MIMA and Mika Art Collab


We did an art contest last year with the Girls and Boys Club of Laguna Beach.  Australian, 5 year old Mika was one of the winners.  We loved her graphics so much that we included a bunch of them in our Fall collection “Animal Collective”.  Above:  Mika surrounded by some of her creations.  Photo: Minor Detales Blog

Mika’s Monster tee

Mika’s Royal Skate Bird onsie

Mika’s Monster hoodyMika’s Big Wheel Bike tee

Some Q&A with talented Mika

Name: Mika Derby

Age: 5

From: Australia

What is your favorite thing to draw?

My favorite thing to draw is unicorns and dinosaurs and butterflies and hairy monsters that are cheeky.

How do you get the ideas of what to draw?

Sometimes I see something I like around me and I try to draw that or something just pop into my head and then I draw that.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I would like to make monsters like my dad does on the computer.

What do you think would be the coolest thing to print on a tee shirt?

A bear biking

What is one thing that you wish you could do but can’t because you are a kid?

To stay up late!

What is your favorite thing to do?

Playing, I do a lot of playing and drawing and swimming in the ocean.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

Japan, because that is where Totoro comes from.

**Her mom Annica has a really cool blog called Minor Detales where you can check out more photos of Mika


Happy Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day, where we all try to do our part to make the world a better place. Below are some fun things you can do with your kids today (or any day for that matter) to help make the world a better place to live.

1. Enlist friends, hand out bags and clean up a nearby park.

2. Plant shrubs or a tree in your yard.

3. Start a vegetable garden in pots or a small plot.

4. Organize a cleanup day at your school.

5. Create posters with environmental themes and ask teachers to post them in their classrooms.

6. Look for recycling symbols on products you or your parents buy. Purchase items in recyclable packaging whenever possible. Avoid products that use excessive packaging.

7. Encourage your parents to carry a reusable shopping bag, and suggest they buy in bulk to minimize packaging waste.

8. Bicycle or walk to school rather than being driven by your parents (as long as Mom and Dad say it’s safe).

9. Steer your parents toward organic pesticides, such as those made from orange extract.

10. Turn off lights, fans or the TV when you leave the room (unless your little brother is still in


11. Check your home for leaky faucets or toilets, and volunteer to help fix those in need of repair.

12. Don’t leave the water running while brushing your teeth or washing your face and hands.

13. Take shorter showers.

14. Use a broom instead of a hose to clean the driveway or sidewalk.

15. Remind your parents that washing the car less often saves water (and may get you out of the dreaded chore).

16. Ask your parents to raise (in the summer) or lower (in the winter) the thermostat a few degrees, telling them it will save energy as well as money.

17. Lower the blinds when the sun comes up, which deflects heat from the windows. 18. Offer to replace air filters. A clean filter helps the air-conditioner run more efficiently.

Sources: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Earthday Network (www.earthday.net)

Check out the new issue of Babiekins Magazine

Check out the new issue of Babiekins Magazine.  Lots of cool stuff to check out.  Above is our Skeleton tee, Imperfectly Perfect tee and Mima Le Chat sweatpant.


Hope your Halloween was spooktacular!  Don’t forget to post your kids Halloween costumes on our Facebook page for a chance to win a hand-screened poster and tee shirt

Evan Rossell DIY

The incredibly talented Evan Rossell, who we collaborated with on this “Dudes” tee, took it upon himself to turn it into a grown up version by cutting it out and sewing it onto an adult tee.  This is actually not the first time that someone has loved our tees so much that they cut it up and sewed it on an adult sized tee -Guess what the other tee was?  ”Don’t Grow Up” of course!