10 Best LEGO Marvel Sets 2019

Is your child a big fan of Marvel Superheroes? Well, what would be better than to buy them a marvel LEGO toy as a gift for their birthday? With over thousands of LEGO pieces and accessories to choose from, it is never an easy decision to pick which one to buy. This is why we have put together this review of 10 of the best LEGO Marvel sets to get your hands on.

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The best thing about LEGO is that it can be equipped with many different sets even if a specific set doesn’t have the pieces that you would like it to have. Baring in mind there are thousands of Lego pieces created, it means if you buy just one set then there will be endless fun for your kids to have. Simply buy Lego toy extensions and you will always have new ways of keeping your children entertained.

What To Consider When Playing With LEGO Toys

The main thing to think about when buying Lego toys for your kids is the age range of the specific set that you intend to buy. The most important for kids when playing with toys is the safety of the toys that they are given to play with. Therefore, by checking the age range of the Lego piece, you can be assured that your children will be suitable to play with the toys without causing any harm to them. For example, we are all aware of the fact that Lego sets have many small pieces in them which can be very dangerous to kids who still get tempted to chew on toys as they can end up accidentally swallowing them.

10 Best LEGO Marvel Sets

Below you will find a list of the best Lego sets by Marvel which have been highly rated by all people who have bought them. They contain a wide range of the different fictional superheroes by Marvel so you will most definitely find your kid’s favorite superhero in our list. Enjoy!

Iron Man Hulk Blaster


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This lego marvel set comes with 1,363 pieces to build the awesome Iron Man Hulk Blaster which will give your kids a challenge when constructing it. It is ideal to have adults help when trying to build it to avoid misconstruction.

This is the Ultron Edition that stands nine inches high by eight inches long which means it is relatively big for your children’s hands. As well as this, it comes with a delightful platform that’s compatible with any other Lego building sets.

This superhero lego set is designed to with a flip up head, rotating torso, lego light brick, interchangeable left arms, and a jackhammer arm with other great accessories. It also includes an iron man mark 43 mini figure so your child can pretend to have an actual driver on it.

One of the best features about it is that it has glow in the dark features that bring your children an enjoyable experience when playing with it at night. This also means that it must be used with batteries to activate this feature.


Spiderman and Venom Building Kit


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This Spiderman LEGO kit comes with 604 pieces with multiple colors to build the incredible Spiderman and Venom characters. These structures are made to stand at 5 inches high and 4 inches long which gives your kids a good enough size to fit in their hands.

The whole set Includes four figurines (Spiderman, Ghost Spider, Venom, and Aunt May), which allow a wide range of imaginative storylines for your kids to come up with. Also, it includes associated web elements to equip to Spiderman so he can battle off Venom with.

This is an excellent lego playset for kids aged eight years of age and older due to its small pieces. It would be ideal to keep an eye on your kids when playing with the set if you intend to give it to anyone younger than this age due to small pieces.

This Spiderman kit is compatible with many other LEGO building sets to encourage more and better imaginative play. Your children will have a fun day saving Aunt May from the villains with the posable Spiderman LEGO piece. So let your children reinvent their own movie with a happy ending and allow this Lego spiderman set to be something that your children will never forget.


Ultimate Asgard Thor LEGO Set


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This Thor Lego Action set comes with 400 pieces for your children to build and recreate the scenes from Thor: Ragnarock the film. It does have small bits included, therefore, we recommend it for children between 7 to 14 years of age as they would be developed enough to not want to eat them.

As well as Thor himself, this set Includes mini figurine characters from the movie such as Helen, Berserker, Valkyrie, Bruce Banner and Fenris the wolf figure. The Commodore spaceship stands at one inch high and eight inches long to give enough room for the characters to fit inside.

The ship comes with dual stud shooters to blast the bad guys away when Thor is under attack. As well as this, the Commodore spaceship also has a cockpit with an opening storage compartment where your child can store the smaller weapon accessories.

The Bruce Banner drop feature can add a twist to this actionable Marvel Lego superheroes sets that all children can be proud of. Children can rebuild their own future of Asgard as it was destroyed in the film while enjoying the free comic book that’s included in the set.


Hulk LEGO Lab Smash

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The Hulk Smash kit comes with 398 pieces to put together just so your kids can use the Hulk to smash to pieces again. The full set includes four mini figures (Thor, Modok, Taskmaster, and The Hulk figure) which give your kids more to play with than just having The Hulk alone.

The layout dimensions of the full lab are nine inches high and six inches deep which should show you how much of a building the hulk has to smash. Although once the pieces are apart, they can go all over the place may be dangerous for young children to play with. This is why this set is aimed at kids from the age of six to twelve years old.

Let your kids have a blast with the weapons included to fight super villains that are trying to take over the world. With weapons such as a rotating laser cannon, shield, sword, and handcuffs to use to capture the bad guys, it should be a piece of cake for The Hulk to do get to work.

Also, your children can build bridges with collapsible walls to break through and save the day. This is a very popular Lego set for kids as it has proven to keep children busy with hours of play time.


Black Panther Super War Vehicle Set


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The Royal talon attacker is the name of the battleship used by Black Panther when going on superhero missions. The full set comes with 358 pieces and measures over two inches high and eight inches long so you can imagine how it would fit in your kid’s hands.

This Black Panther kit is compatible with all other Lego building sets too which should give your kids more to play with. However, the targetted age group for it  7 to 14 years of age due to its complicated building structuring instructions. Although this should not be a problem with the help of an adult.

Children can build the black panther automobile that comes with a cockpit to put an action figure in so it looks as if someone is in control of it. This means it also has to include mini figures to play with which are Ulysses, Klaue, Kilmonger, and Black Panther himself.

In order to fight the bad guys with, this machines is equipped with disc weapons, missile shooter, and a prison compartment to lock them up once they have been captured.

Your children can role their favorite scenes from the famous Black Panther movie whilst using their favorite characters or even create their own story of how they think the movie should have been. Having a battle in the sky will never again be more exciting with this Black Panther Lego toy for kids.


Guardians Of The Galaxy Rescue Spaceship


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Guardians of The Galaxy was a film that was mainly set in space and on a spaceship which means having a LEGO spaceship to play with can allow your kids to potentially recreate the whole film. Let your children get ready to have the ultimate battle of the galaxy with this toy spaceship.

The Guardians of The Galaxy spaceship package comes with five mini figures that you can probably guess of which characters. Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Ronan, and the Sakaaran, although you must be warned that they did not include a figure of Groot in the set which isn’t too good as a lot of children loved him.

As you would expect, it comes with an opening and closing cockpit for the characters to be paced in. Also, your children can stash some of their weapons inside the ship in the storage compartment.

As well as this, the spaceship is equipped with adjustable wings, space blasters, and two daggers to give it a more appealing design as well as a better fighting mechanism. So let your children have fun saving the day with two battle space ships that they can decide which one to destroy.

One last thing about this spaceship is that it can be used as a collectible toy as Marvel play toys are usually really high in demand, therefore it may be difficult to get your hands on these later on.


16 Lego Marvel Superhero Minifigures


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This Toy superhero set comes with 16 mini figures from the Avengers infinity war film. The characters included are Iron Man, Spider-Man, Thor, Hulk, Doctor Strange, Captain America, Black Panther, Vision, Rocket, Star-Lord, Thanos, Winter Soldier, Tony Stark, Groot and two bad guys to give the character an enemy to fight against.

This set is mainly aimed at children that are aged six years and older due to them all being too small for anyone younger. Your children can add these mini figures to any other Marvel set and enjoy a day of fun catching the bad guys as well as add better imagination to their play.


Captain America War Jet


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This actionable Captain America war jet set comes with only 160 pieces of Lego accessories to build but it can bring hours of fun for children aged between six to twelve years old. The Captain America jet itself stands over one inch high, seven inches long and seven inches wide. As well as this, it is equipped with a cockpit, shield holder, along with a Captain Americas logo on the front to add to its design.

Along with the jet, it includes three mini figures, Pilot Captain America, Ms. Marvel, and Super-Adaptoid to give your children characters to create a story of. This is another actionable toy that will give your kids hours of fun imaginative fun.

Children can use Ms. Marvel’s big hands and arms that are expandable to attack the jet as she has been taken over by dark evil within which allows Captain America to battle her off. He can then blast villains out the air with the power blast weapons that are also included in the set. This will be another great Lego Marvel sets for boys and girls to play with.


Marvel X-Men LEGO Playing Set


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Adult and children fans will definitely enjoy this Marvel playset as it doesn’t come with many pieces to put together. With only 336 Lego pieces, your kids can be on their way to play in no time. Just like the Lego Marvel Avengers sets, this comes with four mini figures including Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, and Magneto, plus The Sentinel machine figure.

Let your kids make Wolverine can grab the enemy with his big claws. Storm comes dressed with a black cape superhero outfit to battle in as well as Magneto.

The jet comes with a cockpit for the pilot to fly in, a roof ledge, fire extinguisher, two missiles, and two flick missiles. All of these add to the pleasure of your kid’s imagination so let this set become your child’s first memorable one or an added collection to the other sets they may have already.


Marvel Infinity War Sanctum Santorium LEGO Kit


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This Marvel Lego set is a replica of the Doctor Strange Sanctum in the Avengers Infinity War film. It is the biggest one on our list which means it takes 1,004 pieces of Lego for your kids to build. It was based in the middle of New York City which means it is designed to look like a typical building from the city just as seen in the film.

This Lego action set includes four mini figures of the characters who were present in the scene, the Spider-Man figure, Iron Man figure, Doctor Strange figure and Ebony Maw. With many different miniature weapons and accessories to equip the figures with, it is not ideal for children under eight years of age to play with them. Therefore the recommended age for this set is eight to fourteen year old kids.

This sanctum is designed to a very real extent including a pizza store, Peter Parkers’s apartment, and a water tower. The reason why this is the biggest set is that it has a height of over eleven inches and is eight inches deep. This gives it a lot more room for more actions to take place.

What you must also be aware of is that this Marvel set is also compatible with all other Lego building sets which mean there is a possibility of even extending the size of it. Give your kids something to keep them busy as it comes with 20 powerful functions that are guaranteed to can make children imaginations go wild.



Advantages of Playing With LEGO Toys for Kids

The best benefits that your children will gain from playing with Lego is the educational side of them. By this, we mean learning how to think and put together mini pieces to create a masterpiece which they can then play with. As well as it being a really entertaining way to keep your kids busy, it can also be a very good way to make them socialize and interact instead of always playing with video games and phones.

Disadvantages of Kids Playing With LEGO Toys

The main thing that we would say is a disadvantage that your kids are exposed to is the fact that they are really small and hard pieces. This means that they can cause some serious pain if they are neglected as someone can easily step on the pieces. Another thing is that they can easily get lost and ruin the whole set if they are not taken proper care of, especially when you have a set that comes with over a thousand pieces in them such as our number ten on the list.

What Is The Best LEGO Marvel Set To Buy for Kids

On our list, we would have to say that the best set to buy for your kids is the last one, the Infinity War Sanctum Lego set for kids. We say this because it has the most pieces included which means it will bring the most fun and keep your kids active for longer. Especially if you intend to buy it for them on their birthdays as it will take up their whole special day trying to build this set. However, we would like to say that the 16 Lego Marvel Superhero set (number 7) can also be just as good as it has a wider range of superheroes to choose from unlike the sanctum has. The fact that they can be equipped with any Lego playset means that they would bring a better and different type of imaginative fun to your kids.


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