20 Best Gifts for 3 Year Old Boys

Buying toys for three yr old boys sounds very easy but can be very difficult when the time actually comes. Especially when they are being bought as gifts for 3 year old boys. Not to worry as we have taken the time to review the best toys and gifts for boys aged 3 and older so you don’t have to. From playful toys to educational toys, in this review, we have covered enough gifts to satisfy the interest of any three year old boy.

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What To Consider When Buying Gifts For 3 Year Old Boys

Before we dive straight into our list of three year old boy toys, we decided to begin with a list of what you should consider in order to make the perfect decision. Below, we have listed the 5 key aspects of a boy toy to make them straight forward for you to understand.

Durability – This simply means how strong a toy is which is important due to the number of times that a child will throw or hit it against the floor or other objects. Therefore it must be strong enough to withstand high levels of impact in order to be a good toy and gift for a boy.

Safety – The level of safety is important for a toy made for any child to be honest, as nothing is more worrying than giving something dangerous to play with to the most precious possession of someone. Therefore maximum safety precautions must be considered before buying a present for a little boy.

Lifespan – The Lifespan is how long the toy is capable of lasting when given to a little child to play with. By ensuring that it is durable, it would be fair to expect it to have a long lifespan.

Complexity – Although a three yr old boy would seem like they are growing up too fast, it is still important to make sure the toy they play with is adequate to their age group. The last situation you want to hope for is to have a child that has no idea what they’re doing with a piece of play equipment.

Features – By this, we mean what type of toy is it and whether or not it suits their interests or behavior. It wouldn’t be a wise decision to buy a toy car for a child who likes playing with superhero toys for example. However, at the age of three, usually, a boy isn’t developed enough to decide what they want to play with as they would play with whatever gets given to them. Although sometimes they can have favorites over other toys.

Different Types of Gifts to Give 3 Year Old Boys

At the age of 3, a toddler is seen to be at a point where they can understand slightly more complex activities. They should be at the age where they can stably walk by themselves and be able to maintain balance whilst doing some activities too. It would be in your best interest to first go for toys that allow them to move around whilst using them such as a toy lawn mower (number 1).

Other types of toys to give as presents for boys are educational ones. The best examples of these are reading books in order to practice their reading and talking ability or a cash register toy (number 5) to practice their maths and counting skills. There are many different types of toys designed for young boys so it is best to research the purpose or the benefit of a toy for a young boy before buying it.

20 Best Gifts for 3 Year Old Boys

Underneath we will begin to list our top gifts for a 3 year old boy to play with. We have organized them in a random order but have only included toys with really good ranking and feedback from parents who has previously bought them. Based on this, we can assure you that you will not be disappointed by whichever toy you choose to buy for your three yr old boy. We hope our list inspires you and you enjoy reading it.

1. Little Tikes Mower

This is an image of a boy playing with a toy lawn mowerAmazon Link


This Little Tykes lawnmower is a very fun toy for young kids to play with.

It works by simply pushing it along the grass and listening to it making fun sounds. It also has popping beads at the top the rattle along the way.

This toy lawn mowing machine for kids does not use any batteries as it is powered by being pushed along. But it has a code that makes real engine sounds when it is pulled to seem like it is being driven.

You will find that it has a removable gas can that your kids can pretend to refill. In addition to this, it has a clicking key and a movable throttle to play with.

It goes up as tall as 21 inches which means it would only suit children who are tall enough to grab on the handle at that height. However, the recommended age is between 18 months to 5 years old.


2. My First RC Car

This is an image of a toy remote control car

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A remote control car is an essential toy for little boys to have in their toy collection.

This mini RC car for boys is designed to be quite fast and appealing. He can travel forwards and backward and can be steered around to get to different areas.

This makes the perfect gift for 3 yr old boys as it is designed to be a boy’s first car. The steering pad only has two buttons to make it simple and easy for a child to understand.

It is made from safe ABS plastic and non-toxic material in a very smooth out sheep. This allows it to not be dangerous or cause any problems to your young child.

The buttons on the remote control do you not just control the acceleration and steering. However, they also control the honking sound, the lights and all the sound effects that keep kids entertained.


3. Sit and Stand Building Set

This is an image of a boy playing with a tall racing track toy

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This sit-and-stand building set is a very interesting and entertaining toy for young boys.

The reason as to why it is called to sit and stand building set is that it is able to convert into a place it that you can sit and play with and also a set that you stand up to play with.

When standing it can reach up to 3 feet tall which is an average size for a young boy. Of course, it only reaches about half this size when it is converted into a sit-and-play toy.

The complete set comes with two little Willy cars with passengers in them. Also, the huge ramp building playset.

This makes a great gift for any three yr old child that loves to play with cars and ramps.

Although it may look big, it is in fact very lightweight as it weighs just above six and a half pounds. This should reassure you that it will not be dangerous or too heavy for your child to play with.


4. Mega Bloks Scooping Truck

This is an image of a mega bloks scooping truck

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It is clear that all children at some point love to play with building blocks. These are toys which are similar to Lego but slightly bigger in size.

With this toy, it is not just a type of building blocks, but also a truck that scooped them up as your child plays with them.

The complete set includes 20 different colored building blocks and the pickup truck. Your child simply has to push along the truck over the building blocks to collect them and clean them off the floor.

The truck is in fact 18 inches tall 12 inches long and 12 inches wide. This should give you a rough idea of how big it is and how your child can play with it. The truck is in fact 18 inches tall 12 inches long and 12 inches wide. This should give you a rough idea of how big it is and how your child can play with it.

The recommended age range is between one years old to 5 years old children. As your child pushes this truck along, they can develop their walking ability by leaning on it.


5. Pretend Cash Register

This is an image of a boy holding a cash register toy

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This Pretend cash register toy is a really cool playset to have. It comes in handy when your kids use their imagination to play the shopkeeper game.

The most beneficial side to this toy is that it encourages your children to begin the maths and calculating skills as they play. The more they use this machine, the more their skills develop and learn the importance of keeping and saving money

Destroy is designed to imitate the look of a cash register but in fun colors that appeal to children. It has large buttons so your Childs little hands can easily press them as fast as possible without making mistakes.

It makes fun and similar sounds the cash register does. Also, it measures at a reasonable ten and a half inches long nine and a half inches wide and five and a half inches tall.

This too is recommended for children who are at least three years old and above.


6. T-Ball Set By TotSport

This is an image of a boy playing with a t-ball set

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This Little Tikes T-ball play toy for young boys is a really fun outdoor toy to play with.

It teaches your young child how to play baseball by learning to hit the ball how it is supposed to be hit. It can be played alone without the help of an adult which teaches independence.

As your child grows and develops his skills, this T-ball playset is able to adjust and adapt to the new height and preferences.
As he notices improvement, it will motivate him to continue to use the toy.

Once your child has finished playing with this toy it can easily be taken apart and hung up on the wall. This allows convenience when trying to find a storage place.

The complete set comes with two baseballs, a baseball bat and the T assist equipment. Although this is a one-player playset, it is still recommended that you keep an eye on your child whilst using it to avoid hurting themselves.


7. Paw Patrol Officer Costume

This is an image of a child dressed in a paw patrol outfit

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Here we have for you are paw patrol officer play costume for little boys.

It is designed in the cutest fashion As a jumpsuit type of costume. Although it is a jumpsuit, it still is a three-piece set. As well as the jumpsuit it also includes a hat and a backpack.

The jumpsuit is attached to a blue police uniform top and has a stitched on puppy tail at the back. The hat is a policeman hat with puppy ears standing up by its side.

This toddler play costume comes in specific sizes to fit a boy who is 36 months old. We recommend that you check the attached size chart in order to get the perfect fit for your child.


8. Tinker Toy Building Set

This is an image of a tinker toy building setAmazon Link


This Tinkertoy building playset is a very fun and challenging toy for your little boy. It makes the perfect Christmas gift to keep your child entertained throughout the whole day.

The complete set comes with up to 200 pieces to play with, they are all designed in different styles and different colors so that they can be differentiated.

As well as this it comes with an instructions guide to help your child build up to 30 different building ideas and a very durable storage box to help keep them all together once playtime is over.

The pieces that are found inside come in all sorts of shapes and styles in order to make the buildings bend in all directions. They are all very simple to put together and take apart without needing much strength or force

The fact that it comes with a lot of small pieces means that you should keep an eye on your child as they play with this. Also, do not let this set get in the hands of any child below three years old.


9. Airplane Construction Toy

This is an image of an airplane construction kit

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Here we have for you and airplane construction toy that is very cool and safe to be used by kids.

In order to play with his toy you simply have to take it apart and put it together using its tools.

It comes with up to 21 parts for the plane and a power drill with three different screw changing tips. The Drill will require two AA batteries for it to work which are not included in the set.

It may look small but it is in fact 15 inches long 6 inches wide and 8 inches tall. This size allows it to have thick pieces so that they are not too dangerous for little hands to play with.

We advise that you are sensible when giving this toy to a thirty-six-month-old boy to play with. It is best to always supervise them when they are playing with it.


10. LEGO Superman Rescue Set

This is an image of a lego superman playset

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Lego has always been one of the best types of children toy-making companies. This is why this Lego superman rescue set is one of the most popular toys for boys there is.

The set comes with a Lego superman figure, an office building of the daily planet, A car, and a water hydrant. All of these pieces work well together to make a very good Role-play scene.

Not only is this set design for role-play it also has the capability of enhancing your Childs building skills. This is because the office set requires to be built before being played with.

You can rest assured that this place is completely safe for your kids to play with as it is no longer or wider than 6 inches. This is the perfect size for the hands of a little 36 month old child.


11. PlaySmart Plasma Car

This is an image of a toy play Smart bike

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Display smart plasma car is one very weird shaped but fun kids outdoor play toy. It is a combination of a car and a bicycle that kids can ride on.

It comes in a variety of different colors including pink purple red green and blue. This means it can appeal to children who are older than 36 months.

This Advanced child vehicle is made from extremely durable ABS plastic that can support up to 100 KG weight on a good surface. This will allow even adults to try out this toy without it breaking.

The fun side of this kids toy is that it does not require batteries or have any pedals. It is simply driven by turning the steering wheel around.

It is not recommended to use this vehicle on wooden or other sensitive floors as its hard wheels can potentially damage them.


12. Spider-man Superhero Costume

This is an image of a child in a spiderman superhero costume

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Here we have for you and official licensed Marvel Spider-Man toddler costume.

Designed in the most unique way, this Spiderman costume is made to look like the original Spiderman superhero costume design. With padded muscles to show the enhanced strength that Spider-Man has on your little boy.

This set includes a one-piece Spider-Man costume without any feet or hands but with a fabric mask. Although Spider-Man usually covers all of his face with a mask, this one only covers from the top of the head to the top of the nose.

This costume only comes in at 3T to a 4T size which means it will run out quickly. However, this is also one of its negative aspects as not all three or children can fit into this size.


13. Robot Building Set for Kids

This is an image of a toy robot building kit

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This is a robot building playset for kids to play with. The robots are built according to the way they appear in the storybook that it comes with.

This is a very simple building kit and does not have any complex instructions. As well as its instructions manual it also comes with large and colorful plastic pieces that are easily fit together.

These robots are not just built to stand and be a collectible toy. They are in fact built with moving parts so that they can be moved around whilst being played with.

This kit helps to enhance the engineering skills of young children. And due to the little number of small pieces,  We wouldn’t recommend that you give this to her to any child below the age of three years old.


14. Lion King Figurine Set

This is an image of the lion king mini figures

Amazon Link


Lion king is one of the most popular Disney fictional stories there is. It is loved by not just children but also adults.

This lion king figurine place it will enable your child to re-enact the story whilst playing with it.

The set comes with ten very detailed Lion King character figures. They all turned at no bigger than 3 inches tall which can fit perfectly in the hands of a little child.

However, if these figurines are given to children who still love to chew on everything, it may be a problem. Especially if some people intend to buy this set as a collectible toy.

The only negative side about this toy is that it does not include all of the important characters. For instance, it does not come with Simba’s dad (Mufasa) or his brother (Scar)


15. VTech Kidi Drumset

This is an image of a toy drum set

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It is always a good idea to get your child into music or playing instruments as early as possible. This VTech kids drumset is a great way to do just that.

It helps to teach kids the sound of different tones using high-tech three teachers. This means that the drums Play their sounds through sensing the hit as it would not make the same sound if it was turned off.

This set has different modes to change into. It is able to let your child free play or sound out the letters and numbers. Also with unique LED lights that light up after each hit.

This is Toy is very educational and Career inspiring.

It requires 3AAA batteries to work and does not need any wires plugged into it. This adds to the level of convenience when transporting it to be played within different areas.


16. Carpet Play Track

This is an image of a boy beside a racing track mat

Amazon Link


Here we have for you a carpet playing track that brings a lot of joy to your kid’s imagination.

It inspires a lot of imaginative play as it has different houses and places to visit. It works perfectly well with all mini car toys that your child has in their toy collection.

This mat is made from 100% polypropylene material and with an anti-skid back. This prevents it from moving around once placed on the floor to reduce the risk of slipping whilst walking on it.

This is a Very good piece of play equipment to have in a classroom for young children or at nurseries. Also, it would be perfect to place in the middle of a playroom at home.

We know it may appear small in the image above. However, it’s full dimensions is 60 inches long 27 inches wide and 0.3 inches thick. It is best to consider whether you have enough space to place it where you intend to before buying this product.


17. Plastic Set of Food for Kids

This is an image of a boy playing with kitchen toys

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At number 17 we have given you a plastic set of food and ingredients for kids to play with.

This set includes 115 pieces of items that vary in sizes but are no bigger than about 10 inches tall. However, they are not small enough to completely fit into the mouth of a young boy.

Some of the food that you should expect to find in this place at our fruits, vegetables, is snacks and other ingredients to make a perfect play meal.

The story is made from BPA free plastic that is completely safe to be played with by your child all day long. Also, they work really well with other toys such as kitchen playsets.


18. Play Fishing Set For Boys

This is an image of a fishing set

Amazon Link

A lot of dads love to have children who like to go on a fishing trip with them. So why not Grow their interest in fishing early with this pretend fishing playset.

This toy is designed to encourage imaginative fishing play whilst developing a child’s motor skills. It can also be used by two players to promote social and interactive play too.

The game works by placing the fish on the floor into the imaginary river. Then use the rod to pull out the fish by its mouth. The fish attaches to the tip of the rod through the magnet and not by piercing through the fish.

The full set includes 11 pieces that have every equipment needed for the game plus an activity guide to help your child understand how the game works. Also in order to neatly put everything away, it comes with a convenient storage box that measures 13 inches long, 7 inches wide and 6 inches tall.


19. Red Balance Bike

This is an image of a kids bike

Amazon Link


Here we have for you a unique red balance bike for children.

It is designed in a unique fashion without pedals. This may seem like a dangerous toy to give to your three yr old boy, but it is in fact very helpful.

It actually helps to improve your Childs balance and give them an interesting new experience. With the maximum weight capacity of 25 KG, it is able to take on every average child between the age of 2 to 5 years old.

This pedal-less bicycle is Designed to be very efficient and comfortable to use. From its good gripped handles to its smooth-riding feature. Also, it is made with a very lightweight frame which means transporting it around is very easy.

The seat can be adjusted to suit the size preference of your child. Also, the tires are made from a very soft rubber which is difficult to puncture.


20. Ride On Car For Kids

This is an image of a ride on toy car

Amazon Link


Last but not least we have for you is a very prestige BMW ride on car for kids.

This toy for kids is built with a 15W motor which is powerful enough to last over 30 minutes. Along with 2 12V batteries, it can surely provide enough power to give your child a thrill.

This ride on car for kids weighs just under 29 pounds. And it’s all dimensions are 41.3 inches long 18.5 inches wide and 24.4 inches tall.

Unlike most power wheels for kids, this one has doors which open to allow your child to get into it. Also, it is equipped with music and memory card imports in order to play songs for nursery rhymes for your child.

This toy ride-on vehicle for boys is recommended to carry the weight of an average child between 3 to 6 years old. Any child above this age attempting to use this toy Will prevent it from driving as fast and smooth as possible or even risk it breaking.



Gifts to Buy a 3 Year Old Boy Who Has Everything

The best gift to buy for a three yr old child who has everything is the Spiderman Superhero Costume (number 12). The reason behind this is because it is an item that will always have demand as there are so many different superheroes to choose from. Therefore a child may have everything, but not in different types such as different superhero characters. For instance, you can buy them the same type of costume but as a Batman instead of Spiderman and they would have a whole different type of imaginative play with it.

This is an image of a child in a spiderman superhero costume

Amazon Link


Best Choice of Christmas Gifts for 3 Year Old Boys

Tinker Toys arent exactly Christmas types of toys but in this case, this would be the best gift to buy for a 3 yr old child on our list. The reason for this is because there are a lot of pieces to work with that would be much easier when done by multiple people. This way it would give an adult or siblings a way to bond with the boy on Christmas. At the same time, this playset will improve a child’s focus and coordination skills which will likely be very useful to them once they begin attending nursery or school.

This is an image of a tinker toy building setAmazon Link

Best Gift for 3 Yr Old Boys Birthdays

The best gift for any 36 month old boy on their birthdays is the red Ride on Car (number 20) on the list due to how much fun it brings. As you may have noticed, all children love being in a car and going for a drive by the way they stare out the window in fascination. The age of three is the minimum required age of a child that can use this toy car which will meet the safety precautions. so why not give them their own car to be fascinated about as you can never be too young to enjoy the thrill of driving.

This is an image of a ride on toy car

This is an image of a ride on toy car