Check out the new issue of Babiekins Magazine

Check out the new issue of Babiekins Magazine.  Lots of cool stuff to check out.  Above is our Skeleton tee, Imperfectly Perfect tee and Mima Le Chat sweatpant.

Imperfectly Perfect collection has arrived!

Our Fall/Hol 2011 collection “Imperfectly Perfect” has finally arrived.

Instead of taking a brush to that nest of young blonde curls, you admire their sheer volume. When a neighbor comments on the constant banging of the piano, you proudly announce she’s never had a lesson. Sometimes the biggest messes aren’t really messy and better left undone. For those moments, Mini & Maximus presents the “Imperfectly Perfect” collection for Fall/Holiday 2011.

Tees in memory of those missing teeth that make a not so scary jack-o-lantern smile. For times, when you listen as he proudly shows off his first black eye, cause’ you are the only one who knows he almost cried.  When you agree to 5 more minutes and then realize you promoted her to the VP of Fun. Here lies the inspiration and the irony of the ”Imperfectly Perfect” Fall/Holiday 2011 line by Mini & Maximus.

For those days, when they pull one sock up but get happily distracted before they can pull up the other. When they start stomping their feet about who knows what, and all evidence of sanity seems to have runaway. “Imperfectly Perfect” celebrates the slightly “off” moments where you decide you’ll watch them go to the beat of their own drum because sometimes they just wake up like that.

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