Best Baby Products for New Moms

Mom and dad holding baby in stomach

There is such a range of baby products out there, it can be overwhelming for new mothers to determine what they really need, and what isn’t so essential. Here, we take a look at some great baby products for new moms, so you can fill your wish list with some really essential items you shouldn’t be without!


Co Sleeper Crib

This is an essential for those early days when your newborn baby won’t be sleeping for long periods at night. A co sleeper can make waking up for those night time feeds and diaper changes much easier as your baby will literally be within arms reach. They are perfect for breastfeeding moms, as you can simply pull your baby over without even having to sit up!


Baby Bath Seat

Giving an infant their first bath can be a nerve-racking experience, even for second time parents. A bath support will allow you to have both hands free to wash your baby, without worrying about them slipping. Some are designed to fit in the sink for the early weeks and months when baby just needs a little water in the sink rather than a full sized bath.


Baby Carrier

A baby sling is a great way to keep your newborn close all day – perfect for those little ones who just hate being put down! It allows mom or dad to have both hands free to get on with other tasks, whilst keeping the little one close, cozy and snug. Some can even be used for breastfeeding, great for when you want to feed in public discreetly.


Travel System

A stroller and car seat combo is a lifesaver for parents who frequently travel in the car but also take the stroller along. A travel system makes the transfer from car to stroller easier when baby is sleeping – you won’t need to waken them or unbuckle them from their car seat. You can also save money compared to buying a car seat, base and stroller individually.


Sleepsack Swaddle

Baby sleeping bags are the safest way for babies to keep warm overnight, and are strongly recommended over traditional baby blankets. If you can choose one which also acts as a swaddle such as the Sleepsack Swaddle, your baby is sure to sleep soundly. It makes swaddling a newborn super simple, and it has been shown that this is one of the most effective ways to soothe young babies.


Baby Lounger

A baby bean bag or lounger is a great place for your little one to relax when you have to get on with other tasks. They will be safe here, and will love being able to see you and watch what is going on around them. Some are safe for daytime naps, and some can grow with your child into toddlerhood, giving excellent value for money.


Baby Bottles and Accessories

Formula feeding parents will need plenty bottles as well as a way to sterilize them. To make night feeds easier, you can also get a bottle warmer which can quickly heat pre-made bottles to just the right temperature within a couple of minutes. There are also insulated bottles which will keep formula warm for a few hours when out and about, perfect for parents who are worried about how to feed their baby in public.

There are loads of great products to make breastfeeding moms lives easier too. A good pump can make continuing breastfeeding after returning to work much easier. You might also like to choose a nursing cover, to give you more confidence when feeding in public as a new mom.

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