They are curious, impulsive, in awe of the world around them, whimsical and funny. We are awed by their ceaseless originality, courage and exuberance. The creative spirit inspires us. We are compelled by the impulse to imagine, the ability to conceive and actualize, and the discoveries that occur within the process of creating.

We want your kids to be wearing the coolest t-shirt out on the playground and we want to spark their creativity by offering fun and memorable poster art for their bedroom. We also want you to feel good about where you bought it, because we care about kids, we care about our planet and we care about originality. We want both your kids and our kids to enjoy this fascinating world while being responsible in regard of our planet.


We believe we are all in this together, that this world belongs to all of us, and that our choices should reflect our concerns for the future. We believe we all need to nurture and care for the world we share. We like the forefront. We like trailblazing and pushing ahead. We like shaking things up, thinking outside the box and re-considering the status quo. We like keeping things fresh, vibrant, playful and unexpected. We want to inspire the little rebels that have inspired us; the ones that smudge food all over their face, draw all over our walls, and always help us see the world around us in new way.

So how do we incorporate all of these values, ideas and inspirations into our collections?
Here’s how: each season, in addition to creating our own unique Mini & Maximus designs, we collaborate with artists both young and old who inspire us. They contribute original ideas exclusively designed for Mini & Maximus, presenting you with their individual artistic approaches and points of view.

For these kids and the kid in all of us, we have created Mini & Maximus.


We want you to feel good about supporting Mini & Maximus because we care about kids and we care about our planet. We want both your kids and ours to enjoy this fascinating planet while learning to take responsibility for it. We want you to know that our products are always as eco-friendly as possible.

We like the challenge in finding natural alternatives to things that are not so nice to our environment. We strive to create products that you’ll not only feel good about, but that you’ll feel safe giving to your child.We use three types of earth-friendly fabrics for all of our products: a unique blend of super soft bamboo/cotton, 100% organic cotton, or a modal/cotton blend. We screen print all of our graphics and neck labels with water-soluble ink. We use recycled paper and water-based inks for all of our posters.By supporting Mini and Maximus you can say that you are a part of the solution, and your kids will thank you for it.