10 Best Baby Toothbrush

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A toothbrush for infants is an item that not many parents feel like is necessary. Especially because their baby teeth would not have grown properly yet so the need to brush them is unnecessary. However, studies have shown that giving a child toothbrush to your baby to train to brush their teeth can bring many significant health benefits to a child’s mouth. Therefore we have designed this article to give you ideas of the best baby toothbrush to give to your child.

This is an image of a baby with a toothbrush in their mouth

Features to Consider When Buying a Toothbrush for Babies

When shopping for a toothbrush for little children, it is important to consider some key features in order to protect your child’s mouth. The first and most important feature to think about is the sensitivity of the brushes that it comes with. Although all baby toothbrushes are designed with really soft and sensitive brushes, some are still able to be more sensitive than others. The more sensitive they are the better it is for your child’s mouth and growing teeth.

Next, it is best to consider whether or not they are good to brush gums with as not all of their teeth would have grown yet. Some toothbrushes for young kids are designed with a gum brushing feature which would be really helpful in this situation.

The last feature to consider is the design of the toothbrush for babies, as the more colorful it is the more attracted they will be to it. This will result in your child feeling the urge to use it more often and ultimately get into the habit of brushing their teeth. Other important aspects of the design are the way it is shaped and the material used on the stick. These would be really good for a child if they were made with little handles or with non-slip rubber material to give a child firm grip when holding it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Baby Toothbrush

The benefits that come with giving your child their own toothbrush to use are quite significant. For starters, it teaches your child the importance of good mouth hygiene from an early age so they do not become lazy to brush their teeth when they become older. Another really useful advantage that you can benefit from by giving your baby a toothbrush is that they will begin to learn how to brush by themselves. This will allow you to have some free time to get other tasks done, for instance, you can be preparing their daily outfits whilst they are brushing their teeth.

Although we may not like to admit this, there are always disadvantages that come with the accessories we love. As for this baby brush, the main drawback you can expect from it is the fact that they can hurt your child’s mouth if not used properly. Babies love to play with whatever they get given, and if they begin to play with their toothbrush, then they can cause hard to teeth. Another disadvantage that you may experience from buying an infant toothbrush is that they may end up using it in the wrong way if they are not supervised. For instance, they could possibly dip it in the toilets and end up using it to brush with afterward.


10 Best Baby Toothbrush

We now introduce to you the top ten baby toothbrushes in the market. From single sided bristles to electric spinning toothbrushes for babies, we have every type that you could possibly look for. They are all uniquely designed to meet the needs of every baby’s mouth, therefore, you will not make mistake on whichever one you choose to buy. We hope tour list inspires you and you enjoy reading it.

1. Infant Training Tooth Brush

This is an image of Infant Training Tooth Brush

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The first toothbrush for infants that we begin talking about is a basic training brush (also known as The Bololo toothbrush). Just by its initial look, you can immediately tell that it is made specifically for babies due to its design.

This design of this toothbrush for young babies is made out of food-grade silicone approved by the FDA. This prevents a baby from hurting its teeth on the brush from nibbling on it as it is completely different from an ordinary adult toothbrush.

At the end of the toothbrush is a suction cup designed to purposely keep the toothbrush standing still on its own. Also, it causes the brush to avoid leaning on any area where bacteria can form.

The middle of the toothbrush has a cute bear design not only so that it can naturally attract babies to brush their own teeth. But it also enables them to have a firm grip when holding onto it after being soaked in water.


2. Triple Sided Toddler Tooth Toothbrush

This is an image of The 3-Sided Toddler Tooth ToothbrushAmazon Link

This triple sided toothbrush is unique in the way it is used by your child. It is nicknamed the ToothHugger by the manufacturer due to the way it is designed to brush little children teeth.

This toddler toothbrush was designed ideally for children up to two years of age.

The triple-angle brush head is designed to look like a mouth and teeth. It is designed in this way in order to get all three sides of a tooth at the same time when your child is brushing. This ensures that your child does not miss brushing any hard to reach areas on their teeth.

Bristles on the brush head are designed soft and rounded to prevent them from feeling pain when brushing their teeth and gums. Additionally, the toothbrush includes a soft-molded grip so toddlers have no problem holding onto the brush.


3.Pickle & Olive Child Toothbrush

This is an image of Pickle & Olive Baby ToothbrushAmazon Link


This infant teeth cleaner is one of the top range brushes that are good for training your children how to brush their teeth. It is designed in a cactus shape so that it can also be used as a baby teething toy.

Not only this, but it is made out of FDA approved silicone that is soft and flexible for a child to have their hands on. This also means that it works very well for relieving a child’s teething pain

The double long handes provides good help for little ones to be able to grasp on to it firmly. This helps to potentially develop their motor skills.

This cactus shaped toothbrush leans very easily as a simple rinse with warm water should suffice. But for the sake of getting rid of bacteria completely, sterilizing it in boiling water would not damage it. As well as cleaning it in the dishwasher if you felt the need to.


4. Training Finger toothbrushes

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Here we have for you a completely different type of tooth brushing equipment for babies. By this, we mean the way that the brush is designed and the little finger brushes that come with the set.

It is constructed in the shape of a half-peeled banana with the peels curling on two sides so they can be used as handles. The bottom of the brush is made with a four feet base that help it to stand on its own when now being used.

The toothbrush can be used for training children how to brush as well as a baby teething toy. It is set at a small height of  5 and a half inches tall so it can be transported to many different locations and not just kept in the bathroom.

The brush is made out of 100% food grade silicone approved by the FDA. This should reassure you that it is safe for infants to chew on without affecting their mouths.

With this toothbrush set, you do not only get finger brushes for infants but also a storage case to keep them all together in one place.


5. Soft Bristles Toothbrush

This is an image of Soft Bristles Baby ToothbrushAmazon Link


These soft bristle baby brushes are one of the highly rated baby brushes you can find. This is a fact due to them having won an award for this already.

They are designed in a round shape with a hole in the middle for to easily hook onto toothbrush hangers. Also, it acts as a good way for a baby to grab hold of the brush firmly by putting their fingers through it.

This design is also very beneficial and makes the toothbrush really safe for babies as it prevents them from swallowing the brush. It comes in many different colors so you can’t find the perfect type to suit your baby.

Ideally, this brush is designed for babies between 0 and 2 years old when they begin to grow teeth. This is why the soft bristles are made instead of rubber silicone bristles.


6. Vivatec 360˚ Electric Toothbrush

This is an image of Vivatec 360˚ Electric ToothbrushAmazon Link


Here we have for you a baby electric toothbrush that works by spinning around automatically. Designed with just one on and off button that makes the bristles spin at a reasonable speed to comfort a baby’s sensitive teeth.

It is a toothbrush that works by making sonic waves with all rounded bristles. It is designed in this way so that your child doesn’t need to keep moving their hands around, especially when trying to reach hard to reach areas the doesn’t allow the brush to move up or down.

The head of this child toothbrush is made to light up so that parents can see clearly inside their child’s mouth when using it on them. This can help parents to identify any changes that happen inside a baby’s mouth just in case they need extra care.

Another feature included with this brush is a pulsing timer that is programmed to go off every 30 seconds. Once your child grows up and begins brushing by themselves, they will know when to switch to a different part of their mouths whilst brushing.

An adult can use this brush on their child as soon as they begin growing their teeth. However, this brush is intended to be for children between the ages of 3 to 12 years old if they use it by themselves.


7. Ergonomic Baby Toothbrush

This is an image of Ergonomic Baby ToothbrushAmazon Link

This round teddy bear head shaped brush was designed by dentists which should show how well thought of it is for a child’s mouth needs. It provides all the safety requirements to ensure your child’s teeth and gums are completely safe and have what they need to develop accordingly.
It is made from BPA-free and FDA approved materials that are completely safe from attracting germs or making your children feel sick from brushing. To add more to safety, the short stick and round handle prevent it from digging down their throats.
The handle is designed with a teddy bear and star design all around. This shows that it is more suited to be a toothbrush for baby girls than boys. Also, the round shape of it allows a child to use both hands to brush their teeth with if they wished to do so.
The small head and short bristles attached to the brush makes this brush best for children between 5 to 24 months old.

8. Soft Silicone Toothbrush

This is an image of Soft Silicone ToothbrushAmazon Link


Here we have for you twin pack infant toothbrushes that are designed for two different age groups. They are both designed with a happy faced cartoon character to be easily distinguished as children toothbrushes instantly by anyone who looks at them.

One is designed with a thin long stick and round bottom for the parents to hold onto when using it on their child. Whereas the other one is shaped with a hoop at the bottom as it is designed to be for both parents and children to use too.

The one to your right is used first for children aged between 4 to 12 months. It is made with silicone bristles so that infants at this age can harmlessly chew on it without hurting their gums.

The second one on the left is made with soft bristles so they can be gentle on baby teeth once they begin to grow. This is designed to be used by babies who are aged between 12 to 36 months old.

It is ideal to pay close attention whenever these are being used in order to prevent the wrong one being used at the wrong time.


9. Lil Shark Massaging Toothbrush

This is an image of Lil Shark Massaging ToothbrushAmazon Link


Does your child enjoy sea animals? or perhaps enjoys playing with the water and making splashes. Well, this shark shaped toothbrush for infants would be the best gift for them. It allows them to not only be able to have a toy to play within the bath but to also maintain good hygiene in their mouths at the same time.

It is made from 100% silicone material that does not become slippery when soaked in water. Also, with bristles made from soft textured materials to clean and massage a baby’s gums and new teeth.

The top of the shark has two arms and a fin so it can fit into the hands of a child easily and firmly. Whilst the base of this baby brush is designed with four fins on each side to allow it to stand on its own for easy storage.

This brush is ideally designed to be used on or by children of 3 months and older. Be sure to clean it thoroughly before and after using it to prevent germs from sticking onto it and ensure long-lasting.


10. Butterfly Baby Toothbrush

This is an image of Butterfly Baby ToothbrushAmazon Link


This is a butterfly-shaped infant toothbrush manufactured by the Colgate brand. It is made from BPA free plastic and rubber material so it does not slip out of the hands of a young child. With four flexible hoops as handles to assist with the firm grip when brushing.

The bristles are made of soft and gentle silicone in order to prevent pain when your child is teething. It means this item is used as a training toothbrush as well as a teether.

As well as it has a cool butterfly design, the handles also help with hanging in its position. Also, This toothbrush for babies is designed to withstand boiling hot water as well as Freezing temperature which means it can be stored in many different places.

Just in case it requires a heavy wash to clean, it can be put into the dishwasher without being damaged for extra convenience.



Which is the Best Baby Training Toothbrush?

The best toothbrush that we would recommend you choose to buy if you intend to train your child to brush their teeth is the Ergonomic Baby Toothbrush (number 7). This is because it is round shaped which gives your child space to hold it firmly in both hands when using it. Also, the wide size causes a restriction for your child and prevents them from potentially putting it too far into their mouths.

This is an image of Ergonomic Baby ToothbrushAmazon Link


What Infant Toothbrush is the Most Convenient for Babies?

The 360 Electric Toothbrush (number 6) is the one we have placed as the most convenient one to use on your child. With the all-around bristles, it allows you to reach a child’s tooth from every direction without applying too much force as it automatically does the job for you. Unlike the rest of them, this toothbrush comes with a light feature at the end of the brush meaning it makes it convenient to see inside your baby’s mouth very easily if you are worried about anything you could see. On the other hand, we would not recommend you give this to your child to use by themselves as every type of electronic accessory for children can potentially be dangerous, especially if they are around water.

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Which Toothbrush is the Most Effective for Baby Teeth

If you are looking to buy a toothbrush that works really on babies when they use them alone, then we would recommend you choose the 3 Sided Toddler Brush (number 2). This one does not only enable your child to practice cleaning their teeth, but it allows them to clean their teeth from every possible angle at the same time. This should work more effectively for your child as they can reach the more difficult areas without having to turn it around so much unlike some of the other ones. However, some parents feel like this may be difficult for a baby to understand how to use and would prefer to go for a more simple one such as the Infant Training ToothBrush (number 1). With long and soft bristles, this one would also be really effective as it can reach further deeper corners in your child’s mouth.

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