Best Personlised Christmas Gifts in 2019

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What is the best part of giving someone a Christmas? For many, it’s the sight of their faces beaming with joy. You can take this a step further by personalising the gift. The beaming face this time around would be indescribable.

Personalising gifts immediately increases the value of even the most basic of gifts. It shows, in a simple way, that you care so much going to great lengths to make the gift unique.

If you are out of special gift ideas for Christmas, that is understandable. Even after planning and getting the budget just right, people still get stumped on what to buy when they finally make it to the stores.

Seriously, making choice while at the shops is a nightmare when faced with so many competing options.

But you can make that nightmare disappear instantly by going down the gift-personalization route. It is a well-traveled path with very many satisfied folks ending up on the other side.

In this guide, we have rounded up some thoughtful personalized gifts for you to make that gift-hunting Christmas shopping trip enjoyable and fun.

5 Best Personlised Christmas Gifts

Below, you’ll find 5 awesome gifts with a huge dose of the ‘personal’ about them. The gifts can all be engraved with texts and images of your choice so the recipients understand the important place they occupy in your life.

1. Personalised Cheese Boards

Imagine Christmas without cheese or board to cut it. Better yet, don’t imagine such dreadful things and simply get a cheese board with a special message engraved on it for that special someone. That would surely remind them to get the cheese out and share the love at Christmas.

This chessboard is the ideal personalised gift item for a couple, partner, special friend, or whoever you feel like letting know how much they mean to you. It is perfect for anybody that takes great pleasure in regularly hosting cozy parties for their inner circle to bask in the pleasure of wine and cheese.

Made of high-quality wood, the board the board can be engraved with whatever you want to create an adorable personalised gift. The design also features a sliding tray with 4 super cool cheese knives that will surely delight anybody with an eye for quality.

The board would make a great addition to any kitchen as a decorative piece as well as a small serving and all-purpose cutting board. It is an amazing gift that keeps on giving.


2. Personlised Baking Set Gift idea that Kids will also Enjoy!

A baking set gift idea is a super cool gift to surprise a kid that loves helping out in the kitchen this Christmas. Now, the little chef would have their own kit to help out as much as they want to without getting in the way of the adults. Santa couldn’t have thought of a better gift!

And what’s more? You could personalise it with beautifully engraved words to leave the kid and the world in no doubt about how proud of them you are. Maybe, this is the gift that sets them on the path of becoming a world-famous chef. Great things start from small beginnings and love after all.

Made from high-quality beech wood, the baking set includes a spatula, pastry brush, wooden spoon, chopping board, and a rolling pin.


3. Mens Personlised Bottle opener Gift Idea

‘The mouth of a perfectly happy man is filled with beer’ is an ancient Egyptian saying many modern men would subscribe to. In the realm of mens personalised gifts, a beer bottle opener customized with an equally profound beer quote is simply the perfect gift to complement that happiness.

Made from sturdy maple wood with a metal opener, it features a magnet that allows you to attach it to the fridge ensuring you know exactly where it is all the time. The days of looking all over the house for an opener while friends are waiting and looking thirstily at the unopened beer bottles are over!

And by the way, this extremely useful personalised gifts for him could be customized with a clever beer quote. Something like, ‘A meal of bread, cheese, and beer constitutes the perfect food’ and ascribe the quote to him. Queen Elizabeth 1 is thought to have said that, but a naughty bit plagiarism is allowed at Christmas; besides, we are sure she won’t mind.


4. Childrens Money Boxes

A money box is a great Christmas gift idea to encourage kids to learn the difficult art of saving money for an important future project. This is the season they’d get lots of gifts, including cash gifts, and the temptation to spend would be high. So a money box comes with high expectations of responsible behavior. The lucky kid will happily welcome the challenge.

The white money box features a rubber seal designed to make it easy for kids to have access to their stash. And to make it really special, the box can be customised with texts or pictures or a combination of both. Your kid’s name, a lovely message of love, and the title of the project they are saving up for would be awesome.

Of course, how you want it personalized depends entirely on you.


5. Personlised Photo Gifts

A personalised photo frame is an all-time favorite when it comes to personalized photo gifts. The pictures can always be changed to refresh the frame while retaining the basic beauty of the frame itself. And if the frame is carefully crafted from fine wood material like this one, that frame would surely command pride of place in the living room.

The gift would be amazing for a special couple or someone with tons of pictures of them in various parts of London. And you could choose from a selection of frame sizes and change the texts, including names, with your own heartwarming message to have engraved on it.

Buying Considerations

The awesome thing about personalizing gifts is that just about anything, no matter how common, can be made to look exceptional. You could simply pick any gift, as long as it is customizable, easily convert it to a winning gift to delight anybody.

That said, there are certain subtle and not so subtle rules to the whole business. Individually, they won’t alter the great impact the gift would have, but together, it could mean the difference between amazing and a huge waste of time.

Here are some of the things to consider for the whole adventure to be worthwhile for you and the recipient:

Avoid stereotypical gifts – To put it simply, forget about the usual gifts based on a person’s gender. For instance, getting a tie for a man is great but not awesome for customization. Think about it, where’d you engrave the texts for the world to see and admire?

Before making a choice, think about the recipient’s personality. Since it is a personalised gift, chances are you know a thing or two about them. Essentially, some of their personal preferences wouldn’t be strange to you. We are talking favorite colors, sense of humor, delightfully weird habits, etc.

So try to make the gift and subsequent personalization completely about them as individuals.

Photographs are great – Using a photograph to personalize a gift works wonders always. Imagine going to the attic or basement to dig up an old photograph that stirs up many fond memories and emblazoning it across the gift? The heart will definitely melt on seeing it.

You could also use current photos of the family all together, favorite pets, or shots from a trip.

That is why photo frames are such wonderful gift ideas for personalization. To get the best from using photos, make sure the gift is something they use regularly like a wallet, a coffee mug if they love drinking coffee, doormat, etc.

And to make the prints come out crystal clear, use a high-resolution photo if one is available.

Check spellings carefully – The best vendors will print the gift exactly the way you wrote it when you ordered for it. So it is very important to check your spellings very well.

A missing letter in a person’s name is enough to spoil the impact of you wanted. There is no getting round the idea that you didn’t care enough to get the spelling of the name correctly.

So you might also might to check the return policy of the vendor. With some, you could easily return it to have the corrections effected at no extra cost to you while keeping your fingers crossed it gets back just in time for Christmas.

4 Reasons to Get a Personalised Gift this Christmas

Everybody loves them – It is obvious we want the best for the people that are close to us. We want them to smile genuinely with appreciation when we’ve given them something; it makes us happy too.

But, truth is, getting the right gift can sometimes be harder than solving a complex equation for some of us. We consistently flunk gift-giving.

This is where gifts like these come to the rescue. All that is needed is a little thought plush a dash of creativity to come up with something that will make anyone absolutely delirious with joy.

Brings people closer – A gift that speaks to the recipient in a personal way is more than a physical gift. It is an open declaration to the person and a watching world that a special bond exists between both parties.

Great for any occasion – You don’t have to restrict or limit yourself to Christmas with these gifts. With a few tweaks here and there, the gifts could be made perfect for any occasion under the sun.

It is so very convenient – Personalized and customized gifts are some of the easiest ways to get unique gift items. The frustration of trying to pick one gift from so many on a shop or mall is practically non-existent. Even with a very small budget, it is easy to make a gift look priceless.