Each of the item in the set is of beautiful bright color. The kettle lights up in different colors, matching the color of the cake. The benefit of this tea set cut across both educational development and social skills.

Educationally, kids can learn how to count, using the cake piece, they can also learn about colors since the item comes in different colors, and the color of the tea being served matches the cake.

Physically, the general and fine motor skill is developed, as they move the cup and kettle about engaging in imaginary activities.

It also helps build social interaction skills, because their pretend play is best enjoyed with friends, through play activities, children learn about interacting with people, as well as sharing with others.

colorful tea play set with plastic cake

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#3. Toddler Girl Baby Socks Gift

Socks are great for keeping kids feet warm and clean. Beyond that, it’s an excellent way to make your child look cute with accessories. This non-slip sock is designed in the form of a ballet show. It has an elastic band the strap it to the baby’s feet, to ensure it does not come off accidentally. The strap has a Velcro attached to it, making it easy for parents to pull it off quickly.

The fabrics from which the socks are made is entirely non-skid, although the socks are soft and comfortable. This is a perfect gift item for babies that are just starting to walk. It helps them gain a good grip on the floor, making it the perfect socks to wear on wood floors around the house.

6 pairs of colorful girls socks

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#4. Baby GUND Princess Castle Stuffed Plush Playset

Get your princess a little pink princess castle playset. The playset is made up of a castle styled carrier, magic mirror, wand, a plush unicorn, and a little princess doll. This is an ideal gift item for one year old girls, it’s perfect for engaging kids imagination, as they go about governing their little kingdom.

The carrying case is perfectly designed to make it easy for moving the toy from one place to another and also for storage when not in use. Aside from being one of the cutest items on this gift list, it is washable, making it easy to keep it clean after being used for a while. This is one of the best 1 yr old birthday gifts on the list.

The plush piece is made of quality soft materials, providing comfort when hugged by a toddler.

collection of plush pink toys; including unicorn, mirror and wand

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#5. VTech Rhyme and Discover Book

Electronic toys are good for one thing; they leave your child with so much to figure out. This is an excellent approach to build a kid’s curiosity. This nursery rhyme book toy is designed with this in mind, every touch usually results in a sound, thus teaching kids about cause and effect.

Teach your kid their first words, by letting this toy play classic rhymes to their ear repeatedly while they play with it. It has three cute characters that light up as the music play. This is a toy that grows with your child, and they would love to play with it as they grow older and master the rhymes.

Flipping through the pages of the book can also help develop kid’s motor skills.

colorful electronic rhyme and discover book

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#6. Dr. Seuss’s Happy Birthday, Baby!

The first birthday is a great developmental milestone. It marks the transition from being a baby to the toddler stage. You girl wants to get the big girl gift on their first birthday. What better way do you do that than by getting them an illustration book that is completely interactive.

This book is developed based on Dr. Seuss characters. It is filled with attractive colors and illustration that would get your child flipping from page to page. Most parents swear by the effectiveness of Dr. Seuss book in teaching their baby how to read, getting them something of this nature would make an adorable gift item for their first birthday.

The interactive part of the book completely brings life to it, making it a good educational toys for girls.

Back cover of dr seuss happy birthday baby book

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#7. VTech Baby Babble and Rattle Microphone

One of the right ways of knowing an excellent gift item for a toddler is by asking whether they can grow with your kid or not. The good ones do grow with them, and the Baby babble and rattle microphone fall into this category.

It’s most basic function is to amplify the voice when powered. But beyond voice amplification, it has a whole lot of other purposes.

It has twelve animal sound pre-installed on it when the ring is adjusted; it gives the sound of the animal on which the arrow points. This is perfect for teaching toddlers about cause and effects and also building motor skills as they turn from one animal to the other. Shaking the microphone as produces a sound that can further result in continuous shaking, which positively reinforces the child’s motor skills.


baby rattle microphone

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#8. Educational Wooden Bead Maze Shape Sorter Activity Cube.

You can’t go wrong with an activity center, because there would be something they would like about it if they don’t end up loving everything about it. An educational activity center gift gives your child a wide range of options to learn.

Start your child’s education with shape and color learning. The activity center has a perforated space, which correlates with the external block that comes with the set. One side is dedicated to teaching your child how to read the clock, as well as colorful numbering.

It also has a bead that can be moved around, which is good for developing fine motor skills.

This activity center is made of safe materials for children.


wooden box activity center with colorful basic shapes

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#9. BEST LEARNING Mushroom Garden Toy

When it comes to selecting the appropriate toy gift for babies, simplicity is of great importance. You don’t want to end up with a toy that is too complicated for your child.

The mushroom garden toy is simple, yet highly effective in entertaining kids and keeping them educated at the same time. There is a green plastic platform, designed to mimic a garden area, with eight small colorful mushrooms planted in the garden.

Each of the mushrooms has different colors, and a number spot is imprinted on them. Depending on the play mode, the toy can either play the color of the mushroom when pressed or read out loud the number of white spot on the mushroom.

This toy is excellent for developing hand-eye coordination as well as the teaching of colors and numbers.


Green plastic garden with colorful mushrooms

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#10. Amy & Benton Kids Birthday Cake Toy for Baby

Get your baby girl accustomed to the birthday cake tradition by getting them a birthday cake toy before their first birthday. This birthday cake features cool birthday song at the push of a button.

It has five plastic candles and a balloon on the top. The candle lights up when the music button is pushed, and it goes off automatically when the song ends, you can teach kids to pretend to blow out the candle themselves.

This cake toy can encourage pretense play amidst kids thereby improving their imagination, teach them counting about counting as well as help in building their social skills when they play with their friends.


pretend play plastic cake toy

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#11. MOKOQI Rotating Star Sky Projection Night Lights

Give your child a stargazing experience every night, right in their room. Most kids love the idea of having their space filled with beautiful warm light; it gives a calm ambiance for a world they imagine in their mind. This star skylight does precisely that. It turns the room space into kids imaginary world.

The good thing about the night light is that it is highly programmable, parents get to set when the light goes off, with the most extended duration being 95minutes. It has a different color mode, making it easy to switch from one type of view to another every night, giving it a more realistic presentation to kids.

sky night light with white base and four buttons

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#12. Crayola My First Palm-Grip Crayons

Developing kids creative effort requires deliberate effort; this explains why most prodigy starts early in life.

Get your kids started with the palm-grip crayons by Crayola. More often than not, their creation will be nothing but scribble at age one, but soon enough the process will build up into huge self-confidence and expanding their imagination.

The crayons are designed to fit perfectly into the kid’s palm, making it easy for them to hold and move around. It comes in six different colors, and the size is big enough to outlast their age one childhood.

Made of non-toxic materials that are washable, making the creativity and learning process less messy and more pleasurable.

six colorful crayon of different colors in standard packaging

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#13. TOP BRIGHT Wooden Shape Sorter Toys for Toddlers

This is a 2-in-1 toy for toddlers. It can be used as a pull along toy and also as a shape sorter, although the later is more pronounced. No matter the idea behind the development, the most important thing is that a toy contributes positively to the child’s development.

It has seven wooden shapes of different colors, designed to fit into a container that mimics a cement mixer, attached to the back of a truck. The shapes are good for teaching kids about colors as well as counting, all on their own. It can also be loaded into the container while kid pulls the toy truck around the house.

Children can enhance their motor skills by carefully fitting the shape in the appropriate column on the truck container. The edges of the shape are entirely smooth and do not pose an injury risk to children.


colorful shape sorter toy with a miniature

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#14. VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube

VTech has a way of incorporating a lot of features into a single toy, all without making it look excessively complex for kids. Aside from the base, each side of the cube is dedicated to a particular activity, making it a good games for 1 yr olds. The top side has four big buttons that light up and read out animal names, the sound they make, and also the basic shapes. Motor skills are also developed from pushing the buttons.

The toy has over a dozen interactive features to stimulate a child’s curiosity as well as their sense of reasoning. It is preloaded with over twenty songs to keep toddlers entertained.

A unique introduction to the design is the addition of motion sensors that automatically play a beautiful sound when the cube is moved. For parents, you don’t have to deal with excessive noise as the toy comes with a volume control option.


5 activities learning cube

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#15. Children’s six-sided Tent Princess Play Toys House

Children love their privacy, especially when they’re in their imaginative world. To some extent, it gives them a sense of control over their environment. Playhouses are designed for this purpose.

This particular tent is designed with girls in mind, the color is pink, making it feminine and super attractive to baby girls. It is transparent enough for you to watch through while they play inside the tent, and it is well ventilated, and the tent cover has a velcro attachment.

Whether you’re getting it as a first birthday gift for your granddaughter, or you’re the parent getting it as a gift, this tent would make a good choice for girls. It’s also straightforward to set up, clean and store when not in use.

pink play tent for girlsAmazon Link


#16. Baby Girls Floral Outfit

Aside from having for and getting educated, looking good is also part of the recipe of awesomeness. This sleek outfit is made specifically for baby girls.

It makes an adorable birthday gift for a one year old girl. The outfit comes in three pieces; the top, pant and the headband. You can make a slight variation depending on your preference; the pant can be short or long, the top also comes in a different cut. Both the headband and the pant have a cute floral design all over them. The top is black and has “wild one” imprinted in the front. It’s my top picks for birthdays presents for girls.

It cloth is super cute, and the material from which it is made is soft, making it very comfortable for kids.

wild one floral outfit for baby girls

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#17. Woby Musical Activity Cube Toy

This activity toy has more than ten activities to keep your child busy. Chances are; they would keep exploring the toy beyond the age of one. If you’re the type that prefers to have a less cluttered space, getting your child this activity cube is the best way to go. It’s like having a massive collection of toys in a single piece.

It sings it can help in developing a child’s language, eye-hand coordination, as well as the general motor skills.

Among the several features that come with the cube are; inbuilt microphone, steering wheel, moveable beads, hammer, magic mirror, etc. The color of the cube toy is also beautiful and would keep your child entertained for a long period.

Colorful woby cube activity centerAmazon Link


#18. Kids Play House Princess Tent

Create a princess world for your child by getting them this princess tent house. The Design is different from a typical playhouse, the entire tent is transparent, with a net covering the sides of the tent.

It comes with a rug for the floor of the tent, and the light fixtures make it very attractive in the night. Your child can sleep inside the tent and stare at the light all day long. It’s a good way to create a play section in your child’s room or any other part of the house.

Setting up a tent can also create a tremendous parent-daughter bonding moment. It is easy to set up and holds up very well against kids use.

kids play tent house

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#19. Baby Girl Knee High Long Socks No Slip

Get your baby girl ready for their first winter with these long socks. It’s a good way to keep their leg warm all day, Long enough to grow with your child.

Aside from being a good warmer, the material is also non-slip, perfect for an indoor walkabout for kids that are just getting started with walking. It gives them a firm grip on the floor thus preventing skidding.

This is a perfect low budget gift, as it comes in a custom gift box packaging.


knee length baby socksAmazon Link


#20. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn My Smart Purse

Fashion meets education. That’s the best way to describe this toy. It’s a very basic toy for one year old girls, sophisticated enough to teach them over 50 songs, and a wide range of other learning items that grow with the baby age, as you can adjust the settings of the toy based on the child’s age. It is also preloaded with Spanish phrases, to introduce kids to the Spanish language.

The color of the purse is baby pink, making it very attractive to kids. The purse comes with a dummy cell phone, keys, bracelet as well as a mirror. This smart purse is great for stimulating pretense play in kids. The zipper makes a fun sound when dragged; it can also help develop motor skills.

price pink baby smart purseAmazon Link

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