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In this section of MiniandMaximus you will find everything to do with baby stuff. New moms and dads need parenting advice for best baby products and the do’s/don’t’s when caring for a baby.

From the new baby checklists to what bassinet is best for twin babies this is the section that has it all. We understanding that feeding and safety is important for new parents, which is why we love to talk about keeping a newborn baby safe in those early stages through safe products and health conscious ideas.

We review all our baby products and services to make sure you will find the best the market has to offer in terms of quality and price. So, if you are looking for the best diapers or baby monitors this is the right section to look through.

5 Tips for Travelling with a Baby

There are various reasons to travel, you might choose to travel for the fun of it, or sometimes embark on a journey because it is absolutely necessary. Traveling with a baby is a very different experience because you are responsible for a whole lot of things. It is important to plan adequately before embarking on […]

Best Newborn Baby Boy Clothes 2020

Clothes for babies are one of the most exciting baby equipment for new parents to shop for. Especially when there are so many different baby boy clothes designs to choose from. This makes it very hard to choose although they are very easy to shop for. Therefore, We have prepared for you this list of […]

Best Diaper Bags for Dads

It is sometimes almost impossible to get a baby father to remember all of a baby’s essentials when taking the baby out on a trip. This is why getting hold of a diaper bag for fathers can be more important than it seems. Have a look through our article of the best diaper bags for […]

10 Best Baby Toothbrush

A toothbrush for infants is an item that not many parents feel like is necessary. Especially because their baby teeth would not have grown properly yet so the need to brush them is unnecessary. However, studies have shown that giving a child toothbrush to your baby to train to brush their teeth can bring many […]

Best Newborn Baby Girl Clothes 2019

Are you looking to buy baby clothes for your newborn baby girl? Or perhaps you’re looking to buy clothes for girl baby as gifts to give to new parents. Whatever the situation may be, we have the answer you’re looking for. On this page, we have reviewed a wide range of different baby girl clothes […]

Best Baby Shower Gifts 2019

Do you have a baby shower to attend soon? This must only mean one thing, finding the perfect gift for the new born baby. For new parents, any baby gift is perfect, but for people who have been parents already, it can be quite challenging to find something they do not already have. Don’t worry […]

Best Baby Products for New Moms

There is such a range of baby products out there, it can be overwhelming for new mothers to determine what they really need, and what isn’t so essential. Here, we take a look at some great baby products for new moms, so you can fill your wish list with some really essential items you shouldn’t […]