Best Newborn Baby Girl Clothes 2019

Are you looking to buy baby clothes for your newborn baby girl? Or perhaps you’re looking to buy clothes for girl baby as gifts to give to new parents. Whatever the situation may be, we have the answer you’re looking for. On this page, we have reviewed a wide range of different baby girl clothes in 2019 to give you an idea of which clothes for young girls are currently in fashion.

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Best Newborn Baby Girl Clothes

Underneath, we have provided you with the best baby girl clothes for newborn babies. They are a mixture of full outfits and simple single clothes to dress up girl babies for any occasion. We have not put them in any particular order but just tried to include the cutest and most stylish ones available for an infant girl.

I’m My Daddy’s Girl and Mommy’s World Outfit


This is an image of a bodysuit and a trousers for baby girls

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Dress your cute little girl in this adorable four-piece outfit that is perfect to show their love for their mother and father. It has the writing ‘I’m Daddy’s Girl And MyMummy’s World’ in big and bold writing on the front so that anyone who looks at them can immediately read what it says.

This outfit is really unique in the way it has been put together as it has a pink and grey hat with a floral pattern on it which matches the long legged trousers. The waistband and the ankle cuffs on the trousers are made to fit tight enough o not fall off or be too long for them.

It also comes with a tight-fitting grey headband just in case you want to give their hair some fresh air instead of making them wear the hat. On this headband you have a 3D flower stitched onto it to give your child a really unique look and also be able to withstand the pressure from the washing machine.

Finally, the bodysuit comes in all white with long arms too. This means it would be perfect to keep your new girl warm as it covers all of their limbs. With easy access clip on buttons at the bottom, it allows you to change their diapers without a struggle.


Catpapa Jumpsuit and Pants for Girls


this is an image of a daddys princess two piece outfit

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Here we have for you another three-piece clothing for a new baby girl gift. This one has a romper for girls, short pants and also a headband. This time the headband matches to the shorts instead of the top and has a beautiful floral pattern to it.

Although the design of the shorts may look rough in a repeating folded pattern, it is in fact very soft and comfortable. The background color to the floral pattern is pink with the same effect on the headband. They have both been equipped with a lovely stitched-on bow to add to the design, however, the one on the headband follows the design whereas the one on the skirt is just a simple pink color.

As for the romper, it is completely black with buttons under it for more convenience when changing the baby. Also, it has ‘Daddy’s Princess’ writing on it in big, pink bold writing on the front. Beside it, on the left, there is a golden crown to add to the look of it.

Finally, they are made from cotton material which is made to look tight but is in fact really soft and breathable. This would be perfect to take pictures of the new baby in.


Short Sleeve Patterned Skirt Dresses


This is an image of 2 pink patterned dresses


This is a set of long and light dresses to dress up your beautiful newborn girl as nothing shows people instantly the gender of a baby than one that is dressed in a skirt.

They are made from really soft and organic cotton material which is the ideal clothing material for sensitive baby skin. Also, with a very lightweight material, it will make a very good dress to wear for summer time.

The ones you see on here are chosen because of how well they would make your young girl stand out. Although you can get many other styles in different patterns and designs. The one at the front has a lovely flowery print design whereas the one in the back has pink and white lines going all the way across with a cute pink bow in the middle.


Two Piece Princess Mesh Flower Dress


This is an image of a mesh flower dress

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Here we have for you a wonderfully styles one-piece dress with long arms for your newly born baby girl. It is unique in the way that not many baby clothes are made from the same material that this one is made from.

The material is a very soft and smooth mesh which is designed to make your child look cute and elegant at the same time. Although it looks rough on the outside, it actually doesn’t even touch the skin of your baby as the inside is equipped with a different layer of a soft and comfortable cotton material piece of clothing.

One of the most attractive features about this dress is its design as the dark red and white go together very well to make your baby stand out from the rest. It may not be too visible to see but on the white top, there is a flowery pattern that gives it more of a stylish look. Also, on the back, there are red bows going down the arms which match the color of the skirt.

This would make a perfect baby gift for weddings as well as a cute party dress for new baby girls.


Pink and White Long Armed Patterned Bodysuits


This is an image of four pink and white baby bodysuits

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Here you have a set of pink long arm bodysuits for baby girls that all parents love to have a pair of. They are made to be very convenient for mothers to dress up their little baby girls in.

They are made of all cotton material which is soft and delicate for a babies body throughout the whole day. Each one is made with a different pattern and color style added onto it. From having simple ones with a pink rose, or beautiful butterflies on the chest, to have the whole outfit covered in flowers, butterflies and leaves. There is also the choice of having a plain one just to have more options and to make your little girl look different.

The thing that makes these bodysuits for new baby girls unique is the fact that they have long arms as they are usually short sleeved or sleeveless. This allows the baby to be covered up more and still look pretty at the same time.

They come in a range of sizes but only to fit a baby for their first year. Although they can sometimes still fit perfectly well for a while longer. Also, the color on them is a solid and high quality type which means they do not fade after being out in the wash.

Click over on Amazon to see a different range of colors and patterns available.


IWOKA Girls Two-Piece Outfit With Headband


This is an image of a two piece outfit for baby girls

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This is a beautiful three-piece outfit for newborn baby girls which includes a  top with a matching headband and shorts with a tight fitted waist and leg openings.

The design of the top and headband is a red and white striped pattern, With the top having a ruffled wide bottom and collar. They used a denim jeans design on the shorts although the materials they are all made from is the same.

They are both made from soft cotton material to be delicate for the sensitive skin of a newly born girl baby. It would make the perfect gift for baby shower parties.


Long Sleeve One Piece Dress


This is an image of 2 different patterned dresses

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Make your baby feel like a real girl with this one piece of lightweight dress for newborn baby girls. This is perfect for the summertime sun for when you take your baby to the park or even to casually wear indoors.

It is made from soft and comfortable cotton fabric that can stretch to fit any new baby size. In order to make it look prettier, it is made with vertical stitching across the belly to separate the body and the skirt part of the dress.

This type, in particular, has long arms but you can also find the same design made with short arms over on Amazon to give you more options on your preferences.

They come in a pack of two at a fairly cheap price depending on the colors and patterns. Some of the more popular designs sell out fast, therefore head over on Amazon to check out best selling designs before they’re all gone.


Little Me Leopard Onesie


This is an image of a girls dalmation dotted onesie

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Here we give you the leopard print onesie for baby girls that instantly catches the attention of everyone who sets their eyes on your baby. It is designed in a way to cover your baby’s whole body except the hands and head.

It has long arms with small pink cuffs on the hands and neck to give it a more comfortable feel at the openings. Although it is made from complete cotton material which means it will be soft and warm for your baby anyway.

This onesie has cute little pink socks attached to it which look like little cat faces and sticking out ears. This is designed to protect your child’s feet from being cold or getting dirty.

in order to get your baby in and out of this onesie, it is equipped with snaps that go throughout the whole body, from the center to the legs. This means it would be really convenient to get any part of your baby’s body in and out of without the risk of hurting her.


Hoody With Floral Pants and Matching Headband


This is an image of a hoody, pants and headband

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Here we have a completely different style outfit for your baby girl. A hoodie and a tracksuit bottoms made from really high-quality cotton material. It comes in various sizes to fit your little girl but it is also really stretchy with one size that can comfortably fit many different baby bodies.

The design of the hoodie is a nice and simple light yellow color with which has a big pouch pocket at the front like a regular hoodie. As for the trousers, it comes in black with a flower print pattern on it which include pink roses as well as yellow flowers to match with the hoodie. Also to match with this, it comes with a headband in the same colors and pattern as the trousers for a more stylish look.

This outfit will definitely attract the attention of many people as there aren’t many designed in the same way. It is perfect for taking photographs in or even to be a casual everyday outfit for girls. Make sure to click on and find out more colors and styles of this same outfit.


Pink One-Piece Romper 


This is an image of a pink romper for babies

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All girls love rompers right? As a mother, you probably would have had a romper in your closet at one point in your life. This is mainly due to how cute they look on you, especially during the summer. Imagine how cute one would look on the body of your beautiful newborn baby girl.

This one piece outfit is designed to look like two pieces put together with the bottom looking as if some pants are worn over a dress. It is made from very soft and delicate cotton fabric although it is designed with a rough and unironed look on the outside.

In the middle, it is made to fit tight but very comfortable on your baby’s body with a stuck on lace feature at the front. On the back, there is another adjustable bow feature to give your baby a cute look from behind. This is mainly designed to be a summertime dress as it has a flutter sleeveless look on the side where the arm openings are.

As usual, they have incorporated the three clip-on buttons at the bottom of the outfit for a convenient diaper change mechanism. If the color of this one, in particular, does not suit your fancy, there are plenty of other colors available over on Amazon.


Full Floral Bodysuit


This is an image of a baby full body suit with a floral pattern

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This outfit brings a different look to your new little girl completely with the two colorway feature. It is a two piece outfit which includes a full bodysuit and a matching headband. The bodysuit has long arms and covers all of your baby’s legs and the headband is a simple band with a bow knot tie on it.

As for the design, the outfit has a pink and green floral pattern on it which covers most of the body except the sleeves and the cuffs at the bottom of the feet. These are both designed in a simple cute and pink color, whereas the headband follows the same pattern on the body.

On the inner part of the legs, there are clips that allow the legs to open for easy access to for the baby to go into it as well as to diaper change. These clips are made to be camouflaged so it doesn’t look obvious and ruin the design.

It comes in sizes that can fit a baby up to the age of two years old but the material is really stretchy which means it is possible to fit them for slightly longer than this period. The cotton fabric is made so that it is very warm and comfortable and does not shrink when put to wash in the machine.


Floral Top and Pink Dungarees


This is an image of a white top and pink dungarees for babies

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Some of you may be thinking that dungarees are old fashioned, well this cute outfit for babies is trending so much that makes this not fact irrelevant. This three set outfit for baby girls is a very unique one to have in their collection as not many parents think about it.

Although this outfit can have some moments where it doesn’t look too appealing for some, it is in fact, one of the outfits that look much better when tried on rather than just looking at it alone. It comes with a one-piece bodysuit with cute short flutter arm openings that give your baby plenty of fresh air.

This bodysuit is white with a floral pattern all the way around that is made to match with the bow on the headband. As for the dungarees, it is a designed to with really wide side opening and stuck on buttons at the front which has no use but adds to the design. The legs have a rigged ripple effect look at the openings to give it a more secure fit at the ankles as well as add to its design.


Ripped Denim Jeans and Floral Dress Top


This is an image of a Ripped Jeans and Floral dress top

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Everybody has a pair of jeans in their outfit collection so why not give your new girl the same type to add to theirs too. This set of two piece of clothing is designed to make your girl look as cute as possible as they grow up due to it being able to fit a baby up till the age of three years old.

We know you must be thinking that jeans can get really rough and be bad to your baby’s skin, however, these jeans are merely just designed to look like jeans. In fact, they are made from stretchy and comfortable cotton material which have been proved to be very delicate to a baby’s skin.

Also, the ripped design on the jeans does not mean your baby’s body parts will be showing as it is there just for effect and has a layer underneath it to cover them up.

As for the dress, it is designed with a lovely different colored flower pattern that is put over a solid dark purple background. It has short sleeves and a rigid style on the skirt to make it look more like a dress and not a top, although it can come in different patterns too.


Flare Sleeved Body Suit With Headband


This is an image of a floral baby body suit with wide sleeves

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This is a very nice and simple option for you to dress your newly born baby girl in. It is a two piece outfit which only includes one long-armed bodysuit for girls and a headband that matches the color and pattern of it.

It is made from really light cotton and lace material which everyone knows is very delicate and smooth on a baby’s skin. As well as this, it doesn’t take a lot of pressure to wash in the machine and can quickly dry afterward which is very convenient for a mother wanting to dress their baby up quickly.

The design on it is a dark background with painted looking flowers around the whole outfit. It has long arms with a flare sleeve design on them so your baby can have enough room to move their arms around freely. The neck has a cuff which fits snuggly around the baby’s neck.

As for the bottom, it has no legs which mean this outfit is designed to be worn with another piece at the bottom. However, it has three buttons to allow you to conveniently change their dirty diaper without having to remove the whole outfit.

There are other styles available over on Amazon where you can also read what other parents have thought about this outfit in the reviews before making a decision to buy it.


Three-Piece Dress and Cardigan Set


This is an image of a pink dress cardigan and shoes

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We decided to save the best till last with this cute three piece outfit for baby girls and toddlers. It is the only one with a matching set of shoes included in it which completes the look of your child. It makes the perfect outfit for going out to the park as well as taking pictures in.

As well as the shoes, it comes with a long sleeveless skirt that covers the whole body and a pink long arm cardigan to keep the upper body extra warm. They are both made from 100% soft cotton that has a lot of quality added to it so that the stitching or the color of them do not get ruined.

The cardigan is designed with a button up feature at the front for easy access instead of having to put it over the head. It also has a cute pocket on the left chest area with a white string bow stitched on for added design. As for the skirt, it has repetitive images of lovely strawberries with leaves on a white background to give it the perfect spring look.

The skirt is simple to wear as it just goes over the head of a baby with enough neck room to not hurt their heads. The arm openings are also wide enough to fit their hands through without getting stuck, however, it is also stretchy which means it will be easier to fit their hands through the openings.

The shoes have a slide in effect which makes it very easy to slip their feet in with no lacing hassle. Although your baby would be too young to use them to walk with, they still have a strong but soft material at the bottom to add extra comfort their precious feet.



What we think you must realize is that all newborn baby clothes are made with complete soft materials as the skin of a newborn child is very delicate and can easily be torn if not treated carefully. Therefore all of the clothes that are designed for babies are usually made from soft and warm cotton material as this is the most friendly material to sensitive skin.

Also, an important feature that makes a child’s outfit more convenient for parents is the easy diaper change access it has. Although most of them are made with clip-on buttons at the bottom for this to be achievable, there are still some which do not have this feature added onto it. Therefore it is best to consider the ones on our list which all either have this convenience or a replacement feature for this function.



How To Dress Up a Newborn Baby

First of all dressing up any baby can seem so easy but be more difficult than you think when you actually go to do it. This is mainly due to how soft and sensitive their limbs are and having the feeling of not wanting to hurt them. However, most baby clothes for girls are designed to fit snuggly and be stretchy so that any part of a baby’s body can fit in without having to touch their body. for instance, stretching the neck opening wide enough for the baby’s head to fit through it without having to get stuck on the head. This is really important as any limbs getting stuck can potentially cause pain to the baby immediately.

What Is The Best Way To Dress a Newborn Baby Girl?

The main thing to think about when dressing up a newborn infant girl is the colors and the style of clothing that you pick to dress them up in. We say this because a lot of babies look similar and it may be hard to tell whether a baby is a girl or boy at first glance, especially when they are born hairless. This is why it is best to dress them up in more pink and white clothes with flower or patterns or outfits that include a skirt. These styles make your baby look more like a girl and also look even better in pictures. Baby pictures are really precious, especially once your child grows up and looks back at them. They would be really thankful and appreciative when they see that you used to dress them up in cute girl outfits for babies.