About Us

Mini and Maximus are a team of two very active and passionate group of mothers who pride themselves in producing information and guidance to buying the best gifts and toys for your children.


Heidy is the main writer at miniandmaximus.com and is a full-time mom and parent to 4 young children aged between 2 years old and 15 years old.

She has corporate experience in finance and loves to travel with the children. Her kids love toys, games and everything you can imagine from days out with drones to indoor castles made out of sheets.

Heidy decided to start blogging when she became insane with running after children and needs something outside of diapers and cleaning up after kids.


Nicole is the person behind the technical side of Mini and Maximus and she is also a full-time mum with only 2 children which allow her to have more free time to work on our project.

Nicole is a graduate in the Web Design HND course and is really passionate about the work she has dedicated her time in doing.