Best Gifts for 6 Year Old Boys

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Are you having trouble finding the perfect gift for a six year old boy? Well, here on Mini and Maximus we have done all the research on gifts to suit a six yr old and their needs so you don’t have to. By the end of this review, you will have a wide range of the best gift ideas for 6 year old boys to choose from.

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A boy at the age of 6 can sometimes be very difficult to understand as they progress in school. From being more active to having a lot of questions about new experiences they have, there’s no telling which gift they can end up liking and not liking. Therefore we have kindly taken the time to organise some tips to help you understand your 6 yr old boy before you purchase a gift for them.

Tips To Help Buying a Gift for 6 Year Old Boy


20 Best Gifts for 6 Year Old Boys

We will start the list of all the gifts that are trending to buy for a young boy that and can be very useful to them. We hope you find the perfect gift to buy or at least be made aware of other gifts that you can buy as an alternative to the ones we have. Enjoy!

Portable Basketball Hoop


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A basketball hoop will make a great gift because it will last a lifetime as it is very sturdy and shatterproof so your son will be able to use this for many years. He will have so much fun running around with his friends and jumping high to catch a rebound.

This basketball hoop system is adjustable in height from 8 to 10 feet high. There is a nylon net and a portable base.

Your son will love this because he will be able to play with his friends and improve his basketball skills and enjoy the sport more. This is also great because it will keep your son active and healthy which are benefits for the future.


LEGO Batman Mr Freeze Attack


This is an image of a LEGO Batman play set


Your son will be able to protect Gotham City from Mr Freeze’s exosuit and save the security guard from the ice prison as his favorite superhero Batman!

This set comes with three mini-figures, a stud-shooting freeze gun, an exosuit with room for a mini-figure, detailed power plant build and an opening ice prison. There are also play-inspiring accessories and weapon elements including batman’s flamethrower.

Your son will love this as a gift because he can role play with his friends or even on his own and this will improve his creativity and his theatre skills.


Remote Control Speed Beast


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With this great gift, you can gradually increase and decrease the speed and can control it from 70 meters away. This means that your car can will win every race!

This comes with tyres that provide extra grip and enhanced off-road performance and a hard-wearing remote control car with spring suspension. The car has a quick charge time of only one hour and reduced signal interference.

Your son will love this gift because he will be able to control his toy car and drive it around on any surface for a really long time and he can drive it really far away and back with no interference problems.


LEGO Mighty Dinosaur


This is an image of a LEGO dinosaur kit


This will make a great present because your son can make more than just one dinosaur and he can create stories and scenarios with them.

This includes all the parts needed to make all three dinosaurs, the T. Rex, Triceratops, Pterodactyl and also have dinosaur prey in the form of a buildable rib cage.

Your son will love this gift because he will be able to build and destroy three different types of dinosaurs and role play with them, this will improve his creative writing skills, widen his imagination and improve fine motor skills.


 Dino Fossil Dig Kit


This is an image of a dinosaur digging kit


The Dino Fossil Dig Kit is an amazing and exciting adventure for young children! Your child will learn about the work of a paleontologist and look for fossils that are millions of years old.

This set includes archaeological digging tools, a digging brick that has 3 ancient fossils (dinosaur poop, a mosasaur tooth and dinosaur bone), a magnifying glass and a learning guide.

Your child can learn more about dinosaurs, a specimen that they uncover, history and science all at the same time increasing his knowledge of many things that he will learn about in school.


Pie Face Showdown


This is an image of a pie game set


This will be a great gift because your child will be able to have hilarious fun with friends and family as they play together.

This gift includes a pie thrower, a throwing arm, 2 splash card masks, a sponge, 2 chin rests and instructions.

Your child will like this gift because they would be trying to get someone else creamed in the face with pie whilst trying not to get creamed themselves. This will be a great chance for lots of laughter and will bring out the competitiveness in them.

 Nerf N-Strike Elite Gun


This is an image of a nerf gun


This gift will let your son have fun playing make belief as a secret agent or an army soldier, and this will benefit his imagination and it will let his creative side roam free.

This includes a Nerf pistol and 8 darts. Buy two and have fun 1 on 1 battle.

With this you can aim and shoot around at different targets, play against friends in a free-for-all game or even join them and play in teams.


 Star Wars Advent Calendar


This is an image of a Christmas LEGO Star Wars set


This advent calendar is a great way to build up to Christmas. Everybody’s favorite holiday, spreading love, cheer, and presents! This gift will be hard to keep your child away from.

This advent calendar includes 24 festive LEGO Star Wars characters and mini models to play with, a fold out mat to play on, 5 mini-figures, 3 figures and buildable models, a total of 307 pieces.

Your child will be eager to open all the doors and find out what star wars figure they will get next, but they will have to wait until the next day to unleash the great surprise waiting for them.


 Laser Pegs Monster Truck Set


This is an image of a set of laser pegs


This will make a great gift because your child will be able to build 6 different types of trucks with different colored blocks, and also light them up which looks absolutely awesome in the dark!

This set comes with 66 tinted construction bricks, zippy do power base and a laser peg.

Your child will enjoy this gift because they will be able to light up their trucks and let their competition know they are coming from miles away, plus they will be able to change their type of truck in 6 different ways.


 LED Gloves


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This will make a great gift for your son because he will be able to stay entertained by them and try making the other trucks whenever he feels like swapping and trying the challenge of changing the trucks. He will 10% love dismantling his current truck to make a new one.

This gift comes with a pair of flashing gloves and 4 batteries that are replaceable and rechargeable.

Your son will find this gift very useful because he can use them for many things like stage performances, or playing the piano at night. These gloves will keep your son, as well as his friends, distracted for a really long time.


Hot Wheels Track Set


This is an image of a hot wheels race track set


This is a great gift because it will introduce your son to the world of race cars, also he can play and race with his friends as all hot wheels cars are universal and can be used on this set.

This set has 4 intersecting crisscross crash zones and loops on the track. Also, the set is easy to put together!

With this gift, he will be able to line up his hot wheels cars on the track and watch the near misses and total wipeouts! There will be so many crashes and collisions that he will never get bored!


LED Flying Ball


This is an image of a helicopter disco light


This gift is awesome because your child can make the ball fly up into the air by just having their hand underneath it as the sensors make the propellers go up.

This gif includes LED lights inside the ball which will light up whilst the ball is flying and looks more beautiful in the dark. It also has beams that are made to be flexible and strong so it won’t break easily.

Your child will like this gift because they will be able to control how high the ball flies and the lights will attract their attention. This toy can keep them busy for hours!


Marble Run Super Set


this is an image of a marble run set for kids


This will make a great gift because your child will have a blast making and rearranging their marble run set and racing the marbles from top to bottom, watching them go through different routes and seeing which one will make it to the bottom first.

This set includes 85 see-through marble run pieces, 8 solid bases including 3 large to have maximum stability and 15 marbles (5-8 inches).

They will have a lot of fun with this gift making their set however they desire and they can race their friend’s marbles or even join their set with a friend set to create a giant set because marble run sets are compatible.


Vtech Drum Set


This is an image of a child playing a set of drums


This drum set as a gift will let your child indulge in their musical side and learn how to drum like a pro. It will be an introduction to music and new talents.

This set includes 5 different sized drums, a cymbal, a bass drum, a pedal, a comfortable stool and 2 drum sticks.

Your drum loving son will fall in love with this gift immediately as it will help to improve their drumming skills. This will eventually help them to pursue their dream of bcoming a great musician as they become more advanced in playing the instrument. It would also be useful to have something unique that they can show off to their friends.


Toy Charades for Kids


This is an image of a set of charades cards


This gift is a great idea for your child because he will be able to get used to recognising actions and toys. This will help him improve his visual learning and understandings.

This set includes 150 picture and word cards, totally 450 charades for 3 or more players.

Your child will enjoy playing with this gift because they will be able to have great family fun and bonding time, but they can also play with friends at school.

Stomp Rocket


This is an image of a stomp rocket kit


Who can launch their rocket the furthest? Now two kids can launch their rockets at the same time and see which one goes higher!

The kit comes with 2 launch bases and 4 rockets that can go up to 200 feet (20 floors high) in the air. It is also super easy and fast to put together.

Your son will love this gift because it will be great fun for when he’s playing in the garden or at the park and it will trigger his competitive side, plus it will increase his levels of concentration which could help him focus more in future.


K’NEX Building Set


This is an image of a k'nex game set

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This gift will be fun for your child because he will be able to build up to 60 different types of Oodles of pal’s toys.

This set includes 116 large parts and pieces that have bright colours and a step by step instruction sheet that teaches you to make all 60 suggested building ideas.

Your child will love this because he will be able to make lots of different toys to play with. He will also be benefitting from this set because it will improve his hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills, fine motor skills, cognitive functions and special intelligence.


 Wet Head Challenge


This is an image of a hard hat game for kids

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This water roulette game is awesome! It’s a way your kids can have fun, especially in the summer under all of that hot sun. This will keep them cool but also make them laugh and full of anticipation.

This gift comes with a spinner, a wet head helmet with a strap to keep it on and rods that you take out trying not to get wet.

Your child will love this gift because they will be able to play with their friends and try getting one of them soaking wet, and the water is very refreshing.


Foam Bowling Set


This is an image of a set of bowling pins and bowling balls


This will be a great gift because your child will be able to have fun trying to knock over all the bowling pins and getting as many points as he can.

This set includes 10 bowling pins and 2 bowling balls, all very colorful as well!

Your son will like this gift because he will be able to get better at bowling and improve his hand-eye coordination as well as his motor skills.


Pedal Go-Kart


This is an image of a child driving a go cart


This gift is amazing because your child can have the fun of relaxing back and riding a bike at the same time! They can ride around with their friends in their go-kart and explore.

This kart had 3 point steering which means that there is quick responsive steering and the seat is adjustable.

Your child will have fun riding around and looking cool altogether, plus it is really safe and will improve their balance.



Best Christmas Gift for 6 Year Old Boys

The best gift to give to your 6 year old child at Christmas time is the Charades playset because it would make a great activity for your kids to bond on Christmas day. Instead of having your kids scatter around the house playing with new gadgets for Christmas, why not bring them together with this card playset and make them feel what Christmas is really about. It will eventually make them become more social with one another and hopefully increase their confidence when taking part in group activities. This will make them be prepared to do group work at school too once they go back in January.


This is an image of a set of charades cards


Best Birthday Gift for 6 Year Old Boys

We have chosen the basketball hoop game for kids to be the best choice to buy for a 6 year old boy. This is due to the fact that they would be able to measure their size with it as they grow up even more. The more they grow, the closer they get to being able to dunk the hoop. This would make them feel like they are getting older and gradually build their confidence as they slowly begin to reach the hoop.


This is an image of a basketball hoop and stand