Best Baby Shower Gifts 2019

Do you have a baby shower to attend soon? This must only mean one thing, finding the perfect gift for the new born baby. For new parents, any baby gift is perfect, but for people who have been parents already, it can be quite challenging to find something they do not already have. Don’t worry because we are here to help you choose the best baby shower gifts that you may not have thought of yet.

It is always easier to shop for shower party presents when you’re already a parent yourself because you would know what items best helped you with your new baby. Also, you must have already had plenty of time to try out what product works and what doesn’t work for a child. But if you’re new to this and haven’t had kids yourself then you will definitely not find it easy the first time around. Therefore we will first try to explain what you should consider before choosing a gift for the new baby.

Considerations When Picking The Best Baby Shower Gift

The first thing you should think about is whether or not the person you intend to give the gift to has already had children before or not. This matters the most because it would determine whether or not they may have already got similar products in their households already. The next most important aspect to consider is the type of gift you want to give them. This is because baby shower gifts can range from something as simple as confectionary products to more unique baby gifts such as personalized named clothing.

Usually, parents would appreciate personalized baby gifts more than any random gifts for babies which means they would make better presents. However, if all else fails and you have no idea about any baby gift ideas then you can always just settle for a traditional shower party gift basket which nobody ever judges you for.


10 Best Baby Shower Gifts

Now we give you the list of baby gifts for you to think about buying for a mother. In this list, you will find products of all different ranges so you have a good selection to choose from. Some of them are also intended to give you ideas of new baby gifts to think about which would be great to give alongside the gifts on this list.

Bath Kneeler and Elbow Rest Pads


This is an image of soft bath time pads

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Every mother would know how difficult it can get when trying to give their babies a bath. It is a constant struggle of kneeling, stretching and leaning against tubs which causes a lot of pain and stress to joints.

This elbow kneeling and elbow rest equipment for new mothers make this so much easier by providing complete comfort for their knees and elbows during bath time. Not only does it help with bathing a child, it also can be used for pets too as all pet owners would know how much harder it is to keep a pet still in the bath.

It is made from completely high quality materials with comfortable cushions inside of it. On the back of the knee pads, it has anti-slip material so they don’t move no matter how much water slips under them.

As for the elbow pads, they have four extra strong suction cups on the back to keep them firmly stuck onto the bath. On the opposite side, it has a dry area for the mother to lean on, soft cushions for the elbows and two mesh pockets on the bath side to store baby bath toys.

The cushions are 22 inches wide and 1.5 inches thick so they can take a lot of weight without touching the floor. For additional convenience when putting it away, it has a hanging loop so it can be hooked unto a hanger and Velcro to put them together.

Finally, even though it is designed to take on water spills, it can still be machine washable to bring it back to a fresh condition.


Baby Healthcare Kit


This is an image of a baby healthcare kit

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All babies need to be groomed and have their health taken care of by their mothers. It always gets annoying when you need equipment to use on the baby but not know where it. This is when this Baby Healthcare Kit for mothers comes in handy.

It includes 21 grooming and health care items so that you never have to look around for different items. With a very durable storage bag, it would not fail to keep all the items in one place to make it more convenient for the mother.

All of these 21 items are essential for a baby’s healthcare which mothers would definitely appreciate it as a shower party gift. But if this doesn’t satisfy your fancy, there are always so many different designs to choose from just in case you decide to make it more personalized.

To find out what the items in this Baby Grooming Kit include, or if you simply want to have a look at other designs then feel free to check out the Amazon link above.


Baby Foot and Hand Print Picture Frame


This is an image of a white picture frame

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Give a mother to be a picture frame as a gift for their upcoming shower for their baby and she will always have something to remember you by. This is because a picture frame if usually something that is made visible for everyone to see which means it will always remind them of who gave them the gift. Also, it will be something that is forever cherished.

This precious Baby Foot and Hand Print Picture Frame is one that all parents love due to its elegance. It is made from very durable wood and has premium alpine white clay to capture their babies first foot and hand prints to frame up.

The clay has no additional ingredients which mean it is very safe to use on the most sensitive baby’s skin. Also, it will never crack or lose its shape which means they can keep their babies foot and hand prints until their baby turns old enough to understand what it is. This can be a precious lifetime gift for kids.

Do not worry about not knowing how to use it as it comes with a complete easy to follow instruction manual.


Teddy Bear Hooded Baby Towel


This is an image of a teddy hooded baby towel

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Most people know how cute babies look when they are squeaky clean from just coming out of the bath and how lovely they smell after all the baby bath products that have been used on them. You sometimes don’t feel like dressing them for while just so you can enjoy this pleasant moment for a little while longer.

So why not give a mother this Teddy Bear Hooded Towel to keep their babies nice and warm and still be able to feel their soft and tender skin. It is made to be much softer and three times more absorbent than normal cotton towels. This enables to get their baby dry and warm much quicker to prevent them from catching an illness. Not only this but it is also completely hypoallergenic, non-toxic, antibacterial and odor resistant which means it can keep its self protected to protect the baby with.

Furthermore, the hooded teddy bear design will make a baby look much more adorable in the process. It measures at 35 inches by 35 inches which are big enough to cover the baby from head to toe. However, it can be used by children up to the age of 7 years old.


Baby Rear Seat Car Mirror


This is an image of a baby in the back seat off a car with a mirror

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This rear seat baby car mirror is not necessarily the best present for moms at showers, however, it will definitely be a really exciting present for any mother who drives. This is because it is completely normal for mothers to care about their babies too much, therefore, they will definitely use it to keep a good eye on their child at all times.

It is used to place on the rear seat so you can check up on their faces if the baby seat is fitted facing backward as seen in the picture. It is also 19 by 30 cm and can rotate 360 degrees so they can keep their eyes on their infant from whichever back seat they choose to make them sit on.

It is very easy to install as it attaches in seconds to most vehicle headrests by adjustable nylon straps. Now a mother can simply turn their heads for a quick view of their babies without having to stretch to get a better look.

The fact that it is an additional mirror to equip to a car means that it will definitely be a good idea to check up on their baby with whilst driving. However, we must warn you to make them aware of the fact that it can be a distraction too, therefore, it must be used with complete care.


Welcome Little One Book for Babies


This is an image of a cardboard baby book

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This fantastic cardboard book for babies is one that all parents say is very good to read to newborn babies. It tells a really good story that is put in rhyming text so mothers can choose to read it to their babies or put a rhythm to it and sing it as a lullaby. It is written by a woman named Sandra Magsamen who is a really good children’s book author that is also a parent. This means she would have written this book from an experienced person’s point of view to celebrate the welcoming of a newborn child.


Baby Sleeping Aid Owl


This is an image of a stuffed owl speaker

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Having children means parents have to sacrifice a lot of things just to take care of their baby, one of these things sometimes include sleep. It can get really tricky to try and get a baby to sleep at the same time as you so you can get some sleep too. This is when this baby lullaby owl comes in handy.

This is a plush round owl with a removable speaker that fits inside it. The speaker only takes a few AAA batteries to power it for a long time. This makes it easily transportable as it’s free from charging wires.

It is designed to play lullabies and set a relaxing atmosphere for a baby to sleep without having to be rocked all night. Any mother would appreciate this gift for baby showers, especially new mothers who may not yet know how much it would come in handy.

It features a relaxing heartbeat similar to what babies hear when they’re cuddled up to their mothers. Also, it has a bird song and 10 different soothing lullabies that play over 30 minutes which should be long enough to make babies fall asleep.

The night light projection feature is equipped to project fading star lights in the dark which distracts the baby from wanting to be picked up or crying all the time. This would enable a mother to get other things done and get to rest their arms every once in a while.


Stuffed Unicorn Toy


This is an image of a pink plush unicorn toy

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Every child needs their personal fluffy stuffed toy to love and sleep with. So why not give mothers this Plush Unicorn toy for babies to play with. It is made with ultra-soft pulled fleece fabric that is ideal to hold onto for hours.

It is designed to be kept sitting down with a weighted bottom, although it can also be made to lie on its side to be better for babies to sleep or cuddle with. The full length of it is 8 inches but when sat down it goes down to 5.6 inches which is still a great size for babies to hold.

This would make the perfect child shower gift for girls as sometimes it’s the little baby gifts that carry the most love. Also, with a lightweight mechanism, it can be carried around everywhere which can cause complications when trying to remove it from a baby’s hands.

One thing you must be cautious about is the fact that it is really fluffy which can potentially be pulled out and eaten by babies. Therefore it is essential to always keep an eye on what they do with this baby toy for girls.

Yes, this is a pink unicorn and wouldn’t be the best gifts for baby boy showers, but do not let this discourage you on looking through to Amazon. Click on the link above to see the variety of animal toys they manufacture which would be best for baby boys. To name a few, there are also bunnies, bears and hippo plush toys for infant showers.


Longsleeve Baby Jumpsuit Pyjamas


This is an image of 3 baby pyjamas

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Every parent would appreciate being given clothes for their new baby as they say you can never have enough clothes for children. This is mainly because of how quick they grow out of clothes and how often you would have to change them due to vomits and more.

These Long Sleeve Baby Jumpsuit Pyjamas are one of the most common pieces of clothing to expect a baby to be wearing. They are designed to be good clothes for newborn babies because of the way you get the baby into them.

The most important part of this process is that they do not require putting their heads through the collar as this can sometimes be difficult. You simply have to undo the buttons, place the baby inside it and close them back up. These come in handy when it’s time for a regular nappy change but you must bear in mind you have to put the arms in yourself which can be tricky but nothing too hard to worry about.

They are made from comfortable cotton material which is designed to be stretchy so that they can breathe comfortably in them throughout the night. They have also made sure not to put any tags on the inside to further protect the baby’s sensitive skin from any damage.

On the outside, these specific types are designed with cute patterns to make the baby look adorable. However, if you are concerned about the patterns making them look like baby boy clothes when you’re looking for clothes for baby girl gifts then you shouldn’t worry too much. We say this because there are other designs made by many different manufacturers. As we previously mentioned, some of these baby shower gifts for moms are designed to give you ideas and not necessarily choose these exact ones.

One last thing to think about is the size, although it isn’t really a big concern as the smallest one should usually suffice. It is still good to think about the fact that they outgrow them really quickly which means it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get a size that is slightly bigger than the smallest one.


Baby Shower Gift Basket


This is an image of a pink gift case

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Finally, we leave the best baby gift till last as we give you this popular baby shower gift basket. We would like to let you know that this one, in particular, is sold by Baby Box Shop which is one of the leading baby product manufacturers in the world. This should instantly make you aware of how efficient every product included in it is.

The reason why we say this is the best gift for shower parties is that it is one that everyone expects to receive by at least one of their friends on their baby showers. Therefore if you have no gift idea for the shower party, then this one will never let you down.

This one, in particular, is designed in pink with pink products inside it which obviously shows that it is intended to be a baby girl gift. But you shouldn’t worry at all as there are plenty more options and designs to choose from to make it a gift for a baby boy. Also, there are unisex baby shower gift baskets just in case you have no idea what the gender of the baby is.

The best thing about this children shower gift hamper is that it comes already thoughtfully put together which means you don’t have to. It comes in a perfectly styled pink cute case design that is big enough to fit all the products inside and be shut by the lid. Just in case you’re wondering how big it may be, the dimensions of the case are 11 inches wide, 8 inches tall and 4 inches long.

The products that are included in this basket are listed below:

  1. one Six inch Teddy Bear x 1
  2. Cotton Swaddling Muslin Cloth x 1
  3. Pink Cotton Body Suit x 1
  4. Pink Socks x 1
  5. Pink Cotton Bandana Bib x 1
  6. Soft Velour Wash Cloth x 1
  7. Johnson’s Baby Powder x 1
  8. Johnson’s Baby Shampoo x 1
  9. Johnson’s Baby Soap x 1
  10. Baby Brush and Comb Set x 1
  11. Pink Satin Ribbon Diapers x 2



What we have concluded from this article is that shower party gifts are better when they are personalized. For example, If you know what they plan to call the baby already then its best to get a present with the name of the child on. This shows that you have put a lot of thought into the gift, even if they already have one of the same product. However, if they have not yet decided a name for the baby then you simply just get an item that can help with motherly duties. It is a very difficult task to look after a new baby so whatever item that someone received to make this job easier is usually highly appreciated.



Best Gifts for New Mothers Shower Parties

As previously mentioned, if you’re planning to buy a present for new parents, then you shouldn’t worry too much as there is always a backup plan. This is why we have chosen the baby shower gift basket as the best present for new parents because it is something that everyone would naturally expect to receive by at least one of their friends on their baby showers. Also, it is something that you can never have enough of as the products that you receive with the set all run out eventually. Therefore, if you have no idea what to get them then this wil definitely not fail to impress them.


This is an image of a pink gift case

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Best Shower Party Gift for Current Mothers

Buying presents for people who are already mothers is the tricky part. But we have decided to choose the baby foot and hand print picture frame to be the best present to give someone who is already a mother. This is because it is the only present which requires someone new to use it, therefore it wouldn’t definitely be good for a new baby even if they already had one for their previous children. Also, it is something that is designed to be cherished for a lifetime which means it would melt the heart of any caring mother.


This is an image of a white picture frame

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